An Arrogant Government And An Unholy Mess

[ Sunday Leader ] - [ Feb 20, 2012 0:23:20 GMT ]

Treasury Secretary Dr. P. B. Jayasundera says that the extra revenue earned through the fuel price revision would be earmarked to meet the subsidy cost of the targeted subsidy schemes. He noted that while general subsidy schemes are not effective solutions, the targeted subsidy scheme currently adopted by the government remains within the overall subsidized pricing policy of fuel operated by Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC), in order to provide relief to vulnerable groups. Responding to questions posed by The Sunday Leader via e-mail, Dr. Jayasundera observed that the cost of such subsidy schemes are covered by a space created through the reduction in losses in the two major enterprises and through extra tax revenue earned from petrol and diesel sold by both LIOC and CPC. [ full story ]

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