Sri Lanka on notice: Where do we go from here?

[ Toronto Star ] - [ Mar 31, 2012 22:27:24 GMT ]

State sovereignty continues to be a shield throughout much of the world where there is a need to circumvent international law and human rights obligations. Sri Lanka is one such state and is a well-known violator of human rights. As a historic first, the United Nations Human Rights Council has taken a strong stance against the Sri Lankan state’s human rights record through a U.S.-initiated, Canada-sponsored resolution that questions the actions of the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam during the last phases of the civil war. [ full story ]

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written by ranja (USA)
The bluster and delaying tactics employed by MR and his to be expected.State sovereignty is what the Chinese, Burmese,Saudis,Russians,Cubans,Venezeulans and others of their ilk, used successfully against various movements.If the UN does not follow thru after the resolution, then it will truly be a toothless organization. The GOSL and its "team" of thugs tried to intimidate the representatives of the NGOs, Diaspora and other human rights groups. By doing this they showed without a shadow what kind of repression is in force in SL. The other delegations could not have failed to notice this. If they did god help the GOSL.
- Apr 02, 2012 22:24:12 GMT

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