Sri Lankan war crimes have not lost their resonance

[ Daily Mail ] - [ Mar 27, 2012 22:49:17 GMT ]

The euphoria was short-lived. The hopes generated after India's vote at Geneva for holding Colombo accountable for war crimes, have now evaporated. With Prime Minister Manmohan Singh bending over backwards to placate our tiny southern neighbor, there is nothing much to cheer about. But the Lankan Tamil issue has returned to centre stage with all parties in the state speaking in one voice. Even the normally reticent Tamil Nadu Congress Committee hasn't gone against the tide. Clearly, the issue of Lankan war crimes has not lost its resonance. [ full story ]

Comments [ 4 ]:

written by SrikanderGt (Kazakhstan)
The Tamils of Sri Lanka and the Diaspora should fall on their knees and beg forgiveness from Mother India for killing Rajiv Gandhi
- Mar 28, 2012 8:27:34 GMT

written by Suneth (United Kingdom)
Since the Eelam is not given up in any corner of your progress
- Mar 28, 2012 8:30:50 GMT

written by karikalan1 (United Kingdom)
We must work harder for the Justice and bring the culprits who committed the heinous crimes against the Tamil civilians.
- Mar 28, 2012 10:07:46 GMT

written by karikalan1 (United Kingdom)
Srilankan Government has to provide answers regarding 40000 Tamil civilian deaths, 140000 the unaccounted Tamil civilians including children, they have to answer International community because the IC is not interested in any BS but they are more concerned about the truth.
- Mar 28, 2012 17:52:08 GMT

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