UN adopts resolution on Sri Lanka war crimes probe

[ BBC ] - [ Mar 22, 2012 12:54:50 GMT ]

The UN Human Rights Council has adopted a resolution urging Sri Lanka to investigate alleged abuses during the final phase of war with Tamil rebels. The US-backed motion called on Colombo to address alleged abuses of international humanitarian law. [ full story ]
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Comments [ 2 ]:

written by Suneth (United Kingdom)
Hurraaaaii....Eelam is about to form. Get the kids in north east out of school (by the way our kids are safe in 1st world). Give them the wepons and train to kill. Place bombs every where in the country. Kill the political leaders coming against us....THis is diaspora power...hurrai.
- Mar 22, 2012 13:43:46 GMT

written by ranja (USA)
At long last 24 countries heard our call. The rouge regime in SL has to now face the possible ripple effect fallout from the adoption of this resolution. The Sinhala Chauvinists must learn that you cannot fool the world all of the time, by hiding behind the economic muscle of countries like China who have things to hide themselves in places like Tibet.The US and others that supported the resolution must now ensure that there is compliance. Investigate thoroughly the Tamils, Sinhalese, Indians and Chinese, who were all players in this theater.Let the chips fall where they may.Let there be a full accounting.
- Mar 22, 2012 14:59:42 GMT

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