‘You do not want the TNA because you want to remove the roots of our right to equality, justice and dignity’ - R. Sampanthan MP

[ TNA ] - [ Apr 15, 2012 15:08:14 GMT ]

It was only the Tamil people who stood up politically against the Sri Lankan State, though it must be acknowledged that the Tamil-speaking Muslim people in the North and the East have also had similar issues and concerns. It is the Tamil people who have shown the resilience to stand up to the Sri Lankan State. More than six decades later, after the country attained Independence , we still show that resilience. That is because we are an ancient people with our own civilization and our distinct identity. We are prepared to be integrated into the Sri Lankan nation but we cannot be and will not be assimilated. [ full story ]

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written by LankaLier (Australia)
Tamils have all their politicians in tact. All those mushroom Tamil organizations should read this speech and learn from it. Time time for reading Tamil poetry is gone. It is cultured well articulated internationally acceptable presentations will win Tamils their rights. Not those rhetoric of Tamil fanaticism mixed with hallucinations. Well done Sampanthan Iya. Tamils have a Sampanthan. Sinhalease have Paks Peries Mervins Karunas KPs and the Tamil goons hired from overseas.
- Apr 16, 2012 5:16:55 GMT

written by Singham (United Kingdom)
Yes. Now the murderers know that the Tamil leaders have come to the aid of the Tamil people. They were waiting to see whether the Sinhala regime will show any human consideration to resolve the ethnic problems in the country. Now they have exhausted all their patience and they have no other way to proceed. Now the International opinion is in favour to solve the Tamils’ grievances, they have to approach the International communities to resolve the problems. Remember SJV called the God to resolve the problems as he did not know what to do. Now the time is ripe and the Tamil leaders must take the opportunity that is presented to them, otherwise the Tamils will be wiped-out from their home land. The Tamil goons who go behind the Sinhala regime must realise that they have a duty to perform to resurrect the Tamil race, otherwise their generation will be slaves to the blood thirsty Sinhalese. The war criminals should also be brought under Internal Law and not under the Law of the jungle that is prevailing in Sri-lanka.
- Apr 16, 2012 10:35:05 GMT

written by SrikanderGt (Kazakhstan)
TNA MP Sritharan has stated recently in Tamilnadu that Prabhakaran is alive and well and will re-emerge soon to continue the battle. Eezham Thamizh's should all wait for the sun-god to rise instead of depending on old Sambanthan Iyar.
- Apr 17, 2012 5:21:54 GMT

written by Ranasinghe (Sri Lanka)
I see a lot of irritated comments by MR supporters lately in the Tamil Canadian. Particularly after the Geneva debacle. It appears that the MR sidekicks realize that the world does not buy the excuses of the MR and bikku front any more. Adding to that, the absence of LTTE hurts the nationalist hawks / cabal in the south as they have run out of excuses for their excesses. The Tamil diaspora has finally started to make some smart moves as they no longer get tangled in bravado and rhetoric, but have started to focus on real 'diplomatic' and lobby work which aims to destabilize the MR government slowly but steadily in the international arena. As a true leftist, I cannot condone tamil oppression.
- Apr 17, 2012 22:23:05 GMT

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