Post-Geneva Delusions: The Next Steps in Sri Lanka

[ International Policy Digest ] - [ Mar 31, 2012 22:21:51 GMT ]

Sri Lanka’s Minister of External Affairs, G.L. Peiris, has recently given one additional reason for the passage of a resolution on Sri Lanka at the UN’s Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva: “collective commitments.” Evidently, Mr. Peiris had been informed by one of his European counterparts that certain members of the European Union (EU) were unsupportive of the resolution, but were compelled to vote in favor of it, since a group decision had been taken by the EU. Mr. Peiris went on to say that even some US Congressman did not view the HRC in a positive light, due to the fact that the body is “politicized.” [ full story ]
- Salt on Old Wounds: Post-War Sri Lanka - International Policy Digest

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written by telltale (United Kingdom)
The professor is again talking through his hat in using semantics. Politics is the science of government and here we are not talking about governing a herd of cattle but of people, who have been murdered in hundreds of thousands with credible evidence. If this is not politics, what is? If the professor on the other hand does mean something other than that mentioned above, he must be naive not to understand that all kinds of arms twisting, manoeuvres, scheming, under hand tactics are accepted with a nod and a wink-all undemocratic tactics- adopted by many democratic institutions; as the professor would know, especially in the UN.
- Apr 01, 2012 14:51:19 GMT

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