The perils of trying to play both sides

[ India Today ] - [ Mar 28, 2012 11:46:15 GMT ]

The euphoria was short-lived. The hopes generated after India's vote at Geneva for holding Colombo accountable for war crimes, have now evaporated. With Prime Minister Manmohan Singh bending over backwards to placate our tiny southern neighbour, there is nothing much to cheer about. But the Lankan Tamil issue has returned to the centrestage with all parties in the state speaking in one voice. Even the normally reticent Tamil Nadu Congress Committee hasn't gone against the tide. [ full story ]

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written by gamhem (Sri Lanka)
what is the issue except all extremist LTTE in Abroad , all others do not have an issue currently , If there is no issue at all , how can any one bring a solution, first there should be an so called issue . in Sri Lanka there is no any issue tamil specific . as normal sri lankan we all are having common issue due to be a developing country .
- Mar 28, 2012 13:29:08 GMT

written by ranja (USA)
Which plane are you living in Gamhem? So according to you if the Sinhalese dont have an issue everything is ok? Why do you think the Tamils took up arms? Your short sighted politicians, starting from SWRB,DSS all thought you could sweep the Tamils ,a considerable % of the population, under Sinhala Buddist Nationalism. You still have your head deep in the sand, wake up and smell the stink around you, before it is too late for you and your countrymen. China is all business, their "help" is all loans, with your country as the final prize. MR,GR are in bed with them for convenience. Dont kid your self if this continues we'll all lose our country.
- Mar 29, 2012 14:26:12 GMT

written by gamhem (Sri Lanka)
Only extremes like JVP took arms , not majority Tamils if all supported to them LTTE could not be wiped out , people like you live luxury life abroad wants to give innocent Tamils was used to fight against the government of SL . all of you still wants it , pls come and live with us and see the difference. we never rejected any community , Muslim are living in the heard of the cities and villagers where Sinhalese majority , live , you are in USA and just write , even war times all Tamil live in Colombo with Sinhalese , how can it happen , but non of Muslim /Sinhalese allowed in jaffna and other parts where LTTE strong at that time.
- Mar 30, 2012 18:00:18 GMT

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