Swamy’s prescription for reconciliation in Sri Lanka

[ Hindu ] - [ Aug 10, 2012 14:17:09 GMT ]

It will be much easier to fight Sri Lanka’s enemies abroad, if there is some devolution of powers to the Tamils areas in the near future, Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy said in Colombo on Friday. “The Head of the state government will have primary responsibility to maintain public order through a state police constituted for this purpose, but the Union shall have a Central Reserve Police and a contingent of the Armed Forces stationed in a special conclave in the state to intervene for the maintenance of public order whenever the President determines with ex-post approval of Parliament that a situation has arisen that requires such an intervention,” he said. [ full story ]

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written by Richy2 (United Kingdom)
STATE TERRORISM OF SRI LANKA:- American-Harvard educated ECCENTRIC/CRANKY/DINGBAT Subramanian Swamy SHOULD understand the meaning of STATE TERRORISM that has been going in Ceylon/Sri Lanka for the past six decades. The Tamil-ethnic minority of Ceylon/Sri Lanka living for more than 2500 years in North & East have been intimidated at infinite scale [oppressed, persecuted & lately GENOCIDE] by Sinhalese-ethnic MAJORITY by means of STATE RESOURCES- POLICE,ARMY,NAVY,AIRFORCE,STF to KILL & SILENCE the Tamils-ethnic MINORITY. That is called, 'STATE TERRORISM.'
- Aug 11, 2012 0:21:01 GMT

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