Thamilchelvan killed in SLAF air attack

[ TamilNet ] - [ Nov 02, 2007 9:42:00 GMT ]

S.P. Thamilchelvan, Liberation Tigers Political Head was killed in Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) aerial bombardment Friday morning in Ki'linochchi. The Head Quarters of the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam (LTTE) in a press communique said it was conveying the loss of Brigadier Thamilchelvan with profound sadness to the people of Tamil Eelam, the Tamil diaspora and the Global Community. [ full story ]
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written by pushparajah (United Kingdom)
First I salute the MAVEERAR mr S.Thamilselvan and other freedom fighters. This is heart breaking news,but we have to come out from this tragic and forward to do what he left.
- Nov 02, 2007 10:04:39 GMT

written by Seelan (Australia)
I feel SAD to hear this. My heart goes out to T. Celvan and others who gave their lives for our Freedom. This is pure Terrorist attack. As far as i know he was retired from military work long time ago. He lost one leg which made him to come to politics. He is death will not change any military balance and SL terrorist government know this. But still went and bombed a place. Every one knows where Chelvan works and where he meets many peace delegations. This a desperate way to boost the Sinhala moral but it will back fire. If Sinhala leaders think Tigers will take this and do nothing they are making a big mistake.
- Nov 02, 2007 10:29:37 GMT

written by Mark (Canada)
A great freedom fighter left us, we must honor him with veera vanakam than sorrow and tears.
- Nov 02, 2007 10:43:46 GMT

written by penny (USA)
Sad news indeed for all Tamil people everywhere.Brigadier Thamilchelvan's killing is tantamount to killing a Sri Lankan political leader. If all the world's leaders and peace negotiators who have a hand in this terrible news had stopped the Sri Lankan government from taking out a political leader and influenced Rajapaksa for a peaceful solution we may be spared the aftermath this horrendous act sets afire. He is akin to the status of the "freedom fighter Steve Biko of South Africa" for the Tamil people. Perhaps a first,an honorary posthumously awarded title President of the TAMIL EELAM nation born today! CRY FREEDOM!
- Nov 02, 2007 10:45:04 GMT

written by Seelan (Australia)
It should be investigated whether his exact location was given away by any Traitor? Was he using a satellite phone? There are equipments that can pin point satellite phone signals. But I highly doubt that SL has that kind of capabilities. But there are foreign power out there who could do that.
- Nov 02, 2007 10:51:00 GMT

written by banivelu (Malaysia)
- Nov 02, 2007 11:29:00 GMT

written by Puthalvan (Australia)
It's like losing your own loved one. A great Annai, for youngsters like us he was a guiding light, stood for what our generation has to do for our Tamil Nation. He is NOT equal to any of Sri Lanka's rotten leaders. He can only be compared to our own Martyrs. TC Annai's location is well known. It doesn't take great intelligence to kill a Great Man who despite his injuries (suffered in previous operations/attempts) and health challenges continued to serve our people Day and Night. In live you inspired us to do the maximum, in death you have transformed me. I am greatful to have lived in an era a Thamil Chelvan Annai has lived. Rest in Peace. Sinhalese will meet more TCs very very soon.
- Nov 02, 2007 11:36:56 GMT

written by kalajini97 (Canada)
Entire Thamil community is mourning our hero's death. Sri Lanka state terrorists can never beat Tamils in a face to face war. Even couple of days before modayas tried in Mannar to cover up the Anuradapura defeat. All, cowards can do is bombing a peace Secretariat. One thing is clear, this incident heralds a great imminent victory. As Tamils let us strengthen our heroes.
- Nov 02, 2007 12:10:18 GMT

written by Sayon (Canada)
This is a death sentence to Sri Lanka. Long live to our heroes!
- Nov 02, 2007 12:36:04 GMT

written by sivanan (Canada)
It is very very sad, felt like we lost our fight. I hope at least now we will unite for our identity fight.
- Nov 02, 2007 12:39:39 GMT

written by karikalan1 (United Kingdom)
Puthalvan from Australia has written a fitting Tribute for Brigadier S.P.Thamilchelvan and five of our brave freedom fighters who were murdered by the terrorist state of Srilanka. Singhalese don't have any intelligence or capability to carry out this kind of operation, we Tamils should boycott the products from the shores of India whether it is frozen fish or masala cinema. Unless we practice an economic embargo our enemies will be embolden to carry out these cowardice acts again and again. However at this sad moment we all should pray for the souls of those brave freedom fighters who gave up their precious life for the Homeland and it's people.
- Nov 02, 2007 12:50:48 GMT

written by Kiritharan (USA)
I bow to the courageous freedom fighter who was not only a warrior but was also able to walk the walk that he talked during the peace talks. We do not know how many sacrifices would be made before attaining Tamil Eelam. Sri Lanka, India, UK and USA may have their own spins and attempt to fabricate propaganda and expect Tigers to cave in directly or indirectly based on this sad event. But, I hope that the Tamils would not fall for it.
- Nov 02, 2007 12:57:11 GMT

written by Anand (United Kingdom)
It is a great tragedy that a truly dedicated hero and an excellent communicator has been killed and will not be there when his dreams come to fruition.The Good Book says: 'Blessed are those who mourn For they shall be comforted. Blessed are the peacemakers For they shall be called the sons of God Blessed are those who are persecuted for the righteousness' sake For they shall be called sons of God.' May this hero rest in Peace.
- Nov 02, 2007 13:13:13 GMT

written by Mylvaganam (United Kingdom)
This Loss is not just for the Tamil community, it is also for the Singaleese ……., this will be realised in the coming months. Tamilchelvan has been one of the great Tamil leader in recent times. He has touched the hearts and minds of millions across Asia and the world through his statesmanship and your political wisdoms. We all have seen his negotiating skills on the peace talks - negotiating the un-negotiable, the right to self-determination. I salute to his selflessness, courage and dedication, and the contribution to the Tamil cause. I think his death followed by Anton Balasingham made the Tamil Nation a reality. let his footprints be our blueprint for our nationhood.
- Nov 02, 2007 13:17:45 GMT

written by joseph (France)
I am very sad about this. In political struggle it is always expected. I will miss his smile.
- Nov 02, 2007 13:27:30 GMT

written by Fishie (Australia)
It shouldn't have happen...... salute to you Brigadier Thamilselvan.
- Nov 02, 2007 13:28:05 GMT

written by Richy2 (United Kingdom)
TRAITORS UNDER THE CARPET GIVING INFORMATION TO GOSL: We, the IC have our doubts that the newly appointed secretary for peace secretariat by the GOSL, Poolagasingham who has relatives & friends especially Muslims in the army must have given information to the armed forces. There are Tamils traitors under the carpet they do such thing for the last several decades.
- Nov 02, 2007 13:40:30 GMT

written by Thambiraja (Canada)
Souls cannot be destroyed, only the physical bodies gets killed! So all the heroes who were killed in the past are already in our midst to fight for freedom and to enjoy the fruits of their fight!! We should continue our path for our freedom without any doubts!!!
- Nov 02, 2007 13:52:12 GMT

written by Ayaduray (Malaysia)
Mr. Thamilchelvan was a moderate and one who had an in depth understanding of the causes of conflict. From his comments and interviews, one can see he certainly had the aspirations of the Tamil people at heart and had the courage and wisdom to speak out for them. It is indeed sad that a prominent leader who stood up for the Tamil people’s cause had died. He died a hero. Though he is gone his memory will live for ever in the hearts of the Tamils. May his soul rest in peace.
- Nov 02, 2007 13:55:46 GMT

written by Sashi (USA)
Yes, it is a loss and a sad day for Tamils. But it also exposes the ugly intend of the DETS of SL. By killing the Tamil political leaders it has proven again that it has no political solution BUT JUST MILITARY SOLUTION for Tamils. It also exposes some security lapses in kilinochi. The Tamils need to quickly review and tighten up their security apparatus. How did the DETS of SL come to know that there is a meeting at 6am in that location?
- Nov 02, 2007 14:18:25 GMT

written by sankilian (Australia)
We shall certainly miss the suave soft spoken Tamil Chelvam.His death at this time is Symbolic.As our leader to the peace talks his services as a negotiator had run its course.This then is the END Of Talks.We honor him as we reach for our Guns.The splatter of bullets is more effective than the rhetoric of words.Certainly when you deal with Bigoted ,intransigent Racists as has been our experience. Truth to tell There is nothing to talk about.Everything that needed telling has been told a hundred times over to no avail.For all the Bragadaccio of that twerp Gota baya Rajapakse The Sinhalese have more to lose than us with Thamil chelvam's Death.Apart from endorsing the military option...
- Nov 02, 2007 14:21:09 GMT

written by Suba (Australia)
GOSL must know this is not a victory for them. This is the only man who supported a political solution and now there is no one else to talk about peace. He is a great politician and a true representor of Tamils. My deepest sympathies go to his family and love ones.
- Nov 02, 2007 14:22:16 GMT

written by Shane (USA)
Well, this is a clear indication that the government of Srilanka is not interested in any sort of negotiated settlement with the Tamils. I hope the international community realizes this now. Nevertheless, Tamilchelvan's is a lost for the Tamils all around the world who might have dreamed of a political solution. MR and his brothers better sleep in their multi million dollar bunkers for the rest of their lives.
- Nov 02, 2007 14:24:34 GMT

written by Ilankayan (United Kingdom)
I salute you sir, may your soul rest in peace. Let your soul guide us in our fight to win the freedom. More Thamilchelvans will be made. My blood is boiling, tears in my eye with a stinging headache I curse the SLAF who piloted the aircraft and dropped the bombs. a cowardice act. I am sure there must be some traitors who would have given informations to the Sinhala modays. Our sympathies to his family and especially to Thamby Prabaharan.I am sure you know the right reply to this unwanted killings. The comments and the boast by the army information officer was very pathetic, Tamil diaspora moans the death of Brigadier Thamilchelvan and other fighters who were with him. Veera vanakam thambimar.
- Nov 02, 2007 14:27:26 GMT

written by sankilian (Australia)
Contd. Apart from endorsing the military option it places every Sinhalese leader in the Tiger's sights, helps us to focus on the ONLY way out,and presages the retaliatory destruction of Not just Military and economic Targets but inevitably in afull scale war thrust upon us whatever Collateral there will be in so doing. The cost the Sinhalese will have to pay will be high and one feels sorry for the civilians.But whether they are innocent is a moot point.They have backed the military option virtually to a man.Now let them also get a taste of their own medicine.To date the Tigers have meticulously avoided civilian causalities.It is ironic That US ambassador Blake has condemned the The attack on The military installation at anuradhapura.It shows his one sided Naivete and The hypocrisy of the US. One waits for his comments on the Attack on a Civilian leader of the Tamils for that is What Tamil Chelvam was. There is a lesson also for the Tigers. There is no time to lose.No doubt Prabakaran Knows this well enough. It is not a question of avenging Thamil Chelvam's Death.The SL military is off balance and licking its wounds more recently inflicted in the Mannar confrontation.
- Nov 02, 2007 14:47:12 GMT

written by Singham (United Kingdom)
Tamilselvan was a very dedicated to the Tamil cause and he completely gave up his life for the liberation of Tamils in SL.I bow my head and salute his bravery in confronting the media and the IC to justify the Tamil position. He was seen always with a smile and his sacrifice will earn the Tamil Eelam. This is for sure.
- Nov 02, 2007 14:54:09 GMT

written by mercutio (Brunei)
While we mourn the death of Thamil Chelvam we have to be realistic for in war death is always round the corner. No doubt The US is directly or indirectly behind this.But so too are all those States who have been quick to supply arms,Intelligence,arial capacity,sophisticated weapons and the like.India, China Pakistan Israel and Britain come readily to mind.However we have withstood the collective effort of these countries over the last 20 years.At least the UN provides a bulwark against direct interference.
- Nov 02, 2007 17:33:04 GMT

written by Rav (Canada)
It's really sad to see him depart. Only his sole has left us but Mr.Tamil Chelvan will be there to witness the Tamil Eelam soon. There will be many more Tamil Chelvan's in Tamil Eelam. A note to International Community, this killing shows how keen is GOSL interested in a political solution. This is a call for the other Tamil groups as well, its time for our achievements. Don't look for short term goals which you guy are interested. MY DEEPEST SYMPATHY TO HIS FAMILY AND RELATIVES. Your smiling face will never die from our hearts....
- Nov 02, 2007 17:52:23 GMT

written by Rav (Canada)
Its really sad to see him depart. Only his sole has left us but Mr.Tamil Chelvan will be there to witness the Tamil Eelam soon. There will be many more Tamil Chelvan's in Tamil Eelam. A note to International Community, this killing shows how keen is GOSL interested in a political solution. This is a call for the other Tamil groups as well, its time for our achivements. Don't look for short term goals which you guy are interested. MY DEEPEST SYMPATHY TO HIS FAMILY AND RELATIVES. Your smiling face will never die from our hearts....
- Nov 02, 2007 17:52:31 GMT

written by pravin (India)
i feel like losing a close beloved soul has been terribly shaken by this sadistic attack.may the almighty bring solace n enormous will power to my eelam bros n sisters all over the world and help them to arise with still more determination to get the dream shared by brigadier tamilselan anna and every freedom fighter who have achieved the supreme sacrifice..maaveerarkalukku endrumee irappu kidaiyaathu ena ninaithu ennai naan samaathaanam seythu kolkiren
- Nov 02, 2007 18:28:50 GMT

written by karikalan1 (United Kingdom)
I have just seen photos of Srilankan dancers in traditional costumes dancing in Madhavachi as if they have defeated the LTTE. Can any one imagine of stupidity like this. Of course the Tamils all over the world are sad and mourn the death of a irreplaceable negotiator and a brave freedom fighter,but one thing is sure and that is the Tamils will never give up and the cowardice terrorist state of srilanka will eventually has to learn to live with Tamil Ealam in peace.
- Nov 02, 2007 18:46:45 GMT

written by Maheswaran (Canada)
We would have to admit that all the 5 people should not have slept in one place presuming they were sleeping when the bombardment was made. Sleeping in one place should be avoided. It is possible an anti freedom spy of the racist government and paid by them would have planted a tracking device or a homing device. Catch this spy. I raise my hat to all these braves who perished. Now we Tamils should do more than what we were doing all these time.
- Nov 02, 2007 19:56:05 GMT

written by MS (United Kingdom)
One cannot kill the cry for freedom and justice of a suppressed people by killing individuals.Rather, it shows up once again the nature of the vicious ethno-religious chauvanist Sinhala Buddhist state.The demise of Tamilchelvam will be a serious set back for the 2002 Peace Process of which he was a pillar and, more likely, enhance the murdering and mayhem which have been in train from December 2007.
- Nov 02, 2007 21:31:46 GMT

written by vijayaramasamy (United Kingdom)
Anna Tamilchelvan, My heart weeps, my blood boils Your bodily presence gone But your vision remains We will continue the struggle The very which you left behind Until we have a place called home For your children to feel safe within
- Nov 03, 2007 4:00:23 GMT

written by Vel (Canada)
Tamils lost a great leader Brig. Tamilselvan. Tamilselvan is well respected by Tamils among the world for his ever smile face and discipline and dedication. It is very sad day. His loss is a big loss, but unfortunately tamils have to pay this kind of invaluable loss to get their rights against a Sri Lankan state terrorism.
- Nov 03, 2007 19:17:59 GMT

written by rama (Malaysia)
The death of Tamil Chelvan and his comrades is indeed a sad day for Eelam and global Tamils. By killing the chief peace negotiator, the racist Sinhala government has announced to the world that it is not interested in a peaceful solution to the Tamil cause. Well, if this this the message, Tamil Chelvan death would not be in vain. We have to keep the memory of Tamil Chelvan and countless Tamil cadres alive and burning by supporting the larger Tamil cause of freedom from oppression and for dignified existence.
- Nov 04, 2007 3:33:41 GMT

written by GG (Australia)
To Tamilselvan and o the rest of Tigers whose lives have been cut short so tragically by the Sinhala forces. We hope and pray our hero's death will not be in vein. We admire and applaud your courage, tenacity and patience in the face of extreme violence that has been perpetrated against out people. We hope this would be the turning point for the goal that you have been fighting for and now paid the ultimate sacrifice. Let's not look for revenge but for "pin-point" action to eliminate the evil Sinhala forces...from the top.
- Nov 05, 2007 3:00:17 GMT

written by Selvaraja66 (Malaysia)
The Singhalese racist Goverment only got able to kill one Brigedier General Suba.Tamil chelvam but they must remmember there are millions of Tamil Chelvam will exist out of these cruel murder.They will pay very high prize for what have they done to entire Tamils in the world.
- Nov 10, 2007 10:18:47 GMT

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