U.N. Sri Lanka Vote Redefines India’s Regional Role

[ Time ] - [ Mar 30, 2012 12:50:29 GMT ]

In the early months of 2009 when Sri Lanka’s war was reaching its final crescendo, frantic calls were made to Colombo by Sri Lankan diplomats at the United Nations headquarters in New York. According to a top Sri Lankan diplomat, some calls were directly to Mahinda Rajapaksa himself, warning the Sri Lankan president that the U.S., Britain and France were contemplating unilateral action against the government for the conduct of its war against the Tamil Tigers. The Rajapaksa government, poised to claim a decisive victory in the three-decades-old war, was in no mood for outside meddling – though it did accept a helping hand from an old trusted friend. [ full story ]

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written by karikalan1 (United Kingdom)
India lost it's credibility when they helped killing innocent women and Tamil children in 2009.
- Mar 30, 2012 16:10:08 GMT

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