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July 15, 2019 - Memory of the Day

The man who might have stopped Sri Lanka's Easter bombings

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Gary Anandasangaree

Important Incidents

  • 1997 | Mass protest in Vanni, more than 75,000 took part!
    A mass protest took place in Akkarayan (Vanni) which attracted more than 75,000 people in bitter fury against the Sri Lankan government's economic blockade of Vanni. They appealed for food and medical which have been banned by SL government. A letter setting out the people's grievances was handed to the Assistant Government Agent to be sent to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, who it is hoped will take up the matter with fitting urgency.
  • 1997 | Six Bodies Washed Ashore
    Tamil Eelam police are investigating the death of six persons washed ashore at Nachikudda. The decomposed bodies are thought to be those of Tamil civilians who tried to flee the island owing to the harsh conditions imposed on the Tamil people by the Sri Lankan government. Their boat is thought to have overturned in high winds. Local police have taken statements from residents and the dead persons have now been formally buried.
  • 1997 | 4 Soldiers Killed - Batticaloa
    Four soldiers belonging to the Sinhala army of occupation were killed in Valaichchenai (Batticaloa) todayafter LTTE forces staged an attack at 7am. Many more Sri Lankan troops were badly wounded. The LTTE did not incur any casualties.
  • 1998 | Lt Seelan Remembered
    The 15th anniversary of the death of LTTE Lt. Seelan, one of the greatest heroes the Tamil freedom struggle produced was celebrated all over Tamil Eelam on Wednesday. He died in a confrontation with the Sinhalese army in Jaffna on 15 July 1983.
  • Human Rights Violations

  • 1995 | Over 180,000 Tamils displaced and more than 200 civilian dead
    This brief report covers a resultant situation for the period commencing with security operations from the early hours of 09.07.95 upto 6p.m. on 13.07.95 having inspected and received all possible reports of displacement, civilians casualties from the concerned areas, deaths and injured from the functioning hospitals inclusive of the Teaching Hospital, Jaffna, unclaimed deaths, missing persons, care and welfare of displaced families and related to the same.
  • 1997 | Akkarayan Hospital shelled: 4 people killed!
    The Sri Lankan Army shelled Akkarayan hospital on 15 July 1997, killing four Tamil civilians and seriously wounding six others. Akkarayan was one of the few hospitals available to the hundreds of thousands of Tamil civilians displaced by Sri Lankan military operations in the Vanni.
  • 1997 | Soldiers on rampage at Puthukudyiruppu
    "AFTER the LTTE ambushed an Army unit at Puthukudyiruppu, seven miles south of Batticaloa town on 15 July killing three, soldiers ran amok attacking people and setting houses ablaze. Furniture was thrown out and burned on the roads.
  • 1997 | Mass protest in vanni: 75,000 Tamils hand letter to UN secretary genaral
    Akkarayan (Kilinochchi) is seeing the latest eruption of mass anti-government demonstrations protesting against the Sinhala-dominated government's food-siege of Tamil Vanni.
  • 1999 | Batticaloa students demonstrate against police arrests
    Students at the Eastern University have been boycotting lectures and demonstrating on the roads since 7 a.m. this morning in protest against the arrests of two follow students by the Police, sources said.
  • 2000 | Jaffna school boy shot dead
    Somasundaram Sanjeevan, a student studying in General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) at Jaffna Hindu College was shot dead by Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers on Thursday, 13 July, He was returning home after playing soccer at the school ground when he was shot, the sources said.
  • 1997 | 75,000 Tamils Hand Letter To Un Secretary General
    Today's mass protest in Akkarayan (Vanni) attracted no less than 75,000 people in bitter fury against the Sri Lankan government's economic blockade of Vanni. These people face starvation because the government stops them buying food (blocking all imported food at Vavuniya) and denies relief to the thousands of Tamils it has displaced (people unable to produce food after their displacement).
  • Thirukural - திருக்குறள்

  • Kural: 659 | அழக்கொண்ட எல்லாம் அழப்போம் இழப்பினும்
    பிற்பயக்கும் நற்பா லவை.
    What's gained through tears with tears shall go;
    From loss good deeds entail harvests of blessings grow.
    - 66 66
  • Jul 15 TamilCanadian News Archives

  • 1) Jul 15, 2017 11:20:26 GMT |  + UNSTOPPED
    This report studies in detail 24 cases of abduction, torture and/or sexual violence by the Sri Lankan security forces that occured in 2016/17. In total the ITJP now has testimony from 57 survivors of torture during the Sirisena government (2015 on). “I hope the world will get to know what happened to me and action will be taken to stop it. If people were to speak out from Sri Lanka they would be signing their own death warrant. I have an opportunity to do this as I am outside Sri Lanka," said one victim.
  • 2) Jul 15, 2017 11:18:51 GMT |  + Mercy for money: Torture's link to profit in Sri Lanka, a retrospective review.
    We reviewed the charts of 98 refugee claimants from Sri Lanka referred to the Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture for medical assessments prior to their refugee hearings in Toronto between 1989 and 2013. We tallied the number of incidents in which claimants described paying cash or jewelry to end torture, and collected other associated data such as demographics, organizations of the perpetrators, locations, and, if available, amounts paid. We included torture perpetrated by both governmental and nongovernmental militant groups. Collected data was coded and evaluated.
  • 3) Jul 15, 2015 14:21:44 GMT |  + Bank of Canada slashes key rate; cites weak economy, stalled exports
    The Bank of Canada is cutting its key interest rate for the second time this year, citing a larger-than-expected first half contraction and a “puzzling” stall in non-energy exports. The central bank lowered its benchmark overnight rate by a quarter percentage-point Wednesday to 0.5 per cent, blaming faltering global growth, disinflation and low prices for oil and other commodities. The Canadian dollar fell more than a cent in the wake of the decision. more ...
  • 4) Jul 15, 2015 11:51:33 GMT |  + Is Sri Lanka's Rajapaksa making a comeback?
    Sri Lanka's former President Mahinda Rajapaksa will stand in parliamentary elections on 17 August as a candidate for the governing coalition, the Election Commission confirmed this week. His successor as president, Maithripala Sirisena, leads the ruling party, but failed to prevent his rival standing as one of its candidates. BBC Sinhala's Azzam Ameen looks at what is going on. The move to allow Mr Rajapaksa to stand for the UPFA coalition has angered millions of voters and activists who supported Mr Sirisena in his shock victory in January. more ...
  • 5) Jul 15, 2015 11:50:30 GMT |  + Rajiv assassination: States cannot release life convicts, says SC
    The long stay order has led to Karnataka, Bihar and West Bengal joining hands with Tamil Nadu, questioning the Centre’s position in the Supreme Court that they can release life convicts. A Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court on Wednesday refused to lift its order staying State governments from releasing life convicts, including former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s killers, on remission. The five-judge Bench led by Chief Justice of India H.L. Dattu refused to lift its stay order passed in July last year, while observing that for the time being “we will not tinker with any of our earlier orders.”
  • 6) Jul 15, 2015 11:44:08 GMT |  + MS Viswanathan: A Man as Rare as His Music
    Music composer MS Viswanathan, also called MSV, died on July 14, leaving behind a legacy of soulful music and incomparable melodies. In his illustrious career spanning over four decades, he composed music for over 750 southern films, mostly Tamil. Born on June 24, 1928 to Manayangath Subramanian and Narayanikutty in Kerala, MSV made his showbiz debut as a child artiste in Kannagi. He told his biographer that his mother once wanted to 'kill' him to "escape from abject poverty and lack of support." However, he was saved by his grandfather. more ...
  • 7) Jul 15, 2015 11:41:18 GMT |  + Bank of Canada’s decision day: Pros and cons of a rate cut
    The Bank of Canada approaches one of its most difficult interest-rate decisions in years Wednesday, as financial markets and experts remain split on whether the economy needs a kick-start from lower interest rates. Governor Stephen Poloz and his colleagues will release their latest rate announcement at 10 a.m. (ET), unveiling whether they will leave the key policy rate unchanged at its current 0.75 per cent, or cut it to 0.5 per cent in the face of an economy that slipped perilously close to a recession in the first half of the year. more ...
  • 8) Jul 15, 2015 11:39:20 GMT |  + On Staten Island, Savoring Flavors of Sri Lanka
    Staten Island has historically been known for its Italian and Irish heritage, and more recently Russians and Liberians. However, in the last decade, the Sri Lankan population growth in the borough has created a “Little Sri Lanka” in the Tompkinsville and St. George neighborhoods. Staten Island is home to the city’s largest Sri Lankan population. Though a decades-long civil war in Sri Lanka escalated tensions between Sinhalese and Tamil ethnic groups, here the two groups live peaceably in clapboard houses and brick town houses with modest, fenced-in front lawns. more ...
  • 9) Jul 15, 2014 13:30:00 GMT |  + Toronto Mayoral candidates Chow, Ford, Soknacki, Stintz, and Tory to debate in Scarborough
    Recognizing the importance of Scarborough in the election for Mayor of Toronto, the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) is pleased to host a Toronto Mayoral debate in Scarborough. The debate will take place on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 from 7 pm – 9 pm at Global Kingdom Ministries, located at 1250 Markham Road, Scarborough. It will be moderated by National Post columnist Chris Selley, and will feature five of the leading candidates: Olivia Chow, Rob Ford, David Soknacki, Karen Stintz and John Tory. “Toronto Mayoral races are decided in the suburbs,” says Raj Thavaratnasingham, President of CTC. “By providing this forum, CTC wants to encourage the residents of Scarborough to come out and speak to the Mayoral candidates about the issues that are important to all of us.” more ...
  • 10) Jul 15, 2014 12:48:25 GMT |  + Sri Lanka: Reconciliation Is Both A Process And A Goal – Presentation
    Innovative and creative approaches that aim to rebuild confidences between stakeholders to national governance processes and further, with international mechanisms remain the need of the hour. A breakdown in trust between previously warring factions and stakeholders continue to remain an obstacle to taking the process of reconciliation forward. While the end of the war has opened up unique opportunities to achieve lasting and sustainable peace and harmony, there remain key aspects that need to be addressed with some urgency. more ...
  • 11) Jul 15, 2014 12:41:01 GMT |  + From Tigers to Barbers: Tales of Sri Lanka’s Ex-Combatants
    There is also no official data on how many former LTTE members were wounded, but government records suggest that at least 10 to 20 percent of the Northern Province’s population of some 1.1 million people are war-injured, a large number of which were combatants during the conflict.They say their biggest challenge now is social acceptance and financial independence. While the immediate outlook is bleak, many harbour aspirations of improved circumstances in the years to come. “First there was war, then there was peace; now we have poverty, and hopefully the next stop will be prosperity,” says Patrickeil’s customer Mariyadas, standing up for his turn with the Sea Tiger-turned-barber. more ...
  • 12) Jul 15, 2014 12:35:31 GMT |  + Lack of trust slows Sri Lanka reconciliation
    Five years after government's war with Tamil Tigers ended, former fighters say cultural insensitivity remains an issue.Despite rehabilitation programmes for its 12,000 fighters, there is little trust in the government among Tamils. The government says it is developing the north of the country, where many Tamils live, but at one project to build a railway station, most workers were from the South. Al Jazeera's Charles Stratford reports from Jaffna, Sri Lanka.
  • 13) Jul 15, 2012 23:50:05 GMT |  + Debate brewing over Sri Lanka tea blending plans
    Sri Lanka's tea industry is deeply divided over plans to boost earnings by importing cheaper leaves for blending and re-export, over fears the changes could water down the "Pure Ceylon" brand. Pure Ceylon -- using the country's colonial-era name -- is to tea what single malt is to whisky, according to some aficionados, with single-origin Sri Lankan tea costing as much as twice that of a multi-origin tea. The country has long been a leading exporter of the commodity, but now the Tea Exporters Association (TEA) wants to import leaves from countries like Kenya, Vietnam and Indonesia, and blend them with higher quality local produce. more ...
  • 14) Jul 15, 2012 16:26:45 GMT |  + Govt. maintains focus on diplomatic battles against external forces
    For a second week in succession, matters relating to the conduct of the country’s foreign policy preoccupied the Government. Last Sunday, Sri Lanka’s envoys overseas wrapped up a two-day workshop that helped them learn the new thinking of the UPFA leaders with regard to a multitude of issues related to external relations. Most emphasis was on matters related to economic development. If there were critical issues, like for example, the upcoming sessions of the UN Human Rights Council where a report from Sri Lanka will be discussed under Universal Periodic Review, there was no detailed discussion on them. Yet, some envoys did raise political issues of lesser significance. more ...
  • 15) Jul 15, 2012 16:25:16 GMT |  + The Eelam struggle saga
    The book, besides outlining the history of Lanka’s Tamil problem, provides a few lessons on how to handle insurgencies and their aftermath, says R Hariharan The history of Sri Lanka’s Tamil insurgency and its bloody end after 25 years of struggle at the hands of the Sri Lankan Army is a complex one. Veteran journalist S Murari’s The Prabhakaran Saga covers the Tamil Eelam armed struggle and Sri Lanka’s response in their multiple dimensions. The chronological coverage of mélange of conspiracies and assassinations, politics and perfidy, and the tragedy of mindless violence enables the reader to understand the complexities of the war and its root causes. more ...
  • 16) Jul 15, 2012 16:24:30 GMT |  + Sri Lankans reach Christmas Island
    A BOAT carrying 51 Sri Lankan asylum seekers has arrived at Christmas Island, with the group now expected to have their initial claims for asylum processed there. Unlike various other recent boats, the vessel arrived unaided. Last month at least 94 people died when two boats capsized on the way to Christmas Island. Both had called for assistance when about 100 nautical miles away.
  • 17) Jul 15, 2012 16:22:53 GMT |  + India to build 43,000 houses for war displaced Tamils
    India will construct 43,000 housing units for displaced Tamils in Sri Lanka's former war zones of the north and the east, as part of a USD 270 million project. A pilot project has already witnessed the construction of 1,000 houses in Jaffna, Killinochchi and three other districts of the Northern Province. The High Commission of India signed agreements with four implementing agencies that will oversee the implementation of the next phase of the Indian Housing Project for 43,000 housing units in Northern and Eastern Provinces.
  • 18) Jul 15, 2012 16:21:41 GMT |  + Five fishermen injured in Sri Lankan navy attack
    Five fishermen were injured when they were attacked allegedly by Sri Lankan naval personnel near Katchathivu islet near the island nation. They were part of a group of 2,788 fishermen who had gone out to sea in 697 boats yesterday, fisheries department officials said. The officials said Sri Lankan Naval personnel came to the area in four patrol vessels, fired in the air and surrounded them. They later boarded a boat and beat up the five fishermen with sticks, damaged their nets and threw the nets into the sea.
  • 19) Jul 15, 2012 16:20:02 GMT |  + Canada froze billions in assets to support Arab Spring: RCMP
    Canadian authorities red-pencilled almost $4.3 billion in suspect assets belonging to dictators, allegedly corrupt officials and others in response to the Arab Spring uprisings, newly disclosed documents say. An RCMP briefing note says the national police force’s federal policing branch worked with the Foreign Affairs Department, Public Safety, security intelligence agencies and Canadian banks to “identify and freeze” the assets. more ...
  • 20) Jul 15, 2012 16:19:17 GMT |  + Are We Above History?
    On December 26, 1991, the Soviet Union died and something new was born, something utterly new – a unipolar world dominated by a single superpower unchecked by any rival and with decisive reach in every corner of the globe. “This is a staggering development in history, not seen since the fall of Rome” – Charles Krauthammer 2004 On 18 May 2009, here in Sri Lanka too, although on a much smaller scale, in a vastly different context to the scenario the neo-conservative Krauthammer is describing, we saw the death of Vellupillai Prabahakaran and his dreaded terrorist outfit, the LTTE. more ...
  • 21) Jul 15, 2012 16:16:08 GMT |  + Gotabaya Rajapaksa – O Tempora O Mores
    There is no difference or should be none between human beings. But, is that a reality in Sri Lanka? No. Certainly not. The most recent incident where Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Defense Secretary lost his temper and used foul language brought home some truths about human behaviour, at least from some sections of our people. The language and tone of the delivery evoked a huge outcry from journalists across the civilized world. The international press and electronic media were aghast and responded immediately. Just like humans and even animals who help each other to face, for example, a harsh winter. But, the local media true to form remained mum. Why?
  • 22) Jul 15, 2012 14:55:03 GMT |  + A Damning Record
    The complaints on the rape of under aged girls continue to increase with another case of a girl being raped over a period of two days is reported from Nawalapitiya. The 15 year old girl from Ovitamahakumbhura in Nawalapitiya had been reported missing by her family on July 4th. Fathima (name changed) had been picked up by a known three wheeler driver in the area at a round 10 p.m. on the 2nd of this month when she had gone to the boutique to buy a loaf of bread. The three wheeler driver, 37 year old Mohomad Zainur Mohomad Kahir had told Fathima that her mother wanted her to go to the town with him to fetch some commodities she had purchased earlier in the day.
  • 23) Jul 15, 2011 21:48:47 GMT |  + Sri Lanka probe urged as video airs in US
    US lawmakers and rights advocates on Friday stepped up calls for an international probe into Sri Lanka's civil war as they screened a British documentary that purports to show war crimes. "Sri Lanka's Killing Fields" was shown to the public inside the US Capitol complex. First aired on Channel 4 in June, the 50-minute documentary caused shock in Britain and angry denials from Sri Lanka's military. Representative James McGovern, co-chair of a US Congress human rights commission named in honor of late lawmaker Tom Lantos, said that the film was "a gruesome example of humans at their worst." more ...
  • 24) Jul 15, 2011 19:45:20 GMT |  + Rajapakse versus Jayalalitha
    The much-watched rebroadcast of the Channel-4 video on an Indian TV network has heightened Indian public opinion about the Sri Lankan civil war and it is reported that a version with Tamil subtitles is being produced for broadcast on the Jaya-TV channel said to be associated with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha. It is certain to anger Indian Tamil opinion, but in Lanka, the Sinhalese in return, are becoming enraged and isolated; the government is like a caged animal under attack on all sides. The conflict is set for collision course and a quick or amicable settlement seems impossible since the protagonists on the two sides, Jayalalitha and Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse, are playing to diametrically opposed galleries.
  • 25) Jul 15, 2011 19:44:47 GMT |  + BBC journalists in one-day strike
    Journalists at the BBC are taking part in a 24-hour strike in a row over compulsory redundancies. Members of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) voted in favour of industrial action last month because a number of World Service journalists are facing compulsory redundancy. The NUJ has warned that the strike will cause "widespread disruption" to radio and TV programmes. A BBC spokesman said the corporation was "disappointed" by the action.
  • 26) Jul 15, 2011 19:29:21 GMT |  + Pakistan, Sri Lanka ties based on mutual trust: Naek
    Chairman Senate,Farooq Naek, said on Friday that Pakistan greatly values its relations with Sri Lanka which is based on mutual trust and shared interests in maintaining regional peace, security and stability. He was talking to a visiting External Affairs Minister of Sri Lanka, Professor G.L Peiris who called on him at the Parliament House. The Chairman said Pakistan fully supports the unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Sri Lanka. “Our two countries enjoy commonality of views on regional and international issues and coordinate their positions at the United Nations and SAARC,” he added.
  • 27) Jul 15, 2011 19:21:05 GMT |  + India asks Sri Lanka to probe war crimes claims
    India on Friday urged Sri Lanka to examine claims made in a British documentary that said it targeted civilians while crushing Tamil Tiger rebels two years ago. An Indian foreign ministry spokesman in New Delhi said Colombo must examine the controversy. "The sequence of events during the last days of the conflict is unclear (and) the government of Sri Lanka would need to go into the matter in greater detail," the foreign ministry said in a statement on Friday. "The concerns that are being expressed in this regard need to be examined," it added.
  • 28) Jul 15, 2011 19:10:52 GMT |  + Tense atmosphere in Jaffna ahead of elections, women’s vote at risk
    It is "urgent" to ensure a free and fair polls, in view of forthcoming elections in 65 local government districts, to be held July 23. The Women's Political Academy has written a letter to Mahinda Deshapriya, new election commissioner, to open an inquiry into a series of incidents in Jaffna (Northern province capital). Nimalka Fernando (see photo), Sri Lankan activist for the rights of women and director of the association, said she had reports of intimidation and violations from Elangai Arasukatchchi Thamil, a Tamil party in the area. "Parts of dead dogs were thrown in front of and inside the campaign offices of the supporters of the Tamil National Alliance - says Fernando - a clear sign that someone wants to intimidate them." more ...
  • 29) Jul 15, 2011 19:08:56 GMT |  + Rehab of Tamils in Lanka should get top priority: India
    India today said rehabilitation of Tamils should be of the "highest and most immediate priority" for Sri Lankan government but maintained there were "questions" on the UN report alleging 'war crimes' against the government in the island nation. "A fair and reasonable settlement of the political issues concerning the minorities in Sri Lanka is of utmost importance and the historic opportunity offered by the end of the conflict should be availed of at the earliest," an official spokesman said while replying to a query on the issue. Referring to the report by a UNSC-appointed panel, he said "in general, there are still questions on the report. Some countries have raised this in the UN Human Rights Council."
  • 30) Jul 15, 2011 18:48:53 GMT |  + Commonwealth signs co-operation MoU with International Criminal Court
    ICC praises Secretariat for sterling work in promoting implementation of international criminal law. International Criminal Court (ICC) President Judge Sang-Hyun Song and Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Wednesday, 13 July 2011 to strengthen and develop co-operation between their organisations to jointly support states implementing international criminal law. “This marks a new chapter in our work in the delivery of capacity-building measures such as developing training and assistance programmes for national judges, prosecutors, and other criminal justice officials in the fields of international humanitarian law and international criminal law,” Mr Sharma said. more ...
  • 31) Jul 15, 2011 3:06:01 GMT |  + Fred Balasingham passes away
    Fredrick V Balasingham, 88, passed away peacefully at his home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on July 13th, 2011. Mr. Balasingham was born in Mathagal, Sri Lanka on March 30th, 1923. He was a dedicated civil servant who served as an auditor for the Auditor General’s Department in Sri Lanka. He came to Canada as a retiree in 1983 and began volunteering with newcomer settlement agencies where he assisted refugees from war torn countries. more ...
  • 32) Jul 15, 2010 22:32:24 GMT |  + Statement from New Democrat Leader Jack Layton on the UN’s appointment of a Sri Lanka war crimes panel
    New Democrats are pleased that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has named a three-member advisory panel to determine whether war crimes occurred in Sri Lanka last year. Serious questions remain about whether the final phase of Sri Lanka’s civil war, which left 20,000 dead, amounted to war crimes. New Democrats have long called for a proper investigation into the bloodshed and support the UN’s efforts to answer those questions.
  • 33) Jul 15, 2010 15:47:56 GMT |  + Former Sri Lanka rebels 'abused in detention'
    Former Tamil Tiger rebels detained in Sri Lanka say they have been ill-treated in government camps with no basic facilities. In letters and phone calls to BBC Tamil, ex-militants say they have been "tortured and beaten" in the centres. The government says all those being held in custody following the end of the war are being well cared for. It has consistently refused to allow any kind of independent investigation into allegations of human rights abuses in the final weeks leading up to the end of the war in May 2009. more ...
  • 34) Jul 15, 2010 15:46:58 GMT |  + Tamil Tiger is extinct, and regime knows it
    LEADERS slander Tamil refugees because they don't want them to reach our shores, says Gordon Weiss. SRI Lankan government warnings that half the Tamils seeking asylum in Australia have links to terrorists are dangerous, mendacious and self-serving... One must then ask why, with the fanciful claim that as many as half of all Tamil boatpeople have "links" to the Tigers, does the government of Sri Lanka seek to trigger alarm bells in our ears? What interest do they have in claims of links between al-Qa'ida and the Tamil Tigers? Why, as reported in recent days, do they incite Australians worried about illegal immigration with the suggestion that boatpeople are "taking advantage" of our asylum laws?
  • 35) Jul 15, 2010 15:46:01 GMT |  + Sri Lanka and the UN: Fast foes
    NEITHER Sri Lanka’s government, nor the United Nations seems ready to back down over an increasingly bitter dispute. This week a spokesman for Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, confirmed that a panel of three experts will be convened as planned to advise him on “accountability” for war crimes that were allegedly committed as Sri Lanka brought its civil war to a bloody end early in 2009. This is despite a fierce demonstration in front of the UN compound in Colombo, the capital, spearheaded by Sri Lanka’s housing minister, Wimal Weerawansa. He had called for a protest against Mr Ban’s experts. The government had earlier dismissed the panel as an interference in its internal affairs, but it also promised that such a siege would be avoided.
  • 36) Jul 15, 2010 15:45:26 GMT |  + Tsunami drill in coastal areas
    Sri Lanka completed its first ever mass tsunami evacuation drill this week. Over 14,000 people were evacuated in 14 coastal districts. “We selected one village in each district to carry out the drill and the evacuations were orderly,” Pradeep Kodippili, assistant director for early warning at the country’s Disaster Management Centre (DMC) told IRIN. Employing local authorities and the police, residents were alerted to the drill held on 13 July by warning towers (see box), text messages and loud speakers. more ...
  • 37) Jul 15, 2010 12:11:33 GMT |  + Sri Lankan children affected by war, tsunami, daily stressors: Study
    Two studies on children in Sri Lanka, who survived the 2004 tsunami and ongoing civil war, have found that it is not these stressful events alone that contributed to the youths' psychological health, but also daily stressors like domestic violence that are exacerbated by traumatic events and continue after the disasters. The studies appear in a special section on children and disaster in the July/August issue of the journal Child Development. The first study, by researchers at California State University, Los Angeles, Harvard School of Public Health, and Claremont Graduate University, looked at more than 400 Sri Lankan youths ages 11 to 20 who survived the tsunami.
  • 38) Jul 15, 2010 2:46:15 GMT |  + Can panel heal Sri Lanka’s wounds?
    Sri Lanka’s cabinet met yesterday in a town formerly held by Tamil rebels during the country’s 30-year civil war in the latest effort to try to heal the wounds left by the bloody conflict. The meeting in the northern town of Kilinochchi came as details emerged of a government reconciliation panel set up to search for answers to the conflict, which ended in May 2009. However, political analysts and politicians believe such measures aimed at reconciliation and healing are futile unless they are accompanied by a political solution to end Tamil claims of neglect.
  • 39) Jul 15, 2010 2:44:26 GMT |  + Bid to enter SL mission: Vaiko, Nedumaran held
    MDMK General Secretary Vaiko, Tamil Nationalist Movement leader P Nedumaran and hundreds of pro-Tamil protesters were arrested here today for trying to enter the Sri Lankan Deputy High Commission with an intention to forcibly shut it down, police said. The protesters, under the umbrella organisation of Sri Lankan Tamils Protection Movement, staged a protest near the Sri Lankan Deputy High Commission against the closure of the UN office in Sri Lanka.
  • 40) Jul 15, 2010 2:38:48 GMT |  + 'Sink differences' to rebuild north
    President Mahinda Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka has called for people in the north of the island to sink their political differences and rebuild the region. He was speaking after chairing an unprecedented cabinet meeting in the town of Kilinochchi, which was the headquarters of the separatist Tamil Tigers until just before their military defeat last year. The government has confirmed that northern Sri Lanka will now host permanent military garrisons. more ...
  • 41) Jul 15, 2009 17:05:14 GMT |  + Cycle expedition to Delhi for Lankan Tamils cause
    A man has embarked on a bicycle expedition to New Delhi to meet Congress President Sonia Gandhi and External Affairs Minister S M Krishna seeking their intervention to ensure equal rights for Tamils in Sri Lanka. S Sanjeevi, 43, who started his journey from Ramapathiraikandigai village in Tiruvallur district on July 10, told reporters during his halt at Puducherry that he had undertaken similar journeys in the past for different causes.
  • 42) Jul 15, 2009 16:58:16 GMT |  + ADRA Commences Water Operations in Sri Lanka
    In northern Sri Lanka, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) recently initiated emergency water trucking operations to provide water for personal hygiene use for up to 10,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in camps in the town of Vavuniya. ADRA is the only humanitarian agency in Sri Lanka that owns and operates a drilling rig for borehole drilling, and has extensive experience in several water and sanitation activities, including water tank installation, hand pumps, hand dug wells, water disinfection units and water trucking.
  • 43) Jul 15, 2009 16:54:31 GMT |  + Hutchison Port Holdings backs away from Colombo tender
    Hutchison Port Holdings has pulled out of bidding for Sri Lanka's Colombo South Harbour terminal amid claims of plagiarism. Hutchison has lost interest in Colombo's expansion At the re-launch of the tender, HPH found that elements of the operator's previous bid had been incorporated into the new Request for Proposals. This, said HPH, placed it at a "competitive disadvantage".
  • 44) Jul 15, 2009 13:34:36 GMT |  + Editorial: Tamil Camps
    More than two months after declaring victory over Tamil Tiger guerillas, Sri Lanka’s government is continuing to hold hundreds of thousands of displaced Tamil civilians in what it calls “welfare villages,” but what increasingly look like military internment camps. The civilians, many of whom were held hostage by the guerrillas in the bloody last stage of the long war, are not being allowed out of the camps, and access by human-rights organizations or journalists is highly restricted. The government claims it is looking for Tamil Tigers among the refugees and clearing Tamil villages of landmines before letting people return.
  • 45) Jul 15, 2009 12:05:34 GMT |  + UN's Staff Union Slams Sri Lanka Detentions, Cites Immunity as UN Claims in Sudan
    With even the funders of Sri Lanka's camps for Tamils now calling them prison-like places of internment, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has been quoted about Sri Lanka that "I should not be responsible for that." But what about the continued detention of the UN's own staff? Two UN system employees have grabbed up by plain clothes police in unmarked vehicles and have yet to be released: Kandasamy "Saundi" Saundrarajan and N. Charles Raveendran. On July 10 the UN Staff Union called on Ban "to demand the Sri Lankan Government to release all UN staff members held without charge [and] not to restrict the movement of UN personnel."
  • 46) Jul 15, 2009 12:04:26 GMT |  + Sri Lanka cancels $200 mln China, Pakistan weapons buy
    Sri Lanka has cancelled a $200 million purchase of ammunition from Pakistan and China after the end of its war with the Tamil Tigers, the island nation's new top military commander said on Wednesday. General Sarath Fonseka, who as army commander was one of the chief architects of the campaign to destroy the separatist Tigers and end a 25-year war, on Sunday was named to the newly created post of chief of defence staff. "We stopped the orders of $200 million worth of ammunition from China and Pakistan with the war's end," Fonseka said at his swearing-in. He is now in overall command of the military.
  • 47) Jul 15, 2009 12:03:14 GMT |  + After influx of wounded, Sri Lanka's hospitals are overflowing with patients
    Seven weeks after fighting ended between the Sri Lankan army and the Tamil Tiger rebels, fewer patients are arriving at the hospitals, but their numbers still exceed bed capacity. .Working in conjunction with the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health, Médecins Sans Frontières medical teams in Vavuniya district have performed more than 5,000 surgeries over five months, most to treat conflict-related injuries. Activities are currently focused on post-operative care (minor surgery, dressings and physical therapy) and hospitalizations for displaced persons.
  • 48) Jul 15, 2009 12:01:20 GMT |  + Donors roll up sleeves for blood drive
    Juanita Nathan said that with all the spilled blood these past months in Sri Lanka, it's only right to give some back. Nathan, 35, was at the Canadian Blood Services building on College St. yesterday during the start of a year-long campaign to get the Southeast Asian community to donate blood and stem cells. "In 1983, Tamils were targeted and systematically killed, which made a lot of people flee the country, including me," she said, as a nurse hooked up tubes to her right arm to fill up six vials. "What's happened recently, a lot of blood has been shed, so this is very symbolic for me," she said. more ...
  • 49) Jul 15, 2009 11:45:26 GMT |  + Sri Lanka cancels US$200mn in military hardware
    Sri Lanka has cancelled orders for 200 million US dollars of military hardware and ammunition from China, after a 30-year war with Tamil Tiger separatists ended, a top official said. "We had ordered 200 million US dollars of ammunition and arms from China," Sri Lanka's former army commander Sarath Fonseka told reporters after taking over as the country's chief of defence staff Wednesday. "A part of the money will have to be used for day-to-day running expenses of the military."
  • 50) Jul 15, 2009 11:27:57 GMT |  + Sri Lankan writer among three refugees rescued by Navy
    A Sri Lankan Tamil writer was among three refugees rescued by the Indian Navy, Coast Guard and local fishermen after they were stranded near an island off Tamil Nadu's Rameswaram coast. The writer, K Thirunavukkarassu, and the other two were rescued and brought to shore yesterday following information that three persons were stranded near Iyantham Thittu, a sand dune, near Rameswaram, a police release said here today. During their questioning by police, the three said they came by a boat from Mannar in Sri Lanka and the boatmen had dropped them near the island.
  • 51) Jul 15, 2009 11:23:40 GMT |  + Sri Lankan media awards and Lasantha who?
    The Journalism Awards for Excellence organized by the Editors’ Guild of Sri Lanka, and the Sri Lanka Press Institute was held in all its might and glory last night, as it should be. This is the Sri Lankan media equivalent of the Chillies, the Grammys, or the Oscars. But one stark shortfall stood out in its own naked might and glory: the complete lack of mention of one of their own who fell earlier this year. Merely six months after, one would find it not too demanding, nor unreasonable, if the occasion was started with a moment of silence for those who were killed within the last year, and there were a few. But sadly, albeit not surprisingly, this was not the case.
  • 52) Jul 15, 2009 11:18:48 GMT |  + Monks launch campaign against 13th Amendment
    The National Front of Buddhist Monks (NFBM) Tuesday launched a leaflet campaign to mobilize the masses against implementing the 13th Amendment at the Matara main bus stand in the south of Sri Lanka. The NFBM has planned to distribute one million leaflets in towns and villages across Sri Lanka. More than 30 Buddhist monks participated in the launching event. “India and several western countries are attempting to thrust upon us a proposed political solution against the wishes of all communities in Sri Lanka. A mass protest against the proposed political solution is the need of the hour,” President of the National Front of the Buddhist Monks (NFBM) Ven. Attanayale Samitha Thera said at the event.
  • 53) Jul 15, 2008 20:23:36 GMT |  + Indian warships to shield PM during SAARC meet in Lanka
    NEW DELHI: India is not taking any chances with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's security during his visit to Colombo for the SAARC summit early next month. The Centre is planning to despatch three warships, including two frontline guided-missile destroyers, to Sri Lankan waters as security cover for the PM and his entourage from the much-feared LTTE. With national security adviser M K Narayanan personally looking into the issue due to the "high threat perception" from the LTTE, hectic consultations are on between India and Sri Lanka to ensure fool-proof security arrangements. As the Tamil Tigers are known to use suicide bombers, there can be no room for mistakes.
  • 54) Jul 15, 2008 20:21:35 GMT |  + Star grazing and ground realities
    The President is scheduled to attend the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing on August 5 but he will do or where he will go after that is largely a secret. For the Tirupathi poojas – which sparked unfounded speculation of a new crisis in India, Lanka ties – the President was reportedly accompanied by son Namal, Secretary Lalith Weeratunga and about eight others. The visit to the Hindu Temple came in the afterglow or the aftermath of Thursday’s general strike for which the JVP sounded the trumpet call and the alarm bells while the UNP held a tail piece or told tales of woe.
  • 55) Jul 15, 2008 20:19:33 GMT |  + Lessons from Darfur and the missive from US Congress
    The International Criminal Court’s (ICC) formal request for an arrest warrant Monday, for Sudan’s head of state on charges of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, should serve as a warning to other heads of state with accusations of a similar nature hanging over their heads. . More importantly it should serve as a warning to Sri Lanka’s present government which has taken the country down such a dark path of violence and impunity that since 2007 the country has ranked among the worst in a failed state index together with Sudan.
  • 56) Jul 15, 2008 20:18:44 GMT |  + Is Pakistan being taken for granted by Sri Lanka ?
    Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan ,Benazir Bhutto once, in a letter addressed to former President,the late Premadasa said : the only thing on which she and Zia had agreed was providing Pakistani assistance to Sri Lanka. By this what she meant was that , although she was diametrically opposed to the decisions taken by Pakistan’s former President Zia ul Haq’s administration , she did not however oppose the solitary decision to render assistance to Sri Lanka.
  • 57) Jul 15, 2008 13:58:15 GMT |  + British minister meets President
    The British Foreign Office minister who arrived in Colombo on Monmday evening held discussion with President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Tuesday at Temple Trees. Lord Malloch-Brown, the British minister for Africa, Asia and the United Nations, is expected to meet several other political and religious leaders. Eastern Province Chief Minister, Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan (Pillayan) told BBC Tamil Service that he is expected to meet the minister in Trincomalee on Tuesday. The minister was planning to discuss progress of the All Party Representative Committee (APRC) and implementing its interim recommendations, Sri Lanka government said. more ...
  • 58) Jul 15, 2008 13:03:41 GMT |  + British official visits Sri Lanka to discuss human issues
    A high-ranking British official has arrived in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo on a three-day visit, officials said Tuesday. Lord Malloch Brown, the British Foreign Office junior minister responsible for Asia and Africa arrived in Colombo late Monday night and held talks with Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse Tuesday morning, officials from the British embassy to Sri Lanka said. "The minister will discuss the human rights situation in Sri Lanka in particular ways of strengthening mechanisms for monitoring and investigating allegations of human rights abuses," the British embassy to Sri Lanka said in press release.
  • 59) Jul 15, 2008 12:31:05 GMT |  + Indian PM's Special Protection Group personnel arrive in Colombo
    70 members of the Indian Special Protection Group (SPG), which provides proximate security to the Prime Minister of India and the members of his immediate family, have arrived in Colombo Sunday for security preparations for the upcoming SAARC summit, diplomatic sources in Colombo said. In addition to the SPG personnel, the Indian government has sought permission from Sri Lanka to bring three naval ships, which will be anchored in the outer-harbour of Colombo during the summit. The sources also added that there will be some air cover as well. Another batch of 70 SPG personnel will arrive in Colombo shortly.
  • 60) Jul 15, 2008 10:44:46 GMT |  + Siemens bags us$46.7 mln order from sri lanka power co
    Global infrastructure major Siemens Ltd on Tuesday said its energy division has received a Rs 2 billion (US$46.7 million) order from Sri Lanka's state power company Ceylon Electricity Board for the upgradation of Colombo's distribution network. "The company has a Rs 2 billion (euro 31 million) order from Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), its largest till date, for the upgradation of Colombo's distribution network," a company release said.
  • 61) Jul 15, 2008 10:39:39 GMT |  + India commits $109 mn aid to Sri Lanka
    India has committed 109.2 million dollars aid to Sri Lanka during the first five months of 2008, with Iran being the largest donor at 450 million dollars during the period under review. The government has committed 109 million dollars, of which 100 million dollars are to finance imports from India. As much as 8.5 million dollars have been pledged by India for the construction of a 150-bed district hospital at Dickoya in Central Sri Lanka. The balance 0.5 million dollars are earmarked for the improvement of facilities at Rural Vocational Training Centre at Nagawillu, the Sri Lankan Finance Ministry said.
  • 62) Jul 15, 2008 10:37:37 GMT |  + PMK asks PM to boycott SAARC, say SL shoots at fishermen
    The PMK has demanded that the union government reconsider its decision to participate in the SAARC meeting in Sri Lanka, scheduled on August 2 and 3 in the event of the island nation not stopping 'atrocities' on fishermen from Tamil Nadu. "In the event of participation in the meet, the Centre should express its concern strongly and persuade Sri Lanka to take permanent measures to curb the `inhuman acts," PMK MP M Ramadoss said in a letter to external affairs minister Pranab Mukherjee on Monday.
  • 63) Jul 15, 2008 10:34:09 GMT |  + War is only job available in Sri Lankan village
    Iyathigewewa is a classic company town. But the youth don't head off to work in the local mine or factory - they go to war. With no other job prospects in this impoverished, remote northern village about 27 miles south of the front lines, roughly half the men of fighting age have enlisted in the army, navy, police or other security branches. After a quarter century of civil war between government forces and ethnic Tamil rebels, fighting is so entrenched in this Indian Ocean island it has become a career for tens of thousands seeking a path out of rural Sri Lanka's brutal poverty.
  • 64) Jul 15, 2007 12:16:50 GMT |  + Co-chairs urge President to improve negotiation package
    The Co-chairs (US, EU, Japan and facilitator Norway) want the Sri Lankan government to offer a better political package to facilitate a negotiated settlement of the north-east conflict. They are of the view that the SLFP proposal to confine devolution to the district level would be insufficient. This assessment was recently conveyed to President Mahinda Rajapakse by German Ambassador Juergen Weerth. Germany held the rotating presidency of the EU at the time of the meeting.
  • 65) Jul 15, 2007 12:12:35 GMT |  + Missed Golden opportunity
    The worst forms of Human Rights violations are perpetuated on the Tamil population with impunity by the armed forces / Police of the country, and the accusation have always been that he/she was aligned to the terrorists and therefore should be done to death . The defense establishment then covers up the track of the perpetrators. Lawlessness in the country had reached epidemic proportions. War cries by the hawks have made the call for peace irrelevant. The hidden hand of the Arms dealers, in cahoots with the hierarchy of the defense establishment could be seen in the massive purchase of arms, equipment, etc, etc all out to make money on the excuse of fighting Terrorism.
  • 66) Jul 15, 2007 12:07:21 GMT |  + GoSL Under Fire
    The government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) is being targeted by several countries and Human Rights Organisations. Sri Lanka is rated as a Pariah State for the atrocities committed by its armed forces and its Para-Military stooges that long for the crumbs from the state. It is an open secret that the Para-Military elements are paid, protected and armed by the Sri Lankan Army (SLA). Hence for all violations of the law committed by these elements in the government controlled areas the GoSL has to take the responsibility. This is well illustrated by the Tamil Proverb “Eithavan Irukka Ambai Nokal Aakaathu (Not to blame the Arrow when the shooter is there).
  • 67) Jul 15, 2007 11:54:08 GMT |  + UN report paints dismal picture of Lanka
    A mid-year aid review report due to be released by the office of the UN Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator paints a dismal picture of the country. "The peace process remains stymied in the first half of 2007. Open hostilities continue to flare up frequently. Terrorist acts and general violence such as ambushes, mine attacks, abductions and targeted killings further intensify. Artillery shelling, aerial bombings and claymore mines cause civilian casualties and damage to property, disrupting the lives of thousands. Forced recruitment of youth and children to replenish lost cadres persists," the Common Action Plan Review report out this week said.
  • 68) Jul 15, 2007 11:27:10 GMT |  + Freezer truck: Hot air and cold facts
    A highly agitated Spokesman for the Navy, the hoary Commander D.K.P. Dassanayake, waxed eloquent at last Tuesday's briefing at the Media Centre for National Security. It was over some media reports that Karuna (Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan) associate Pillayan had tipped off the Navy to arrest a freezer truck laden with more than 1,000 kilogrammes of explosives in Trincomalee. He charged that "some elements with vested interests" were attempting to sideline the Navy's achievements. However, he did not identify who these elements were nor say what the "vested interests" were. Are they in the media or in another organization?
  • 69) Jul 15, 2007 11:06:03 GMT |  + Vanni faces creeping embargo, SLA blamed
    New regulations and checking procedures introduced by Sri Lanka Army (SLA) officials on vehicles transporting essentials to Vanni through the Oamanthai checkpoint, under SLA's expressed objective of increased security, have severely restricted the flow of goods into the Liberation Tigers controlled region, civil society sources in Vanni said. Administrative officals inside Vanni said that the district residents face severe shortage of essentials such as sugar and flour if stocks are not replenished within two weeks.
  • 70) Jul 15, 2007 11:04:46 GMT |  + Sri Lanka tourist arrivals plunge 30 percent in June
    Tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka plunged 30 percent in June compared to a year ago as fighting escalated in the country's bitter ethnic war, the tourism board said Sunday. Months of heavy fighting mainly in the north and east, but also attacks near the capital and the international airport saw tourist arrivals fall to 30,810 in June, compared to 44,066 last year despite sharp discount offers from hotels. For the first six months of the year, overall tourist arrivals are down nearly 25 percent to 224,791 visitors, compared to the same period a year earlier, the Sri Lanka Tourism board said.
  • 71) Jul 15, 2007 11:02:39 GMT |  + Four shot dead after heavy Sri Lanka fighting
    Four civilians were bound and shot dead execution-style in northern Sri Lanka near the scene of heavy battles between troops and Tamil rebels, a police official said Sunday. The bodies of the four were found shot in the head Sunday with their hands tied behind their backs in Vavuniya district. "Four people were found shot dead at Tavasakulam in Vavuniya," said a police official in Vavuniya, 260 kilometres (160 miles) north of Colombo. "An investigation is under way," he said adding that it was unclear who was behind the killings.
  • 72) 21:40 GMT, Jul. 15, 2005 |  + USCIRF Expresses Concern Over Sri Lanka's Forced Conversion Bill

    ‘Local man works past disability to create beautiful art’(pdf format)
    Courtesy: Barrhaven Independent - Ottawa

    The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) expressed concern Wednesday about a proposed pending legislation in Sri Lanka and the climate of inter-religious conflict and intolerance emerging in the predominantly Buddhist nation. “The proposed legislation also appears to violate the standards of protection for religious freedom found in Sri Lanka's own constitution,” the Commission added, ‘which guarantees the right of every person in Sri Lanka to "freedom of thought, conscience, and religion, including the freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice.’” Meanwhile, Cromartie urged all the parties involved to “work together to restore a climate of religious tolerance in Sri Lanka,” hoping that the Sri Lankan government “will pass laws that are consistent with international standards." more ...
  • 73) 12:06 GMT, Jul. 15, 2005 |  + “We will be forced to resort to our means and modes of transport if suitable action is not taken”
    Mr. S.P Tamilselvan, Head of the LTTE Political Wing said that “the LTTE will be forced to resort to its own means and modes of transport if suitable action is not taken to effectively implement the traval proposals submitted on 30 June 2005 without further delay”, in a letter addressed to Head of the SLMM in connection with the transport arrangemnet of LTTE member. “We wish to present our position relating to the contents of the letter from the Secretary General of the Government Peace Secretariat and reiterate our clear stand on the secure travel arrangements for our members.
    - Sri Lanka suspends tsunami deal - BBC
    - Sri Lanka rebels threaten to resort to their own means to travel gov't controlled areas - Xinhua
    more ...
  • 74) 11:57 GMT, Jul. 15, 2005 |  + A channel and a division
    THE Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project (SSCP) became a "dream of the Tamils come true" when Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, at a public venue in Madurai on July 2, pressed the button to signal the commencement of the project, which had eluded implementation for 145 years. Simultaneously, a vessel of the Dredging Corporation of India began dredging the seabed at a point called E-4, about 45 km off Point Calimere in Tamil Nadu's Nagapattinam district. Thousands of people who had gathered at the venue at Vandiyur, a suburb of Madurai, watched on closed-circuit television screens the spectacle of volumes of mud being spewed out in an arc by the dredger. The SSCP entails cutting a canal to connect the Gulf of Mannar with the Palk Bay in order to shorten the sea route between the east and west coasts of India. more ...
  • 75) 10:20 GMT, Jul. 15, 2005 |  + Tsunami Envoy Clinton Warns Toughest Time Still Ahead
    The most difficult phase of recovery from last December's Indian Ocean tsunami lies ahead, former U.S. President Bill Clinton told the United Nations today at its headquarters in New York.Asking people to overcome politics in the common recovery effort, he asked for support for the Sri Lankan Prime Minister at this time. The island nation, split by a decades long civil war, was one of the worst affected by the tsunami. Nearly 90,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. Human resource and capacity constraints needed to be addressed swiftly, while livelihoods needed to be restored, he said. For example, housing construction industries needed to be created in some countries. In addition there were policy issues that had to be resolved, such as the coastal zoning question in Sri Lanka and the lack of clarity on shelter and timber-sourcing guidelines for reconstruction in Aceh. more ...
  • 76) 10:02 GMT, Jul. 15, 2005 |  + Sri Lanka court blocks tsunami deal with Tigers
    Sri Lanka's Supreme Court effectively blocked a controversial government deal with Tamil Tiger rebels to share billions of dollars in foreign aid for tsunami survivors. Chief Justice Sarath Silva said locating the headquarters of the proposed Post Tsunami Operational Management Structure (P-TOMS) in a rebel-held area was illegal. The proposed fund to which international donors were expected to contribute was also illegal, the judge held on Friday. The court ruling effectively blocks the aid deal that was arranged by Sri Lanka's peace broker Norway, which has been trying to bring the rebels and the Colombo government back to the peace negotiating table they left in April 2003. more ...
  • 77) 09:57 GMT, Jul. 15, 2005 |  + “We will be forced to resort to our means and modes of transport if suitable action is not taken”
    This so-called Karuna group is the making of the military intelligence wing, created with the hideous intention of sabotaging the peace environment that is holding for the last three and a half years. We have pointed out this to you at several instances with substantive evidence. We are ready to provide you with additional information and corroborative evidence, if it becomes necessary."If the Tigers are forced to resort to their own means and modes of transport, the military should not interfere with LTTE's own travel and security arrangements. "If on the other hand, military attempts to prevent or hinder such travel, we would be compelled to react suitably", more ...
  • 78) 10:01 GMT, Jul. 15, 2004 |  + Two Dead In Sri Lanka Jail Clash Among Tamil Rebels

    'Satchi Master', a key associate of the renegade commander was assassinated inside the Batticaloa prison in the early hours of the morning Thursday.

    At lest two prisoners were shot dead and a third injured in a jail in eastern Sri Lanka apparently in a clash between two rival factions of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels, according to officials here. The two men were shot dead inside the jail by another inmate, who officials said is a former Tamil Tiger rebel convicted of robbery. The killer is said to be on the roof of the prison in Batticaloa with a pistol and cyanide. A 19-year-old man was admitted to hospital with gunshot injuries in his hand. Among the dead is a man who gave interviews recently from jail, acting as a spokesman for the breakaway rebel leader, Colonel Karuna. more ...
  • 79) 01:51 GMT, Jul. 15, 2004 |  + Letter to Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister
    Financial assistance by the Canadian government for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Northeast is almost nil or just a pittance. And to add insult to injury the Canadian government is refusing to allow TRO functionaries, not to speak of LTTE cadres, to visit Canada. The application for a visa by K.P. Reggie, Coordinator TRO (Sri Lanka) has been rejected by the Canadian visa office in Colombo. We wonder how Canada can sell federalism to the LTTE if entry is denied to Thamil leaders to visit Canada and study it at first hand. Inside Canada, the CSIS and RCMP personnel, armed with the newly minted anti-Terrorism Act, are routinely harassing and threatening members of the Thamil Canadian community. Meetings are videotaped and officers barge in and questions people while the function is in progress.
  • Forum of Federations and Sri Lankan Peace process
    more ...
  • 80) 01:43 GMT, Jul. 15, 2004 |  + 20 Years since Minister Devananda’s Major Dance in Terrorism

    ' a political scoundrel '

    Twenty years and two months ago, - in May 1984 – there was a daring kidnapping episode in Jaffna involving two Americans. It was the first of its kind in Sri Lankan soil, and fortunately until now, has never recurred. A newly-wed American couple, the Allens from Ohio, were kidnapped from their residence. It created a week-long international stir, and involved diplomatic rope-pulling of three countries – Sri Lanka, India and USA. The four political leaders who were at helm then and caught in the swirl of event – Indira Gandhi (India’s prime minister), M.G.Ramachandran (Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu), J.R.Jayewardene (Sri Lanka’s President) and Ronald Reagan (American President) have departed from the scene. I haven’t heard about the two victims – the Allen couple - since then, and presume that they are still alive. But, one of the perpetrators of the kidnapping terrorism is still in political limelight. He was none other than Minister Douglas Devananda. more ...
  • 81) 01:34 GMT, Jul. 15, 2004 |  + Sri Lankans Lose Faith in Provincial Councils
    Last week's provincial polls in Sri Lanka saw the lowest voter turnout ever, which political analysts blame on public disillusionment with the system and politicians. Political analyst and the head of the Center for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEV), Sunanda Deshapriya, "The low voter turn out has opened the eyes of many to the reality that people are getting disillusioned about politics, especially of the provincial council system, which has become a white elephant." The shortcomings of the provincial council system include a duplication of duties with federal government bodies. People are often confused about whether they should approach provincial or federal authorities. There are also funds problems as the government often says it does not have enough money to run these councils. more ...
  • 82) 01:30 GMT, Jul. 15, 2004 |  + "Return to war in Sri Lanka inevitable"
    Former LTTE Commander Karuna's defection was supported at the highest levels of the Sri Lankan government with tacit US approval, according to US geopolitical analysts. "The plan is to destabilize the Tigers, bait the group into confrontation and ultimately launch an offensive aimed at destroying the fractured Tamil movement once and for all," the analysts at Strategic Forecasting said quoting unnamed sources inside the Sri Lankan government. Stratfor said Colombo probably hopes a renewed guerrilla war will be tempered by internal struggles and that, once weakened, the Tigers can be destroyed. "But the Tigers have been fighting Colombo for decades, and there is little chance there will be any resolution without considerable bloodshed on both sides. The Tigers will likely end up weaker - perhaps no longer in a position to make the demands for autonomy that helped cause the internal strife in the first place. On the other hand, baiting a wounded tiger could be a dangerous game." more ...
  • 83) 00:54 GMT, Jul. 15, 2004 |  + Return to guerilla warfare in Sri Lanka inevitable: US analysts
    Former LTTE Commander Karuna's defection was supported at the highest levels of the Sri Lankan government with tacit US approval, according to US geopolitical analysts. "The plan is to destabilize the Tigers, bait the group into confrontation and ultimately launch an offensive aimed at destroying the fractured Tamil movement once and for all," the analysts at Strategic Forecasting said quoting unnamed sources inside the Sri Lankan government. After being out of sight for three months, Karuna resurfaced July 12 in an interview with the BBC's Tamil news service. Karuna was in virtual exile since his revolt against the mainstream Tigers was put down in April. "Karuna's re-emergence indicates the Tigers' effort to consolidate and strengthen its negotiating stance is far from over," Stratfor said. more ...
  • 84) 16:32 GMT, Jul. 15, 2003 |  + SLA calls off search operation due to SLMM intervention
    The Sri Lanka Army Tuesday morning called off its cordon and search operation conducted outside the political office of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in the Vadamaradchi division, after the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission monitors in the Jaffna district intervened, sources said. The SLMM intervention followed protests by the LTTE that such search operations would undermine the peace process, sources said. more ...
  • 85) 13:57 GMT, Jul. 15, 2003 |  + SLMM Chief on a 3-Day Visit to Vanni
    General Tryggve Tellefsen, the head of the SLMM, arrived in Vanni yesterday (13/07/2003) and met with Mr. S.P. Tamilselvan, head of the political wing of the LTTE. General Tellefsen is scheduled to stay in Vanni for 3 days and meet with various commanders and divisional heads of the LTTE. After the meeting with Mr. Tamilselvan, General Tellefsen and his team visited the Northern Front and met with the LTTE special commander Col. Theepan. During this meeting, Col. Theepan took the SLMM delegation to the frontline areas of Muhamalai, Kilaly and Nagar Kovil areas and pointed out the activities of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces in building new fortified positions in the strictly forbidden neutral zones between the LTTE controlled and SLA controlled zones. The SLMM delegation was set to inspect TRO projects on Tuesday and visit Mullaitivu on Wednesday and meet with Col. Soosai, Special commander of the Sea Tigers. more ...
  • 86) 13:22 GMT, Jul. 15, 2003 |  + Sri Lankan officials in Israel for $20 million arms deal
    The Sri Lankan Defense Ministry points to a new government policy toward the Sri Lanka separatist movement, the Tamil Tigers and has decided to prepare for a renewal of fighting. Israel and Sri Lanka have maintained security ties for some two decades. In addition to the Dabur patrol boats, Israel also sold Sri Lanka a number of Kfir fighter jets, manufactured by Israel Aircraft Industries. Among the Israelis in Colombo were arms dealers Zvi Yosef and Moshe Stav, who have been deeply involved in recent years in weapons deals between Sri Lanka and Israel.
  • Human Rights Violations Against Tamils in Sri Lanka
  • Human Rights Violations - Photo Gallery
  • Sri Lanka mulling 20-million-dollar arms deal in Israel
  • Lankan Minister in Israel for military purchase

  • more ...
  • 87) 12:13 GMT, Jul. 15, 2003 |  + Sinhala nationalists launch de-merger campaign in Trinco
    The "Sinhala Sanvidhanaya," a Sinhala nationalist movement Monday launched a signature campaign in Trincomalee to urge the de-merging of the North and East. The first signatory of the memorandum was the president of the organization, Venerable Dehiowitte Piyatissa Thera, sources said. The signature campaign was launched at the clock tower junction, close to bus stand and general market in the heart of Trincomalee. A spokesperson of the movement said the temporary merger now in force since 1987 under the Indo-Sri Lanka accord should be cancelled and two provincial councils should be established, one for north and the other for east. more ...
  • 88) 12:06 GMT, Jul. 15, 2003 |  + Lankan Minister in Israel for military purchase
    Sri Lankan Defence Minister Tilak Marapana, and Naval Chief are on a visit to Israel to bolster an estimated 20-million-dollar arms purchase for the country's navy. Marapana and Naval Commander Vice-Admiral Daya Sandagiriare, are visting the country to buy new weapons control systems for the Dabur naval patrol boats Lanka bought several years ago from Israel and the deal is said to be worth at least 20 million dollars, the media reported today. On their high-profile visit, originally classified as top secret, that began last week, the Defence Minister and naval chief are accompanied by an entourage of Sri Lankan military and civilian officials. more ...
  • 89) 12:03 GMT, Jul. 15, 2003 |  + Sri Lanka rebels mourn for 12 killed in sea clash
    Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers held a day of mourning on Tuesday for 12 rebels killed in a clash with the navy, causing a meeting with truce monitors to be postponed. The Tigers' naval leader Soosai was to meet Tryggve Tellefsen, who heads the mission overseeing a February 2002 ceasefire, to work out proposals to avoid the clashes, which have clouded efforts to end two decades of civil war. "Arrangements have been made to observe a mourning day in the northeast," the pro-rebel Tamilnet Web site said in a statement. Leading personalities of the LTTE Sea Tigers were expected to address a meeting afterwards, it said. more ...
  • 90) 12:03 GMT, Jul. 15, 2003 |  + Lankan Defence Minister in Israel for military purchase
    Sri Lankan Defence Minister Tilak Marapana and Naval Chief are on a visit to Israel to bolster an estimated 20-million-dollar arms purchase for the country's navy. Marapana and Naval Commander Vice-Admiral Daya Sandagiriare are visting the country to buy new weapons control systems for the Dabur naval patrol boats Lanka bought several years ago from Israel and the deal is said to be worth at least 20 million dollars, media reported today. more ...
  • 91) 12:02 GMT, Jul. 15, 2003 |  + Sri Lanka mulling 20-million-dollar arms deal in Israel
    A Sri Lankan delegation including Defence Minister Tilak Marapana is in Israel negotiating a major arms purchase estimated at 20 million dollars, the Haaretz newspaper reported Tuesday. Marapana and the senior Sri Lankan defence officials have been in Israel for several days to further a deal for weapons control systems to equip the Dabur missil-armede patrol boats it bought from Israel several years ago, the daily said. A top-level Israeli delegation visited Sri Lanka around two weeks ago. more ...
  • 92) 18:24 GMT, Jul. 15, 2002 |  + Norway, LTTE discuss talks agenda
    The Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr. Vidar Helgesen, met with the Liberation Tigers’ chief negotiator and political advisor, Mr. Anton Balasingham, in London Monday. Mr. Helgesen was accompanied by Mr. Erik Solheim, special advisor to the Norwegian Foreign Ministry and Ms. Lisa Gold, an executive officer with the Foreign Ministry. The Norwegian delegation met with Mr. Balasingham from 10am to 1pm, LTTE sources in London said. The meeting was intended to explore options with regards to taking the Norwegian peace initiative forward. more ...
  • 93) 17:24 GMT, Jul. 15, 2002 |  + Monitors 'review' Sri Lanka sea operations
    The Norwegian-led mission in Sri Lanka monitoring the country's ceasefire has said it is reviewing its sea operations after Tamil Tigers forcibly held two members of the team on a rebel vessel on Sunday. Truce monitor Hagrup Haukland "We have to re-evaluate and rethink our entire operations at sea," the Norwegian deputy chief of the mission, Hagrup Haukland, told the Associated Press news agency. He declined to elaborate. more ...
  • 94) 16:55 GMT, Jul. 15, 2002 |  + Pota should be amended: BJP
    With its NDA partners favouring amendments to Pota to provide for further safeguards in the wake of arrest of MDMK MP Vaiko, BJP too said on Monday that the law should be amended. "Some NDA allies did express apprehension when Poto was being taken up and therefore when NDA felt the need to amend Pota, it should be done so," party spokesman V K Malhotra told reporters here. He said some precautions were taken when enacting the law but "we have to look into the matter whether somebody goes to court. more ...
  • 95) 15:05 GMT, Jul. 15, 2002 |  + An Open Letter to Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP)
    Don’t the Tamils have the right to determine their own destiny? Tamil struggle has no friends that matter. Even Tamil Nadu government in India, the surrogate mother is against the Tamils. Pirabakaran and terrorism are only ! an excuse to carry out an all India crusade against Tamil that will one day prove to be the true Indians and all others are deserters or interlopers. Tamil blood should be thicker than even Tamil semen that put a non-Tamil in the helm of things. Tamil loyalty cannot be expected from anyone who belongs to that group that opposes and perhaps hate Tamil inside Tamil Nadu. No decent Tamil should compromise his or her part in defeating Tamil enemies. The whole world sometimes band together to defeat an assumed enemy, but Tamils are the only stupid people who cut the soil under their own feet to gratify a worthless enemy. more ...
  • 96) 12:57 GMT, Jul. 15, 2002 |  + Breakthrough in talks with LTTE possible: Sri Lankan Minister
    A Sri Lankan Minister said today a breakthrough was possible in Norway-brokered peace talks with LTTE scheduled in Bangkok in mid-August and indicated that the Island Government had no option but to trust the Tamil Tigers. "We will talk in August. We are confident we will solve this (ethnic) problem", Sri Lanka's Tourism Minister Gamini Lokuge said here. Lokuge hinted that LTTE Chief V Prabhakaran was likely to represent the Tigers in the Bangkok talks. "I think he (Prabhakaran) is going", he said, but hastened to add: "I don't know what's their programme". more ...
  • 97) 10:59 GMT, Jul. 15, 2002 |  + A5 reopens after seven years
    The forty-kilometre stretch of road on the A5 highway from Chenkaladi to Maha Oya which goes through territory controlled by the Liberation Tigers has been opened to the public after seven years. The opening ceremony was held near Karuththapalam Monday morning around 10.30, attended by senior LTTE officials and Sri Lanka Army officers.
  • Sri Lanka reopens road link despite truce breach
    more ...
  • 98) 02:29 GMT, Jul. 15, 2002 |  + Controversy after Navy attacks LTTE trawler
    Following the Sri Lanka Navy’s (SLN) attack on an LTTE fishing trawler Saturday, the movement registered a strong protest with international monitors Sunday , describing the incident as a ‘serious violation’ of the ceasefire agreement. The Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) meanwhile protested that two of its monitors who boarded the trawler had not been allowed to embark before the crew took the damaged vessel to shore and said this was a violation of the ceasefire. The LTTE however said the monitors - who had checked and cleared the trawler - had been assured of their safety and that the vessel was being rammed by SLN gunboats during its travel to shore. more ...
  • 99) 02:27 GMT, Jul. 15, 2002 |  + Norwegian observer held hostage
    Two observers, one Norwegian and one Dane, were Saturday evening held against their will by separatist Tamil soldiers on Sri Lanka. They were later released unharmed, NRK reports. The incident occured when the Sri Lankan Navy observed two vessels belonging to the LTTE guerillas (Tamil Tigers) in an area where Indian trawlers were fishing. The Scandinavian observers were asked by the Sri Lankan navy to inspect one of the vessels. more ...
  • 100) 14:01 GMT, Jul. 15, 2001 |  + The Krishnasamy Thiviyan affair
    Even as the country at large is embroiled in a constitutional crisis that threatens to undermine and erode democratic values in the island, a distinctly different problem has enveloped in the Jaffna Peninsula. Jaffna University students in particular, and, the Tamil student community in general, have commenced a widespread protest campaign over the issue of a fellow undergrad Krishnasamy Thiviyan being arrested and allegedly tortured on the grounds of being a member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.The Jaffna University itself has been closed down as a result of the protest.While the nation is engrossed in a controversy relating to the clash between the president and parliament, it would be pertinent to focus a little on an issue across the Elephant Pass that may well turn out to be a crisis out of gigantic proportions unless effective measures are taken to resolve the problem. more ...
  • 101) 13:06 GMT, Jul. 15, 2001 |  + Sri Lanka opposition vows civil disobedience against president
    Sri Lanka's opposition vowed Sunday a "civil disobedience" campaign against President Chandrika Kumaratunga's suspension of parliament to avoid near certain defeat for her government. The opposition parties, ranging from the hard left to the ultra right, united Sunday to press for the reconvening of the legislature, which Kumaratunga has suspended until September 7. more ...
  • 102) 13:04 GMT, Jul. 15, 2001 |  + Muslims, police clash in Sri Lanka town after shooting
    Muslims staging a protest against the alleged killing of two students by police commandos battled with police in a Sri Lankan town on Sunday, local officials said. Police armoured personnel carriers (APCs) were used to remove barricades placed by residents in Kalmunai, 390 kilometres (240 miles) east of the capital, an official said. more ...
  • 103) 13:03 GMT, Jul. 15, 2001 |  + Police officer shot dead
    A Sri Lankan police officer was shot dead Sunday by unidentified attackers, believed to be members of the Liberation Tigers, at Aalankerni, a suburb in Kinniya, about 10 km. north west of Trincomalee town, said police sources. Anwerkhan Liyakath, a Sub-inspector of Police was shot dead around 8 a.m. while he was returning to his village, Kurinchakerni after duty, police said. He was the officer-in-charge of the Alankerni police post. Alankerni is a Tamil village in the Kinniya division where hundreds of Tamil refugees from Upparu are living in welfare centres. more ...
  • 104) 13:00 GMT, Jul. 15, 2001 |  + "Colombo's embargo targets schoolchildren"- official
    More than a thousand students in a Vanni school were found to be suffering from malnutrition, an official in the department of education in the northern region said Saturday. He said many students in the Vallipunam high school were also diagnosed for acute malnutrition. more ...
  • 105) 13:20 GMT, Jul. 15, 2000 |  + Cong. hits out at stand on Sri Lanka
    The Congress today hit out at the BJP- led National Democratic Alliance stand on the Sri Lankan issue, charging that Indian policy on the matter had been `diluted' as the BJP wanted to stick to power at the Centre with the help of regional parties like DMK, MDMK and PMK. more ...
  • 106) 13:19 GMT, Jul. 15, 2000 |  + Victimised SEP member in Sri Lanka reinstated
    B.A. Sarath Kumara, a longstanding member of the Socialist Equality Party (SEP) in Sri Lanka, who was suspended by Elastomeric Engineers Company Ltd (EECL) last month, has been reinstated following a campaign against his victimisation. more ...
  • 107) 04:23 GMT, Jul. 15, 2000 |  + A ‘Perfect’ Sun Storm?
    The solar flare, a giant eruption bursting out from the surface of the sun, took place about 6:24 a.m. ET, the center said. The event ejected billions of tons of plasma and charged particles into space, some of it heading toward Earth at 3 million miles per hour. The mass ejection is expected to strike Earth’s magnetic field on Saturday afternoon and cause the geomagnetic storm. more ...
  • 108) 04:02 GMT, Jul. 15, 2000 |  + Peace campaigners urge troops to desert
    As the Sri Lankan security forces appealed to the Sinhala public to help track down an estimated 25,000 deserters, peace campaigners urged "conscientious objectors" to "abandon the armed forces" who were waging a "brutal and meaningless" war. more ...
  • 109) 03:38 GMT, Jul. 15, 2000 |  + European parliament delegation arrives in Sri Lanka
    A delegation from the European parliament arrives in Sri Lanka later today on Saturday to asses the political situation in the country. The British MEP's Richard Hewitt and Robert Evans say they'll be examining the plight of displaced people in the Northern Jaffna peninsula and assessing the prospects for peace in the Sri Lankan civil war. more ...
  • 110) 03:32 GMT, Jul. 15, 2000 |  + Chandrika should never have consulted UNP - TULF
    “She should not have consulted the UNP in the first place,” fumed Mr V. Anandasangaree, TULF’s Senior Vice President. He said that Mrs Kumaratunga should have by-passed the UNP and gone straight to the people and convinced them that her package was necessary. She could very well expose the UNP by saying that its non-cooperation had cost the country billions of rupees and thousands of lives, the TULF leader said. Though the TULF agreed to meet her again next week for further discussions, the party was very disappointed that the President had become a virtual prisoner of the UNP, which never believed in federalism. more ...
  • 111) 03:26 GMT, Jul. 15, 2000 |  + TELO, EPRLF reject PA-UNP proposals totally
    Mr.Suresh Premachandran, the leader of the Eelam People's Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF), and Mr.Sri Kantha, leader of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO) told Peter Westmacott, Deputy Secretary, British Foreign Office that they totally reject the constitutional reform proposals to solve the ethnic conflict agreed upon by the Sri Lankan government and the United National Party when they met the British official Friday afternoon along with representatives of the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF), People's Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE), the Eelam People's Democratic Party (EPDP), the All Ceylon Tamil Congress (ACTC). more ...
  • 112) 03:26 GMT, Jul. 15, 2000 |  + TELO, EPRLF reject PA-UNP proposals totally
    Mr.Suresh Premachandran, the leader of the Eelam People's Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF), and Mr.Sri Kantha, leader of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation (TELO) told Peter Westmacott, Deputy Secretary, British Foreign Office that they totally reject the constitutional reform proposals to solve the ethnic conflict agreed upon by the Sri Lankan government and the United National Party when they met the British official Friday afternoon along with representatives of the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF), People's Liberation Organisation of Tamil Eelam (PLOTE), the Eelam People's Democratic Party (EPDP), the All Ceylon Tamil Congress (ACTC). more ...
  • 113) 23:25 GMT, Jul. 15, 2000 |  + Tamil parties involved in meet for constitution reforms
    With pressure mounting from moderate Tamil political parties who have expressed reservations on constitutional proposals, a tripartite meeting among leaders of the ruling Peoples' Alliance (PA), opposition United National Party (UNP) and various Tamil parties would soon be called to iron out differences and work out a compromise. Hitherto, talks on the proposed constitution amendment were only between the PA and the UNP with frequent briefings to the Tamil parties. more ...
  • 114) 17:02 GMT, Jul. 15, 2000 |  + Humanitarian assistance for the displaced
    From April to June the ICRC assisted thousands of people displaced by the fighting between government forces and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam on the Jaffna peninsula. more ...
  • 115) 14:50 GMT, Jul. 15, 2000 |  + Tamil Eelam-The Nation-State in the Making
    Basically, there are three questions being posed about Tamil Eelam: Is Eelam a reality? What will the nature of its political governance? How is the new nation-state going to sustained economically? And what will the nature of the new society in general and the policy towards other ethnic nationalities? Before the above questions could be addressed, it must be firmly established that creation of Eelam is not predicated on chauvinistic grounds. Eelam is basically a Tamil response to the injustices committed by the Sinhalese elite against the Tamil people for a number of years. Thus, through the creation of Eelam, Tamils hope that their pride, dignity and freedom as human beings will be safeguarded in their traditional homelands. The struggle for their realisation of this noble objective is spearheaded by none other than the LTTE. more ...
  • 116) 13:25 GMT, Jul. 15, 2000 |  + Switzerland asked to probe Tamil groups
    Sri Lanka has asked the Swiss authorities to investigate Tamil Tiger fund-raising activities in Switzerland. It is concerned at the growth of Tamil Tiger support groups in Switzerland, where 30,000 Tamil refugees live. more ...
    The resident representative of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) said that war has an accumulative effect on children. In 1998, the LTTE assured the UN special envoy that they would not recruit anyone under the age of 17. Anti Tamil and anti-LTTE campaigners are popping up like monsoonal mushrooms to discredit the LTTE by creating extraordinary war fictions. Two Tamil porters wrote a fiction novel about the use of child soldiers by the LTTE. Children are targeted by the Sri Lankan armedforces. more ...
  • 118) 11:11 GMT, Jul. 15, 1999 |  + Chemmani deaths caused by blows – Prosecuting Counsel
    No details available. more ...
    No details available. more ...
  • 120) 11:11 GMT, Jul. 15, 1999 |  + Snow in July !
    No details available. more ...
  • 121) 11:11 GMT, Jul. 15, 1999 |  + Sri Lankan opposition protest broken up
    No details available. more ...
  • 122) 11:11 GMT, Jul. 15, 1999 |  + LTTE rejects SLA proposals
    No details available. more ...
  • 123) 11:11 GMT, Jul. 15, 1999 |  + S.Lankan police use tear gas, batons on protesters
    No details available. more ...
  • 124) 11:11 GMT, Jul. 15, 1999 |  + Fresh clashes kill 15 combatants in Sri Lanka
    No details available. more ...
  • 125) 11:11 GMT, Jul. 15, 1999 |  + Sri Lanka set to exhume alleged mass grave
    No details available. more ...
  • 126) 11:11 GMT, Jul. 15, 1999 |  + Canada attracts 24% fewer skilled immigrants than expected
    No details available. more ...
  • 127) 11:11 GMT, Jul. 15, 1999 |  + Former LTTE member raped and shot - inquest
    No details available. more ...
  • 128) 11:11 GMT, Jul. 15, 1999 |  + Jaffna Magistrate urges early exhumation
    No details available. more ...
  • 129) 11:11 GMT, Jul. 15, 1999 |  + India rubbishes Pak deadline denial
    No details available. more ...
  • 130) 11:11 GMT, Jul. 15, 1999 |  + India: Congress dumps Bansi, embraces Jayalalitha
    No details available. more ...
  • 131) 11:11 GMT, Jul. 15, 1998 |  + Weekend attacks on SLA
    No details available. more ...
  • 132) 11:11 GMT, Jul. 15, 1998 |  + Sri Lanka election date announced
    No details available. more ...
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