U.N. Panel Seeks Vote on Carnage in Sri Lanka

[ New York Times ] - [ Mar 19, 2012 15:40:24 GMT ]

Three years later, diplomats and council observers say the challenge has grown more complex. As the Arab Spring unfolded over the past year, support for resolutions against abusive regimes and the impunity of their rulers has grown, analysts say. [ full story ]
- Sri Lankan clergy protest UN rights resolution - AP
- India 'inclined' to back UN Sri Lanka war crimes vote - BBC

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written by Suneth (United Kingdom)
looking forward....either way Im gona laugh
- Mar 19, 2012 15:58:25 GMT

written by karikalan1 (United Kingdom)
These Bikhus showing hatred towards Tamils and anyone who advocate for them (by calling them terrorists supporters),

they should show compassion and kindness towards suffering humans but they do just the opposite, have anyone seen a Bhiku helping an injured Tamil during the final stages of war in 2009, offering any food to any child, have you seen a Bhiku comforting a dying person, now they are protesting against the world humanitarian body where a Great Nation bringing a motion against this rogue nation.
- Mar 19, 2012 17:51:14 GMT

written by Suneth (United Kingdom)
At least something to agree with karikalan. By the way I'm budhist though
- Mar 19, 2012 20:34:41 GMT

written by GG (Australia)
The Bikshits have always shown hatred, they've been sowing the seeds of hate since before independence, they killed SWRD 'coz of their racist views hence one cannot expect them to be civilised. Just like those who make a joke or laugh at other peoples misery brought about by atrocities committed against them by a racist Sri Lankan govt.
- Mar 19, 2012 20:54:22 GMT

written by Suneth (United Kingdom)
Bass always say Sri Lanka is a fail state. Then how come this figures from IMF "The debt to GDP ratio which was over 108 percent several years ago had declined to 78 percent last year. The deficit which was at 9.9 percent of GDP in 2009 is expected to be brought down to 6.8 percent in 2011".
- Mar 19, 2012 20:56:28 GMT

written by Bass (Australia)
It is failed state, Sri Lanka don't even have the funds to service its loan. Look at your Arline it is running on borrowed money.If your number are correct then why do you have to borrow from IMF, Iran and China ???. Do your sums correctly. You wait till China start to call in there repayments ??
- Mar 20, 2012 12:16:12 GMT

written by Suneth (United Kingdom)
Hey Bass.....this fail state is predicted by you guys long before. Unfortunately so far nothing happend. And while we have sumup figures from IMF and world bank, you are pointing out few fail istitutes. Now which figures I should take.....yours or World bank/IMF....Man please start education from nursary again
- Mar 20, 2012 12:29:41 GMT

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