When English-speaking Tamils met Tamil-speaking ex-LTTE cadres

[ Sunday Times ] - [ Mar 10, 2012 22:07:00 GMT ]

A group of Tamil youths of Sri Lankan origin living in Europe found themselves in a quandary when ex-LTTE cadres being rehabilitated at a Vavuniya centre spoke to them in Tamil. Inmates said the visitors spoke to them in English and they spoke to them in Tamil and the military officials manning the centre had to act as interpreters. They said they were disappointed because the children of the Tamils who left the country during the early days of the war were unable to speak their mother tongue. [ full story ]

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written by Suneth (United Kingdom)
ha ha ha ha hahaha hha hhaaah haha hahaha hahhh ahah hah ah ahahahahah....or my god. Give up men
- Mar 10, 2012 23:27:49 GMT

written by karikalan1 (United Kingdom)
There's no shame in not knowing anything, never mind a language. You remove the Army camps, leave the schools for education, leave the occupying areas, let our people live in peace, do not try to grab our land, stop rapping our women, pack your bags and head for home. We know how to develop our land, how to develop our language, you don't need to worry. BTW, take EPDP paramilitary as well. They are the worst criminals and you can get on with them.
- Mar 11, 2012 8:19:33 GMT

written by LankaLier (Australia)
Suneth I thought you meant to say oh my dog ... lie Lanka Matha Upe lie Lanka
- Mar 11, 2012 14:58:03 GMT

written by Suneth (United Kingdom)
ok...let say we paked our bags and went home....what is next
- Mar 11, 2012 16:25:49 GMT

written by Suneth (United Kingdom)
stupid diaspora can't even teach their kids their own language.....but chalenging whole world to create their own country. FOR WHAT, TO CREATE ENGLISHEELAM.. then why not create it in Canada or UK.....idiots
- Mar 12, 2012 0:04:03 GMT

written by LankaLier (Australia)
This how tourist and diplomats and dignitaries talk. So the Tamils have behaving like western tourist. They must learn to respect the locals and speak in a language they can understand. I am sure they would have given the tips to the soldiers for the services.
- Mar 12, 2012 9:28:58 GMT

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