New War Crime Videos Surface from Sri Lanka Tamil Genocide

[ Salem News ] - [ Jun 22, 2012 11:21:59 GMT ]

More evidence of war crimes in Sri Lanka; it is a disturbing matter and the images contained in this article are tragic and gruesome, so proceed at your own discretion. While these images shake us to the core, it is also true that a strong voice can accomplish tremendous healing for an embattled population when inspiring people and leading them to direct action. Tremendous devotion and passion are required when delivering people out of Genocide and back to their rightful place. This story is about death and Genocide, and also about a new voice raising hope for those living within the Tamil Diaspora. [ full story ]

Comments [ 2 ]:

written by SrikanderGt (Kazakhstan)
The videos clearly show child soldiers. Salem News seems to be supporting the drive to canonize LTTE terrorists as saints!!!
- Jun 22, 2012 23:44:46 GMT

written by ranja (USA)
Srikander Gt, you have proved that you belong to the callous, heartless animals that killed citizens of your country in the thousands. Did you hear the gloating of you "Veera Vibhushanas"? Thugs and murderers you are and you will remain that way. When the arrogant killers at the top are slowly but surely cornered not Iran,not Venezuela,Cuba,China,Russia or Pakistan can or will help. I hope you'll live to see that day. Every video that surfaces is one more nail in GOSL's coffin.
- Jun 24, 2012 3:48:40 GMT

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