India will not press for merger of north, east Sri Lankan provinces: Jaishankar

[ NIE ][ Feb 21 15:31 GMT ]

India will not be pressing Sri Lanka to merge the Northern and Eastern Provinces to form a single Tamil-majority, Tamil-speaking province as envisaged by the India-Sri Lanka Accord of 1987, the Indian Foreign Secretary S.Jaishankar told the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) here on Monday.He was reacting to a demand made by the leader of the Eelam Peoples’ Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) Suresh Premachandran, that India should honor its promise to keep the North and East united. [ full story | comments ]

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China 'Silk Road' project in Sri Lanka delayed as Beijing toughens stance

China will delay a planned $1.1 billion investment in a port on its mo...


Google internet balloon plan snagged in Sri Lanka: minister

Google's venture to beam the internet to remote areas of the world via...


An uneasy vision of Sri Lanka in A Smiling Man and a Hidden Snake

Before Yurian Quintanas Nobel went on holiday to Sri Lanka, friends to...



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President Trump: Implications for Sri Lanka

[ Diplomat ][ Feb 21 15:44 GMT ]

Sri Lanka could thereby make strategic “trickle down” gains under a Trump administration, even if it faces possible constraints in leveraging Chinese interests and ties in Sri Lanka against India. In harnessing these gains, however, Sri Lanka should watch for any changes in the sub-text of U.S. references to its “convergence of interests” with India and, in particular, to any anti-Muslim undercurrents. It is in Sri Lanka’s interests to unequivocally distance itself from any such shift, and to continue to pursue relations with India and the United States on a strictly “secular” basis. [ full story | comments ]

Court finds film activist guilty for showing Sri Lanka war documentary without approval

[ Malay Mail OnLine ][ Feb 21 15:39 GMT ]

Activist Lena Hendry has been found guilty by the Magistrate Court today for allegedly screening a documentary on the Sri Lankan civil war without the approval of the Censorship Board. Magistrate Mohd Rehan Mohd Aris found the Pusat Komas programme manager guilty of censorship charges after the defence failed to prove reasonable doubt on the prosecution’s case. He did not hand out any sentence after Hendry’s lawyer New Sin Yew requested for a written submission to be handed in. “He found her guilty but he has fixed sentencing for another day. He wants a written submission by first of March,” New told reporters after the case today. [ full story | comments ]

Kumaratunga: Sri Lanka war widows face sexual exploitation

[ AFP ][ Feb 16 15:30 GMT ]

Tamil women who survived Sri Lanka’s civil war now face widespread sexual exploitation by officials in their own community as well as from the army, the head of an ethnic reconciliation body said Wednesday. Former president Chandrika Kumaratunga, the chairman of the Office for National Unity and Reconciliation, said women who were widowed during the 37-year conflict were among the victims of abuse by officials who frequently demand sexual favours just to carry out routine paperwork. “There is a lot of sexual abuse still going on by officials, even Tamil officials and even at lower levels, the grama sevakas (village officials),” she told Sri Lanka’s Foreign Correspondents’ Association. [ full story | comments ]

Google internet balloon plan snagged in Sri Lanka: minister

[ AFP ][ Feb 16 15:28 GMT ]

Google's venture to beam the internet to remote areas of the world via balloon has hit a legal snag in Sri Lanka that could see the project abandoned on the island, a minister said Thursday. "Project Loon" uses roaming balloons to beam internet coverage and planned to connect Sri Lanka's 21 million people to the web, even those in remote connectivity black spots. [ full story | comments ]

Trump vows to only tweak Canadian NAFTA provisions after Trudeau meeting

[ Globe and Mail ][ Feb 14 13:45 GMT ]

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won personal assurances from President Donald Trump during an Oval Office meeting on Monday that the United States only wants to tweak the North American free-trade provisions that govern commerce with Canada. Mr. Trudeau steered clear of controversial subjects – refusing to criticize Mr. Trump’s ban on Syrian refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries – opting instead to win the President over by convincing him Canada can help his economic agenda. [ full story | comments ]

China Tells India To Stay Off Its Indian Ocean 'Colony,' Sri Lanka

[ Forbes ][ Feb 12 21:03 GMT ]

After claiming South China Sea to be its own sea, telling America to stay off its islands, China is reaching for the Indian Ocean, telling India to stay off its own colony, Sri Lanka. That’s something investors in Southeast Asian markets should keep a wary eye on, as it opens yet another front between the two Asian giants, raising the geopolitical risk of investing in the region. Markets, for the time being, seem to be ignoring these risks. [ full story | comments ]

Karuna forms ‘Tamil United Freedom Party’

[ Daily Mirror ][ Feb 12 21:00 GMT ]

Former Deputy Minister Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan alias ‘Karuna Amman’, yesterday launched a new political party called the “Tamil United Freedom Party” in Batticaloa. Speaking at the the inauguration of the new party at Focus Hall, Batticaloa, Karuna Amman who was the former Vice President of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) said the party would be based in Batticaloa and would also open branches in the North and East. He said the party would be registered soon. - See more at: [ full story | comments ]

A baffling week in Tamil Nadu

[ Rediff ][ Feb 10 15:35 GMT ]

I spent the last fortnight in Coimbatore at a family event. Many of the issues the Tamil makkal (citizens) are worried about are difficult to fathom because they don't affect the rest of India. It didn't matter that a wedding was taking place the next morning. The only television set in the house attracted more attention than the groom and bride to be. Elders and politically opinionated cousins watched re-runs of bulletins on multiple news channels, discussing the only thing that mattered to them -- whether jallikattu would happen at Alanganallur or not. [ full story | comments ]

Sri Lanka’s Accountability Fairy Tale

[ Huffington Post ][ Feb 10 13:27 GMT ]

The interview with Kumaratunga is worth reading in its entirely, although one part in particular has really caught people’s attention. Journalist Upal Wickramasinghe asked Kumaratunga where the country stands in terms of establishing national reconciliation. “It is successfully carried out,” Kumaratunga notes. “In the face of opposition and a handful of extremists, activities are continuing with the blessings of the majority. Reconciliation means a lengthy activity. What is urgent now is to bring in a new constitution, and then comes the establishment of the Office of the Missing Persons. With these in place, there would not be any necessity to have courts to probe war crimes.” [ full story | comments ]

Rajiv Gandhi assassination case: SC rejects Tamil Nadu’s review plea

[ Indian Express ][ Feb 08 19:07 GMT ]

The Supreme Court has dismissed the pleas of the Tamil Nadu government and one convict seeking review of its judgement in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case in which was ruled that the Centre has “primacy” over states’ right to grant remission. A five-judge Constitution Bench headed by Chief Justice J S Khehar dismissed the pleas on the ground of delay in filing the petition and also on merit. [ full story | comments ]

U.S. House of Representatives Delegation Strengthens U.S.-Sri Lankan Ties

[ US Embassy ][ Feb 21 15:41 GMT ]

A bipartisan delegation from the U.S. House of Representatives arrives in Colombo today for three days of meetings as part of the House Democracy Partnership (HDP). The HDP delegation is pleased to continue the important partnership begun with the signing of a Collaboration Agreement between the U.S. House of Representatives and the Parliament of Sri Lanka on September 14, 2016 in Washington D.C. The visit serves to underscore the strong bipartisan support for Sri Lanka in the U.S. Congress. “This visit by our nation’s elected representatives in Congress shows that bipartisan support for strong U.S.-Sri Lankan ties is robust across the branches of the U.S. government,” said U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka Atul Keshap. [ full story | comments ]

China's 'New Silk Road' Is Derailed In Sri Lanka By Political Chaos And Violent Protests

[ Forbes ][ Feb 21 15:29 GMT ]

It is now looking as if Sri Lanka's biggest partner in the Hambantota endeavor, China, is pulling back from what seems to have become an all out fiasco. While a deal was supposed to be formally signed on January 7th that would have seen China take over an 80% share of the struggling Hambantota port for 99 years in exchange for $1.1 billion of much needed debt relief, this agreement has now been put on indefinite hold due to internal political strife and violent public demonstrations. [ full story | comments ]

China 'Silk Road' project in Sri Lanka delayed as Beijing toughens stance

[ Reuters ][ Feb 16 15:29 GMT ]

China will delay a planned $1.1 billion investment in a port on its modern-day "Silk Road" until Sri Lanka clears legal and political obstacles to a related project, sources familiar with the talks said, piling more pressure on the island nation. Heavily indebted Sri Lanka needs the money, but payment for China's interests in Hambantota port could be held up by several weeks or months, the sources added. After signing an agreement last December, state-run China Merchants Port Holdings had been expected to buy an 80 percent stake in the southern port before an initial target date of Jan. 7. [ full story | comments ]

An uneasy vision of Sri Lanka in A Smiling Man and a Hidden Snake

[ BJP ][ Feb 16 15:24 GMT ]

Before Yurian Quintanas Nobel went on holiday to Sri Lanka, friends told him how welcoming the people there are. “And they really are,” he says, “but I always felt there was a kind of darkness in this country. “The recent history of Sri Lanka is very painful in human terms,” he explains. “The country suffered a long civil war that finished only eight years ago, and they had a devastating tsunami in 2004. I remember one afternoon I was taking pictures of a ruined house when a man came out to say hello. We talked for a while and then he told me that his wife and his child had died in the tsunami, and he pointed next to us where they were buried. [ full story | comments ]

Neethan Shan wins Ward 42 Scarborough-Rouge River municipal byelection

[ CBC ][ Feb 14 13:00 GMT ]

Neethan Shan has won the Scarborough-Rouge River (Ward 42) municipal byelection held to replace former city councillor Raymond Cho. Shan is a current Toronto District School Board trustee and will replace Cho, who left his council seat vacant last fall after winning the Scarborough-Rouge River provincial byelection, replacing Liberal MPP Bas Balkissoon. Nearly 30 candidates vying for city council seat in Ward 42 byelection "People in this community feel like they're not being given the importance the community deserves," Shan told CBC Toronto ahead of the byelection. Shan took up a trustee position in January 2016. His win could mean yet another byelection for the area, this time to fill his vacant trustee spot. [ full story | comments ]

CBK, War Crimes And The Rule Of Law

[ Sunday Leader ][ Feb 12 21:01 GMT ]

It is reported that President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga (CBK) has stated that there is no need for a war crimes probe and that the need is for a new constitution. It is a major flip-flop for someone who publicly cried at the Justice K. Palakidnar Memorial Oration on 24.07.2011 over her son’s and daughter’s comments after seeing the Channel Four documentary. Her son sobbed on the phone saying “how ashamed he was to call himself a Sinhalese and a Lankan.” Her daughter expressed “shock and horror that our countrymen could indulge in such horrific acts.” [ full story | comments ]

On Keppapulavu

[ Groundviews ][ Feb 10 15:38 GMT ]

February 9 marks the tenth day of protests in Keppapulavu, a village in Mullaitivu, where residents are demanding the return of their land. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is meeting with representatives of the Keppapulavu protests – but the struggle for the return of their land has been ongoing for years. Groundviews compiled the reportage on the issue, in tandem with the recent hunger strike by families of the missing in Vavuniya. Click here to view the story, compiled on Storify, or see the embed below: [ full story | comments ]

Office on Missing Persons powers to be reduced

[ Island ][ Feb 10 13:29 GMT ]

The Office on Missing Persons is to be stripped of its power of entering into agreements with an individual or an organization. The Office on Missing Persons Act was passed in Parliament on August 23, 2016. Media Minister Gayantha Karunathillake said on Wednesday that the Cabinet had on Tuesday approved a proposal by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to repeal paragraph (A) of Article 11 of the Office on Missing Persons (Establishment, Administration and Discharge of Functions) Act No 14 of 2016, which authorised the office to enter into agreements with an individual or an organization in performing its tasks. [ full story | comments ]

29 candidates vie for a seat on Toronto council in Scarborough byelection

[ Toronto Star ][ Feb 10 13:20 GMT ]

Shan makes no apologies for his interest in politics, admitting he’s run for office so many times he’s “lost count.” According to past Star articles, this is his 11th election campaign in 14 years. “I don’t have a last name that will take me into power right away. I don’t have the colour . . . and the wealth to get me somewhere,” he said last week during a visit to city hall. “When opportunities like this come to racialized people, we need to grasp it . . . to be able to represent the communities that are under-serviced, and so it’s not just about my opportunity; it’s about the opportunity for our community to be able to be heard.” [ full story | comments ]

Kamal Haasan backs Panneerselvam, says Sasikala should back off. An India Today exclusive

[ India Today ][ Feb 08 16:05 GMT ]

Actor Kamal Haassan has been tweeting in mysterious language as to what's unravelling in Tamil Nadu, especially the battle between VK Sasikala and O Panneerselvam. In an exclusive interview to India Today, Haasan explained the mystery behind his tweets and his real message. He spoke about the anger of the people of Tamil Nadu, especially the sense of betrayal and how they must come to the streets if their politicians don't get their act together. The actor said that O Panneerselvam is competent enough to lead Tamil Nadu and Sasikala, in a sense, should back off from confrontation. "Sasikala's proximity to Jayalalithaa is no reason for her to become the chief minister," said Haasan. [ full story | comments ]

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