Geneva debacle: The realities behind the diplomatic rhetoric

[ Sunday Times ] - [ Mar 31, 2012 22:25:52 GMT ]

If the debacle at Geneva last week was bad enough for President Mahinda Rajapaksa, some of the things some of his Ministers are saying in public are making matters worse for him. Public Relations Minister Mervyn Silva had already dropped a bombshell by making a public confession that he was responsible for breaking the legs of a media activist who had to leave the country thereafter. The Police said they would inquire. The problem being that these inquiries never end. President Rajapaksa was fuming at the Minister's utterance. What he told some friends this week that he would do to Mervyn Silva is unprintable. [ full story ]

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written by ranja (USA)
The article is ill timed and falls squarely in the category that the GOSL would not allow it to be printed otherwise. Where was this indignation of the Times when JR took out a march to scuttle the CHelva / Banda accord. Where were you when the rights of all the Tamils were systematically eroded over the years? Where were you when Isaipriya was arrested gang raped by the SLA and killed? Thousands of women being coerced by your SLA tl this day? Where were you when the Tamil lands have been forcefully taken from them? The US soldiers don't gang rape helpless women and systematically grab lands.
- Apr 02, 2012 22:46:35 GMT

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