Forty-year-old Soviet satellite to fall into Indian Ocean

[ IANS ] - [ Mar 27, 2012 12:21:55 GMT ]

Meteor-1, the Soviet Union’s first fully operational weather satellite, will re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere after more than four decades in orbit, the web site of the US Strategic Command said. The spacecraft is expected to begin falling at 3:13 a.m. Moscow time on 27 March with debris estimated to fall into the Indian Ocean south of Sri Lanka, the US Strategic Command said. [ full story ]

Comments [ 2 ]:

written by gamhem (Sri Lanka)
will fall on India
- Mar 28, 2012 13:14:29 GMT

written by LankaLier (Australia)
Sri Lanka is not part of India yet. Very soon it will be. So it depends on when it falls
- Mar 29, 2012 4:36:11 GMT

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