Indian MPs send strong message to Lankan President

[ Rediff ] - [ Apr 25, 2012 20:10:09 GMT ]

The Indian parliamentary delegation's visit to Sri Lanka sent a clear message to the Sri Lankan government on the need to tackle the political grievances of the Sri Lankan Tamil community. The delegation led by Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj conveyed the 'serious' all-party view in India that the government of President Mahinda Rajapakse should take steps towards a political settlement in the country. The Indian parliamentarians had a hectic schedule visiting the camps of the Internally Displaced Persons, villages in the battle zone, Indian developmental projects as well as meeting a cross-section of leaders in Colombo including several ministers, the Leader of the Opposition Ranil Wikremasinghe, major political parties, members of parliament and representatives of civil society. [ full story ]

Comments [ 2 ]:

written by Bass (Australia)
This is pathetic on Indias part who aided and abated the genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka. This govt is not going to listen or carryout what is required to reconcile. We need IC pressure on Sri Lanka to hold referendum immediately without Govt interference.
- Apr 25, 2012 23:08:16 GMT

written by ranja (USA)
Successive Sri lankan Governments had from 1948 to this day to address the legitimate grievances. 64 years after independence they are still forming parliamentary committees to address this problem that gave rise, eventually in the 60 odd years, to an armed uprising against a suppressive brutal majority. The IC has just woken up to what the Tamils have been crying about. now we should not relax until the war criminals from the president of SL down to his generals, defense chief, all should be produced before the world human rights courts. Once these are punished the rest will be done with the UN watchdogs.
- Apr 26, 2012 3:07:05 GMT

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