Will OMP ensure justice ?

[ Daily Mirror ][ Dec 12 16:53 GMT ]

comes to a close families of the disappeared still linger in hope that their loved ones would return. Some have been missing for decades and yet their loved ones express hope of their return. In the Budget 2018 speech Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera said that the Office of Missing Persons(OMP) will commence operations from 2018. However the debates on the Enforced Disappearance Bill have been postponed twice. Against this backdrop civil societies have shown concern over the delay in passing the Enforced Disappearances bill and setting up of the OMP. [ full story | comments ]

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Will OMP ensure justice ?

comes to a close families of the disappeared still linger in hope that...


Sri Lanka: UN experts on arbitrary detention launch official visit

A three-member delegation from the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Deten...


‘Making Haste Slowly’ is a Tired Refrain in Sri Lanka

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27 TN fishermen arrested in SL waters

[ Daily Mirror ][ Dec 12 16:49 GMT ]

Twenty-seven Tamil Nadu fishermen were arrested by the Sri Lankan Navy for allegedly fishing in Sri Lankan territorial waters early today, an official said. The fishermen from Jegadapattinam and Kottaipattinam in Pudukottai district were arrested off Neduntheevu by the Lankan Navy and taken to Kangesanthurai port along with five boats, Assistant Director of Fisheries department, Pudukottai, Kumaresan said. [ full story | comments ]

Sri Lanka partners with U.S. to end HIV/AIDS in country by 2025

[ Xinhua ][ Dec 12 15:52 GMT ]

Sri Lanka and the United States have launched a two-year HIV/AIDS Technical Assistance Partnership to fast track government efforts to end AIDS in the country by 2025, a local media report said here Tuesday."USAID Sri Lanka has been working closely with the Government of Sri Lanka on a number of social and economic development efforts. This partnership is very important as Sri Lanka moves down the path to ending the spread of AIDS," Dr. Andrew Sisson, Mission Director, USAID Sri Lanka said. [ full story | comments ]

Police Museum in Coimbatore houses submarine constructed by the LTTE

[ Sunday Times ][ Dec 11 14:51 GMT ]

Police Museum in Coimbatore houses submarine constructed by the LTTE The upcoming Police Museum in Coimbatore is attracting visitors from all over Tamil Nadu is reportedly housing a submarine constructed by the Liberations Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), Indian media reported. According to the ANI news agency the collection of artifacts includes decommissioned police and Army weaponry, including a Tank used in Kargil War against Pakistan. Among major attractions, boat used by coastal police is also on display and lathe machines which are used to make weapons. The museum is commissioned under a 99-year-old British-era building. [ full story | comments ]

Visit of Chief of the Air Staff to Sri Lanka

[ India Strategic ][ Dec 11 14:45 GMT ]

Air Chief Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa, Chief of the Air Staff is on an official visit to Sri Lanka from 11-14 Dec 17, to deliberate on matters of mutual interest related to regional security. During the visit, CAS would also review the Commissioning, Award of Wings and Passing Out Parade of the Sri Lankan Air Force Academy which is scheduled to be held on December 14, 2017. This visit of the Indian Air Chief would provide impetus towards increasing defence cooperation between the two Air Forces and pave the way for greater interaction in the future. This would also strengthen relationships, enable engagement in productive exchanges and promote understanding of joint issues and challenges. [ full story | comments ]

Undercover Footage Shows British Police Are Training Riot-Cops Linked to War Crimes in Sri Lanka

[ Vice ][ Dec 08 01:36 GMT ]

Sri Lanka's Special Task Force (STF) is a paramilitary unit with a long history of war crimes. Its members undergo special forces training and wear camouflage uniforms. In July, they opened fire on two unarmed Tamil teenagers for stealing sand from a beach. The pair were so terrified of the STF that they jumped into a lagoon to escape. One drowned, aged 17. So, when we saw a small photo of what looked like Sri Lanka's Special Task Force on Police Scotland's website, VICE made a Freedom of Information request to find out more. Scottish police confirmed that they trained the unit this year "at strategic, tactical and operational levels to manage public gatherings and protests". [ full story | comments ]

In defence of the mass media : a reply to PM

[ Island ][ Dec 07 15:40 GMT ]

The Prime Minister wants to know why the media is criticizing the present government and why it isn’t criticizing the Rajapaksas on whose watch journalists were killed. Perhaps that is because the media recalls that two prominent journalist were killed when the Rajapaksas weren’t anywhere near the room at the top, but two pillars of Yahapalana were. The first such journalist was Richard de Zoysa and the second was DP Sivaram (‘Taraki’). The first was killed when the present PM was a powerful Minister and the second when Chandrika was President. [ full story | comments ]

Dissenting Tamil lawmakers in Sri Lanka form new coalition

[ PTI ][ Dec 07 15:02 GMT ]

A group of dissenting Sri Lankan Tamil lawmakers has formed a new coalition to challenge the TNA which has come under severe criticism for going soft on the governments delay in delivering justice to the minority community, a parliamentarian said today. Tamil parliamentarian Sivashakthi Anandan said the Tamil Liberation Alliance (TLA) has been formed to challenge the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) which is the main political front for the Tamil minorities in Sri Lanka. The new alliance hopes to contest the forthcoming local council elections as their first endeavour. [ full story | comments ]

Sri Lanka Doesn’t Need More American Bear Hugs

[ Diplomat ][ Dec 07 14:53 GMT ]

In terms of American policy, heightened pressure over human rights and governance issues may come from legislators on Capitol Hill. That’s undoubtedly vital but, absent new ideas and changes from the Trump administration, congressional pressure alone may not matter all that much. Besides, this isn’t about tinkering at the margins of the U.S.’s existing bilateral framework. What’s sorely needed is a bold re-examination of how best to engage an administration in Colombo that’s fallen remarkably short of expectations. In recent times, Western appeasement and American bear hugs have not encouraged reform in Sri Lanka. Continuing with the current approach is bound to produce similar results. [ full story | comments ]

Mahinda Rajapaksa blames Sri Lanka president for breakdown of party unity talks

[ PTI ][ Dec 05 16:48 GMT ]

Former Sri Lankan leader Mahinda Rajapaksa, who leads a rival faction of the ruling SLFP, has blamed his successor President Maithripala Sirisena for the breakdown of unity talks between the two sides. The two factions of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) have held talks to try and unite to face local council elections, now likely to be held in mid-February. "The efforts failed because they (the Sirisena faction) did not want to leave the government. We cannot ag .. [ full story | comments ]

RK Nagar bypoll: Vaiko's MDMK to support DMK

[ PTI ][ Dec 05 16:46 GMT ]

Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam chief Vaiko on Sunday announced his party's support to the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam in the R K Nagar assembly bypoll scheduled on December 21, the first such gesture after over a decade. After a high-level party meet in Chennai, Vaiko said his party has unanimously decided to support the DMK in the by-election. "It is a well thought-out decision considering the interests of Tamil Nadu and the Dravidian movement," he told reporters. Asked if the alliance will continue, he said, "This can be taken as a starting point" in view of the cordial atmosphere between the two parties. [ full story | comments ]

IAF chief meet Lanka PM, discuss bilateral issues

[ Indian Express ][ Dec 12 16:45 GMT ]

Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa called on Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe here and held discussions on matters of bilateral importance, according to Sri Lanka Air Force. On Monday, Air Chief Marshal Dhanoa also called on the Commander of the Sri Lanka Air Force, Air Marshal Kapila Jayampathy, State Minister of Defence Ruwan Wijewardene and Defence Ministry Secretary Kapila Waidyaratne at the Temple tress, official residence of the prime minister. [ full story | comments ]

Sri Lanka, Struggling With Debt, Hands a Major Port to China

[ New York Times ][ Dec 12 15:50 GMT ]

Struggling to pay its debt to Chinese firms, the nation of Sri Lanka formally handed over the strategic port of Hambantota to China on a 99-year lease last week, in a deal that government critics have said threatens the country’s sovereignty. In recent years, China has shored up its presence in the Indian Ocean, investing billions of dollars to build port facilities and plan maritime trade routes as part of its “One Belt, One Road” initiative to help increase its market reach. [ full story | comments ]

Foreign experts to fight bribes, corruption

[ Daily Mirror ][ Dec 11 14:48 GMT ]

The Government was mulling obtaining the assistance of external experts to carry out investigations on corruption, Minister of Law and Order Sagala Ratnayake said over the weekend. He said that the assistance of external experts might be needed to carry out investigations on corruption. “There are areas where our investigators lack expertise, and they have to seek the assistance of outside parties – sometimes foreign experts,” the Minister said. Minister was speaking at the Anti Corruption Day celebrations on Saturday. [ full story | comments ]

China signs 99-year lease on Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port

[ FT ][ Dec 11 14:39 GMT ]

Sri Lanka has formally handed over its southern port of Hambantota to China on a 99-year lease, which government critics have denounced as an erosion of the country’s sovereignty. The $1.3bn port was opened seven years ago using debt from Chinese state-controlled entities. But it has since struggled under heavy losses, making it impossible for Colombo to repay its debts. [ full story | comments ]

Cash for passports: Canadians play key role in lucrative business

[ CBC ][ Dec 07 16:25 GMT ]

Canadians are playing a key role in the lucrative and rapidly growing worldwide business of cash for passports, an industry that Canada, the United States and the European Union have warned could threaten national security, a CBC News investigation reveals. Industry insiders paint a picture of a multi-million dollar industry that runs in large part through Canada, connecting wealthy individuals from areas like China, Russia and the Middle East to citizenship by investment programs around the world. In return, millions of dollars in commissions are being paid to middlemen — often Canadians. Estimates by top industry insiders of just how much the citizenship by investment business is worth each year range from $1 billion to $10 billion. [ full story | comments ]

When Architecture And Buddhism Came Together: The Guard Stones Of Ancient Sri Lanka

[ Rmedia ][ Dec 07 15:35 GMT ]

The ruins of Sri Lanka’s ancient kingdoms are a testament to the architectural skill of our ancestors. They have several unique architectural features including intricately carved stairs, the moonstones that lie at the foot of the stairs, and the guard stones that are placed on either side of the stairs at the entrances to these historic and religious sites. Among these, the guard stones, known as muragal in Sinhalese, are particularly fascinating. These features of Sinhalese architecture have both practical and decorative purposes. [ full story | comments ]

US to transfer Coast Guard Cutter to SL

[ Daily Mirror ][ Dec 07 14:56 GMT ]

A US Coast Guard Cutter would be transferred to Sri Lanka further enhancing US-Sri Lanka Indo Pacific Partnership, the US Embassy said today. Ahead of the transfer, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Thomas A. Shannon said this Coast Guard Cutter is a tangible symbol of growing partnership between the two countries and reflects shared commitment of the two nations to regional stability. [ full story | comments ]

Sri Lanka Should Tackle Sexuality, Gender Identity Bias

[ HRW ][ Dec 05 16:49 GMT ]

In November 2015, I sat in a small circle of plastic chairs outside a rustic hotel in Sri Lanka’s coastal town of Ambalangoda. Against a backdrop of fruit trees and waves lapping the shore I listened to horrific stories from six gay, bisexual, and transgender people whom a Sri Lankan gay activist had convened to meet with Human Rights Watch. “Abeeth” (all names are changed for privacy and security), a young gay man, told us that when he was 17, Ambalangoda police ordered him into a jeep and took him to the beach, where one of them raped him. “I was so scared,” Abeeth said. “I let him do anything.” [ full story | comments ]

Demand for justice for murdered blogger continues

[ Groundviews ][ Dec 05 16:47 GMT ]

The start of August saw silent vigils in Male – the capital of the Maldives – to mark the 100th day since the death of liberal blogger Yameen Rasheed, who was assassinated in his apartment building on April 23, 2017. No less than 37 stab wounds had been recorded on his body at the time of death. “I don’t want to believe that the murder of my brother Yameen is politically instigated, but actions of politicians speak otherwise”, Aishath Rasheed, Yameen’s sister who also worked for the Maldivian Police, said. [ full story | comments ]

A year after Jayalalithaa's passing, 'Amma' still looms over Tamil Nadu's political future

[ Sify ][ Dec 05 16:44 GMT ]

On this day last year J Jayalalithaa died. The six-term chief minister had singularly dominated Tamil Nadu's political landscape. In the void that she left behind, Tamil Nadu witnessed many things that make her presence felt even in death. To understand the post-Amma state, we look at some of the events that shaped Tamil Nadu in the last one year. Jayalalithaa, known to her adoring cadres and supporters as 'Amma' or 'mother,' breathed her last at Chennai's Apollo hospital on December 5, 2016. [ full story | comments ]

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