Obama ambassador pick vows to keep hounding Sri Lanka on human rights

[ The Hill ] - [ Jun 07, 2012 2:08:27 GMT ]

President Obama's pick to be U.S. ambassador to Sri Lanka vowed to make human rights a priority during her confirmation hearing Wednesday. “If confirmed I can [assure you] that human rights issues … will be on the top of my agenda,” said Michele Sison. Sison made the remarks after lawmakers made it clear during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing that they want the administration to keep the pressure on Sri Lanka to punish human rights violators on both sides of the civil war that ended three years ago. [ full story ]
- US envoy for Sri Lanka to prioritize human rights - AP

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written by karikalan1 (United Kingdom)
It's a welcome news, I am sure the West and the USA will never deviate from their stance of Justice and fair treatment of Tamils, it may take a while to bring the culprits to Justice but the effort will not deteriorate. We will get them all one by one.
- Jun 07, 2012 9:32:23 GMT

written by SrikanderGt (Kazakhstan)
Karikalan1 - don't hold your breath. The US and UK and the "West" will always put their strategic interests first. MR will continue to get invited to the Queen's lunches and dinners and the USA etc will continue to provide defense support. You guys will have to be satisfied with the occasional big Mac provided at your "spontaneous" fully paid for "protests" and "fasts unto death".
- Jun 07, 2012 17:05:40 GMT

written by karikalan1 (United Kingdom)
Srikander, you seem to know half of Big Mac story and conveniently forgotten or unknown to you the other half, however carry on believe in what you want but I can wait for the Truth to be revealed because I always believe in Truth & Justice.
- Jun 07, 2012 20:27:07 GMT

written by LankaLier (Australia)
SrikanderGt - I agree with you they will invite MR there is lots of work to be done in the kitchen
- Jun 08, 2012 6:20:09 GMT

written by Dan Bastienz (United Kingdom)
After 30 years of failure, some people are still dreaming of promised land which will never materialize because of India and US. Piece of advice, start agitating and work with India first, SL was the wrong choice.
- Jun 08, 2012 18:07:34 GMT

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