'Political deadlock caused by Sinhala supremacist thinking' - Nimalka Fernando

[ JDS ] - [ Jul 04, 2012 14:12:57 GMT ]

The problem with the Sinhala society is that their false belief has produced a certain kind of political anaesthesia. They have lost their shared collective memory. Therefore they have lost their grip over their own collective fate. Anyone who tries to expose the truth will end up by being 'white vanned'. The rate of crime is rising. Violent abuses against children has reached unprecedented levels. Corruption is flourishing. But as the flow of information is controlled, filtered and manipulated by the government, nobody speaks about any of these things. You cannot even talk about the surviving victims of the war, as it is seen as treachery. [ full story ]

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written by Ranasinghe (Sri Lanka)
Nimalka is spot on. The climate that prevails in Sri Lanka is similar to that of the mood and hate that dominated in Nazi Germany against Jews. The majority of the sinhalese even consider speaking about any tangible development or even basic rights of minorities, particularly tamils as being 'non-patriotic' or even treachery. This means, we sinhalese as a society unfortunately have become the new 'Nazis' of the modern era. When the Nazi mindset takes over, there is no control in it and everyone knows what it ends up eventually - complete destruction of the Nazi society by itself and by external forces. Have we been cursed by the souls of Vanni victims? May be we have been.
- Jul 05, 2012 22:34:11 GMT

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