The lies need to stop, at least now

[ Sunday Times ] - [ Mar 10, 2012 22:02:25 GMT ]

The continued shrill beating of the nationalist drum in regard to the resolution tabled this week before the United Nations Human Rights Council by the United States of America, calling on Sri Lanka to set a time frame for the implementation of the recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC), is stupendously counterproductive. So indeed is the unwise framing of the ongoing diplomatic event as a ‘battle’ or a ‘war’, which is what we are hearing from Sri Lanka’s mission in Geneva, as its representatives abandon even the façade of diplomatic niceties on the one hand while scurrying around for favourable votes on the other. [ full story ]

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written by karikalan1 (United Kingdom)
Singhalese are compulsive liars, they can't come out of their habbit. They have been successful portraying to the world that the Tamils are terrorists, but world has come to know that these fellows are liars all these time.
- Mar 11, 2012 13:59:06 GMT

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