Cannes 2015: Jacques Audiard's Dheepan wins the Palme d'Or - as it happened

[ The Guardian ][ May 24 19:35 GMT ]

The testimony of Michel Franco and Tim Roth, writer-director and star of Chronic. Franco won the best screenplay award earlier this evening for his story of a late-life care nurse who starts to invest too much in his patients. Yet more grace under fire as Roth talks about the pleasure in winning an award, any award, even if it’s not best actor. He says meeting Franco in Cannes (when Roth was heading the Un Certain Regard jury) lead to them working together. “You should always use festivals to get work,” he says. [ full story | comments ]

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Sri Lanka shift on civil war anniversary [ more ]



Cannes 2015: Jacques Audiard's Dheepan wins the Palme d'Or - as it happened

The testimony of Michel Franco and Tim Roth, writer-director and star ...


Illegal Immigrants 'Living In The Shadows'

One woman tells Sky she has considered suicide and now lives in limbo ...


Sirisena wavers amid raging waters of SLFP split

A nation waits in suspense as the ‘on-off’ guessing game continues...



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Illegal Immigrants 'Living In The Shadows'

[ Sky News ][ May 24 11:16 GMT ]

One woman tells Sky she has considered suicide and now lives in limbo - not allowed in the UK but at risk of persecution at home. Senthuran Rosendram came to the UK at the age of 14. His Tamil family say they were persecuted in Sri Lanka. Now 26, his leave to remain has been revoked after he was jailed for violent disorder. But instead of leaving the country he has chosen to disappear. [ full story | comments ]

Jayalalitha: sworn in a chief minister of Tamil Nadu

[ BBC ][ May 24 11:12 GMT ]

Jayaram Jayalalitha has been sworn in as the chief minister of the Indian state Tamil Nadu, less than a fortnight after being cleared of corruption. The politician, who has served as chief minister four times before, was cheered by supporters as she travelled to the swearing-in ceremony in the state capital Chennai (Madras). Last year, a court sentenced Ms Jayalitha to four years for corruption. But an appeal court overruled this, allowing her to return to politics. [ full story | comments ]

Judiciary Under Pressure

[ Sunday Leader ][ May 24 11:02 GMT ]

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe’s statement over the Supreme Court ruling on former Defence Secretary’s Fundamental Right (FR) application, it is now being questioned whether the politicians in the new government too are trying to influence the country’s judiciary like how the previous regime is accused of interfering with the judiciary. It was one of the main election slogans of the then opposition that they will not interfere with the country’s judiciary and to bring the 19th Amendment to bring back the stalled independent commissions for good governance. Opposition Leader Nimal Siripala de Silva says that Prime Minister’s statement on the court ruling is a severe blow to the independence of the Judiciary. [ full story | comments ]

CID in Jaffna for full probe on protests

[ Sunday Times ][ May 24 10:56 GMT ]

A 15-strong group of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) detectives arrived in Jaffna last night to conduct an urgent probe into a string of incidents that culminated in Wednesday’s attack on the Magistrate’s Court. The probe will centre on the causes that led to the incidents and whether any ‘anti national’ groups were attempting to destabilise the peninsula. One of the first tasks of the detectives yesterday was to obtain from Police the identities of persons who took part in the attacks. This was after Jaffna Magistrate P. Sivakumar issued an order for those in possession of video footage to hand them over to the Police. [ full story | comments ]

'Nope, nope, nope': Tony Abbott says Australia will take no Rohingya refugees

[ The Guardian ][ May 24 10:52 GMT ]

None of the more than 8,000 Rohingya refugees caught in a weeks-long standoff at sea will be resettled in Australia, the prime minister, Tony Abbott, confirmed on Thursday. Overnight the governments of Indonesia and Malaysia agreed to give temporary shelter to the thousands of Rohingya Muslim migrants fleeing Burma and Bangladesh. And Gambia has offered to resettle all Rohingya refugees. Some have been stranded at sea for weeks after Thai authorities closed a well-used trafficking route out of Burma and the people smugglers jumped ship and left their human cargo to starve. [ full story | comments ]

Tamils brave harassment, threats to mourn their dead

[ Colombo Mirror ][ May 22 20:47 GMT ]

Organising a religious service to commemorate 18 May 2009 was like experiencing a horror story, full of fear and suspense, with an uncertain end. Until the last moment I was not sure if anybody would dare to turn up for the event – the first of its kind in the six years since the war in Sri Lanka ended. I went to Mullivaikkal Church three days in advance to check the arrangements as I was in charge of organising the event. On the way there I could see that the situation was getting tense; policemen were deployed along the road that leads to Mullivaikkal... [ full story | comments ]

Growing danger of landslides in Sri Lanka

[ WSWS ][ May 22 20:32 GMT ]

Government authorities are once again issuing landslide warnings as Sri Lanka’s central hills are being hit by heavy monsoon rains. On April 20, a massive landslide hit the Haldummulla area in the Badulla district, not far from last October’s Meeriyabedda disaster, one of the worst in Sri Lanka’s history. The Meeriyabedda landslide claimed 37 lives, all of whom were tea plantation workers living in miserable line-room accommodation. Fortunately no one was killed at Haldummulla. [ full story | comments ]

Failed Sri Lankan refugee claimant gets reprieve

[ Vancouver Courier ][ May 21 22:44 GMT ]

A Sri Lankan man who arrived in B.C. aboard the cargo ship MV Sun Sea in the summer of 2010 and claimed refugee protection for fear of political prosecution has been granted a judicial review of his case in his fight to remain in Canada. Federal Court of Canada Justice James O’Reilly granted the review to Packiyakumar Pathmanathan after a panel of the Immigration and Refugee Board previously dismissed the man’s claim, saying his life would not be at risk upon return to Sri Lanka. The board accepted that Pathmanathan might be questioned for potential links to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) but said he had not shown any association to the now defunct guerilla organization. [ full story | comments ]

Dheepan review - Tamil Tiger loose in the urban jungle makes powerful thriller

[ The Guardian ][ May 21 17:40 GMT ]

Jacques Audiard has made his name, in films such as A Prophet, Rust & Bone and The Beat That My Heart Skipped, for a kind of ecstatic violence of the soul. Dheepan, his new film about a former Tamil Tiger fighter looking for a new life in France, certainly has some of the director’s trademark ferocity, especially in its final minutes, but it displays what I can only describe as dialled-down Audiard. Indeed, much of the time it even ambles, peacefully, with nothing much happening. [ full story | comments ]

Four Sri Lankan Ministers resign

[ The Hindu ][ May 21 17:37 GMT ]

Four Ministers belonging to the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) on Thursday resigned from the government. The Ministers — Mahinda Yapa Abewardene, Cabinet Minister in charge of Parliamentary Affairs; Dilan Perera, State Minister for Housing and Samrudhi and SLFP spokesperson; C.B. Ratanayake, State Minister for Public Administration and Democratic Rule and Pavitradevi Wanniarachchi, Minister of Environment —announced their decision at a press conference here. [ full story | comments ]

Sirisena wavers amid raging waters of SLFP split

[ Sunday Times ][ May 24 11:13 GMT ]

A nation waits in suspense as the ‘on-off’ guessing game continues over dissolution of Parliament to pave the way for general elections. The menu on this week’s political agenda is for a different course. “I can assure that a new Government will be installed by September,” declared President Maithripala Sirisena during a breakfast meeting with heads of state-run and private media. After dissolution, he noted, that it would take two weeks to call for nominations. Thereafter, elections would have to be held within five to seven weeks, he said. He avoided making any reference to the date of dissolution. [ full story | comments ]

Nets within nets: Untangling the problem of illegal fishing in the north

[ Sunday Times ][ May 24 11:09 GMT ]

Early this month three fishermen from Jaffna were selling their catch along the main road when a couple of Navy officers stopped to buy some. One of the fishermen thought he would be honest with the officers and had apparently told them that the fish was not good for cooking as they were caught by means of an ‘explosion’, in other words, dynamite fishing. The fishermen were arrested immediately by the two officers and handed over to fisheries officials. [ full story | comments ]

Jaffna Seeks Justice For Vithiya

[ Sunday Leader ][ May 24 10:59 GMT ]

Incidents of rape have become alarmingly high in post-war Jaffna and many young women have become the victims of ruthless rapists who seem to walk away scot-free. With reference to many such incidents, people question the law enforcement authorities for their prolonged inability to bring the culprits to justice. Recently, an 18-year-old girl was gang-raped and murdered in Kayts in the Jaffna Peninsula adding to the long list of female victims who were subjected to atrocities committed by men in the post-war North. On the 13th of this month, Sivaloganathan Vithiya... [ full story | comments ]

MR faction seeks nominations for remanded members

[ Sunday Times ][ May 24 10:54 GMT ]

The pro-Mahinda Rajapaksa faction in the Sri Lanka Freedom Party is seeking nomination even for its members currently in custody, a spokesman said yesterday. Former minister T.B. Ekanayake said their group would take the position that none of the members in custody had been proven guilty and therefore nominations should be given to them. He said most of the SLFP members in custody were also electoral organisers and would be able to attract votes for the party. Mr. Ekanayake said their request would be put forward to President Maithripala Sirisena, who is also the SLFP leader. [ full story | comments ]

A Panopticon state: We must not wait until they come for us

[ Groundviews ][ May 24 10:39 GMT ]

On Tuesday last week (12th) I watched, at the Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute the screening of ‘Citizen Four’: A documentary film concerning systems analyst Edward Snowden and the information he leaked on the nature and scale of the NSA’s spying activities. In that documentary, director Laura Poitras records the manner in which she was first contacted by Snowdon via encrypted email messages and her subsequent dealings with him, holed in a hotel room in Hong Kong, together with Guardian journalist Glen Greenwald who ‘broke’ the story and Ewan MacAskill. [ full story | comments ]

Meher Khalil: The ordinary bus driver who turned Sri Lanka’s ‘hero’

[ AFP ][ May 22 20:33 GMT ]

Meher Khalil earned fame and success after saving Sri Lanka’s cricket team from a deadly 2009 attack in Pakistan, but the bus driver calls the incident “tragic” and says it is best forgotten. The 43-year-old will be one of the guests of honour at Lahore’s Gaffafi Stadium on Friday, when Pakistan play Zimbabwe in their first home international since the notorious incident. Khalil was driving the team’s bus when it was attacked by rocket launcher and machine gun-wielding extremists in an assault that left eight people dead and seven players injured. [ full story | comments ]

AIADMK paves way for Jayalalithaa to return as Tamil Nadu CM

[ PTI ][ May 22 04:04 GMT ]

All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam supremo J Jayalalithaa was on Friday unanimously elected its legislature party leader, paving the way for her return as a chief minister of Tamil Nadu for the fourth time. An early morning meeting of party MLAs in Chennai elected her unanimously, party sources said. Party Treasurer and Chief Minister O Panneeerselvam forwarded the motion to elect her as legislature party leader which was seconded by Electricity Minister Natham R Vishwanathan, the sources said, adding, it was adopted unanimously. [ full story | comments ]

Post-war Sri Lanka: 6 years and still an open wound

[ Groundviews ][ May 21 17:42 GMT ]

On May 19 six years had passed since the war ended. Six years ago former president Mahinda Rajapaksa spoke to the people of Sri Lanka commenting the final battle of the war: “Our troops went to this operation carrying a gun in one hand, the Human Rights Charter in the other, hostages on their shoulders, and the love of their children in their hearts.” In Colombo people were singing and dancing in the streets. The war was over and so were an everyday life in fear of suicide bombs and public attacks. Meanwhile in the Northern province, few were celebrating. Some people call Sri Lanka the divided island – separated on May 19, 2009 between the so-called winners and the losers. [ full story | comments ]

Sri Lanka nominates former cricket boss as top envoy to Australia

[ SMH ][ May 21 17:38 GMT ]

Sri Lanka has nominated a new chief envoy to Australia – a former cricket administrator, businessman and member of country's Tamil minority. Somasundaram Skandakumar, originally from the country's northern city of Jaffna and a past secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka, has been put forward as the next high commissioner to Australia. The post has been vacant since January when the previous representative was recalled shortly after Sri Lanka's surprise election result that toppled former president Mahinda Rajapaksa. [ full story | comments ]

Gang-rape prompts protests in Sri Lanka's north

[ Al Jazeera ][ May 21 02:26 GMT ]

More than 100 people have been arrested during protests against the gang-rape and murder of a 17-year-old schoolgirl, in the biggest public demonstration recorded in Sri Lanka's north. Police fired tear gas and shops, banks and schools were closed on Wednesday as the protests brought Jaffna, the capital of Northern Province, to a standstill. The protesters demanded that authorities hand over nine men who were arrested and about to face court over the incident. The victim left for school on Wednesday last week but never arrived. [ full story | comments ]

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