Government to hand over land in Jaffna to it’s rightful owners

[ News 1st ][ Sep 05 20:11 GMT ]

Army spokesperson Brigadier Sumith Athapatthu said the government has decided to hand over 4.4 Acres of land to the previous owners in the Tellippalai Divisional Secretariat in Jaffna. Further Adding to this, Brigadier Athapatthu said, the Jaffna District Secretary Nagalingam Vedhanayanan has planned to hand over the lands tomorrow. According to the Army, 65,174 Acres have been handed over to the original owners in the North and East during the course of 3 years. Currently, 19,260 Acres of land is under the Army out of which 2586 Acres are private land. [ full story | comments ]

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Gary Anandasangaree appointed as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism

Gary Anandasangaree was appointed as Parliamentary Secretary to the Mi...


Sri Lanka mass grave: Dozens of skeletons found in Mannar

Experts in northern Sri Lanka are trying to identify the remains of do...


Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka gets six years' jail in contempt case

A Sri Lankan court on Wednesday handed a six-year jail term to a Buddh...



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Rajapaksa leads Sri Lanka protests, calls for government change

[ AlJazeera ][ Sep 05 20:03 GMT ]

Tens of thousands have gathered on the streets of Sri Lanka's capital to call for the government to go. Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa - who suffered a surprise defeat in the presidential election three years ago - is leading the protest. President Sirisena's government was viewed as an opportunity for a fresh start in the South Asian nation, but the protesters say that it is weak and has failed to fulfil its promises. [ full story | comments ]

Killing of children for ransom and Sri Lanka’s nightmares

[ Sunday Times ][ Sep 01 22:39 GMT ]

The progress of ongoing criminal investigations into the grisly killing of several Tamil youths following a racket of abduction for ransom, spearheaded ‘allegedly’ (here, I use the term quite deliberately) by a Naval officer and others during 2008-2009 will be the crucible on which this Government and this Presidency’s commitment to promises made, will be tested most severely. [ full story | comments ]

Families of missing boys hope justice is finally within reach

[ Sunday Observer ][ Sep 01 22:21 GMT ]

Listening to the proceedings patiently, Sarojini Naganathan and others leaving the courtroom, appeared to be confident that justice was finally within reach. “This is the time we must all come together,” she said. However, she also had harsh words for Hettiarachchi. “He abducted my child, took him away to Trincomalee and now claims he remembers none of this,” she accused. “As parents themselves, many suspects in the case were protecting and shielding their children,” Sarojini says bitterly, “but how could they have brought so much pain to other parents by taking away their children?” [ full story | comments ]

Sierra Construction builds 15 water towers in Jaffna and Kilinochchi

[ FT ][ Aug 27 20:15 GMT ]

Funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of Sri Lanka, the work entrusted to Sierra involved the construction of 15 water towers on behalf of the National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) of Sri Lanka. Work began in December 2014 and the completed towers are to be formally handed over by Sierra Construction at the end of the year. Eight water towers were constructed in the towns of Palai, Kodikamam, Nallur, Karainagar, Pungudutivu, Kayts, Vaddukkodai, and at the Jaffna Municipal Council (Old Park). Another seven water towers were constructed in the areas of Puttur, Meesalai, Poonakari, Navatkuli, Kaddudai, Velanai, and Mandaithivu. [ full story | comments ]

China aims to build houses, roads in Sri Lanka north to extend sway

[ ET ][ Aug 27 19:53 GMT ]

China wants to build houses and roads in Sri Lanka's north, much of which is in a state of disrepair nearly a decade after the end of civil war, Chinese and Sri Lankan officials said, in a bid to expand it influence beyond the island's south. China's latest push in the Indian Ocean island nation comes despite criticism that a big Chinese port project and related infrastructure in the south are dragging the country of 21 million people deep into debt. [ full story | comments ]

Sri Lanka mass grave: Dozens of skeletons found in Mannar

[ BBC ][ Aug 27 19:46 GMT ]

Experts in northern Sri Lanka are trying to identify the remains of dozens of bodies in a mass grave in the country's former war zone. So far the skeletal remains of more than 90 people have been unearthed in the north-western town of Mannar. The mass grave is the second biggest found in the north since the end of the conflict in 2009. "The entire area can be divided into two parts. In one segment we have a proper cemetery. In the second part, you have a collection of human skeletons which have been deposited in an informal way," said Professor Raj Somadeva, a forensic archaeologist from the University of Kelaniya near Colombo, who is leading a team of experts at the site. [ full story | comments ]

Abduction of 11 Tamil youths Twists and turns in the investigations

[ Daily Mirror ][ Aug 27 19:20 GMT ]

Speculation is now rife as to why, though vital evidence have surfaced regarding the abduction of two Tamil youths in Hendala, Wattala in 2009 allegedly by navy officers, the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) has taken a step backward from the initial investigations by not recording a statement from the main suspect, Navy Intelligence Officer Lt. Commander Sedililage Don Sumedha Sampath Dayananda. [ full story | comments ]

Mega windmill power project by Danish company

[ Sunday Times ][ Aug 19 14:17 GMT ]

A Danish company has been selected for a US$ 200 million project to generate power by installing windmills in Mannar, Power and Energy Ministry Secretary Suren Batagoda told the Sunday Times.“The project is expected to be completed faster than other projects as the equipment is pre-fabricated and takes less time to install. The project is expected to be completed by the end of next year and ready to generate power,” he said. Two other solar power projects are expected to come up in Pooneryn in the North and in Monaragala. Through these projects, the CEB expected to generate 200 Mw of power. [ full story | comments ]

Sri Lanka’s public sector is the most corrupt in the world – Auditor General

[ News1st ][ Aug 19 14:14 GMT ]

Sri Lanka is the top-ranked country in the world in terms of public sector misappropriation and corruption according to Auditor General Gamini Wijesinghe. He noted that the term Good Governance has been sullied at present, but continued to emphasize the need for it. Gamini Wijeysinghe believes that Good Governance and the honesty of state sector workers are the most important factors in creating a fully functional and efficient state sector. The Auditor General noted that he has been vested with a great deal of responsibility in ensuring that the state sector is directed towards this path. [ full story | comments ]

Rajapaksa hopes to return as Lanka president for third term

[ PTI ][ Aug 19 14:09 GMT ]

Sri Lanka's two-time former president Mahinda Rajapaksa hopes to return as the head of the state despite a constitutional provision that bars a person from contesting the presidential election for a third term. "There is an opinion that I could contest again," the former president told reporters yesterday at Piliyandala, a Colombo suburb.Rajapaksa, 72, said his party, Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP), will be inquiring with the Supreme Court whether under the 19th Constitutional Amendment, a person who had previously held the post of President twice, could contest the presidential election for a third term. "We will explore that," said Rajapaksa. [ full story | comments ]

Alleged Islamic State affiliate has uncle in Sri Lankan government

[ ABC ][ Sep 04 15:29 GMT ]

A University of New South Wales student accused of documenting plans in a notebook to assassinate two senior Australian politicians is the nephew of a Sri Lankan cabinet minister. The ABC can reveal Mohamed Nizamdeen, 25, is related to Sri Lankan MP Faiszer Musthapha, who is the country's Sports and Local Government Minister. The PhD student, who was on Friday charged with a terrorism-related offence, is also the grandson of Jehan Kamer Cassim, the late former chairman of one of Sri Lanka's biggest banks — Bank of Ceylon. [ full story | comments ]

Outdated admin system slows down HRCSL performances: Dr.Udagama

[ Daily Mirror ][ Sep 01 22:24 GMT ]

“The Independent commissions including the HRCSL and the Office on Missing Persons (OMP) were established from the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, a move which is greatly appreciated. The HRCSL had many a plans ahead of us when it was established three years ago. However, though we have no political influence, the expected performances were not achieved because of the outdated administrative system. These Commissions should be empowered more,” she told an event organised by the OMP to mark the International Day of the Enforced Disappearances. [ full story | comments ]

Gary Anandasangaree appointed as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism

[ TamilCanadian ][ Aug 31 14:30 GMT ]

Gary Anandasangaree was appointed as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism on August 31st, 2018. Mr. Anandasangaree was elected as the Member of Parliament for the riding of Scarborough - Rouge Park in 2015 and has been an active member in the House of Commons and within the community at large. Having worked domestically and internationally on various human rights issues, Mr. Anandasangaree will surely excel within his new role. [ full story | comments ]

SOS Children’s Villages Sri Lanka empowering Jaffna’s youth with vocational education

[ FT ][ Aug 27 19:59 GMT ]

After 30 years of civil war in the country, generations of Jaffna’s youth lost educational and skill development opportunities. This has left a great vacuum of income generating among the younger generations in Jaffna. SOS Children’s Villages Sri Lanka decided to bridge this gap by enabling the low income earning youth to enrol in a skill development program at the Vocational Training Centre (VTC). The Jaffna VTC was declared open in June and by utilising the findings from research conducted by Jaffna University, has identified vocational training for a number of professions, including air-condition repair work, beauty culture, ICT and the English language. [ full story | comments ]

Japan's Indo-Pacific Defense Outreach Continues in Sri Lanka and India

[ Diplomat ][ Aug 27 19:48 GMT ]

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has forced all countries, including Japan, to take notice in the Indo-Pacific. While Japan has expressed its interest in evaluating projects related to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) on a case-by-case basis, it is yet to join the initiative itself, while New Delhi has opted to mostly stay out of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) due to sovereignty concerns. It has been reported that India and Japan are working on a logistics-sharing agreement, similar to the one India has signed with the United States, the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement. This will increase the interoperability between the Indian and Japanese navies. [ full story | comments ]

Chinese archaeologists study ancient Jaffna ports: India also wants to develop it

[ Sunday Times ][ Aug 27 19:30 GMT ]

Involved in the task in Sri Lanka now is a team of archaeologists from the Shanghai Museum. Their attention at present is focused on learning about the ancient port city that existed centuries ago in Jaffna. Interesting enough, India has expressed the wish to develop the port area in the northern capital and transform the airfield there into an airport for regional flights. In fact, before the separatist war, such flights were operated. At present Chinese archaeologists, with the help of their counterparts attached to the Central Cultural Fund are excavating two areas – Kappalthurai (literally means ship port in Tamil) and Alaipitty. [ full story | comments ]

Grave secrets: Behind the skeletal excavations in Mannar

[ Sunday Observer ][ Aug 19 14:22 GMT ]

Bone samples are scheduled to be sent for testing at the Beta Analytic Radio Carbon Dating Lab in Florida USA for carbon dating. However, results of the carbon dating tests of the Matale mass grave conducted at the Beta Analytic Radio Carbon Dating Lab in Florida USA, was criticised by forensic experts. Lawyers and civil society groups in Mannaralso stopped the move to send samples of the Thirukethiswaram mass grave site to the same lab. But according to DrRajapaksa, these doubts could be cleared by ensuring the chain of custody is undisturbed. [ full story | comments ]

Sri Lanka: Sinhalese fishermen leave Tamil coast after arrests for arson

[ JDS ][ Aug 19 14:15 GMT ]

Non-resident fishermen from southern Sri Lanka reluctantly gave up occupation of the northeastern coastline after three of their colleagues were detained by courts for alleged arson attack on fisherfolk huts. Cadjan huts sheltering at least eight families in the Mullaitivu district were burnt to ashes in the early hours of Monday (13), where local fishermen were protesting environmentally destructive methods used by hundreds of settlers from the south. [ full story | comments ]

Vajpayee helped Sri Lanka in war against LTTE: Wickremesinghe

[ PTI ][ Aug 19 14:12 GMT ]

"He was one of the great prime ministers. He was a true friend of Sri Lanka, he stood for Sri Lanka at all times," Wickremesinghe said. "When I was the prime minister of Sri Lanka previously, the LTTE was in a very strong position. Our economy was weak. Mr Vajpayee helped us develop the economy and extended military training. We were able to stop the sea Tigers (LTTE's sea wing) because of him," he said. [ full story | comments ]

Family, friends pay tribute at funeral for Kyle Howard-Muthulingam

[ Toronto Star ][ Aug 19 14:04 GMT ]

With the message “Kyle Is Our Hero” written in flowers above his casket and on T-shirts worn by his family and close friends, Kyle Howard-Muthulingam was laid to rest Saturday.Many of his classmates from Wexford Collegiate Performing School of the Arts were in attendance, along with members of the Sri Lankan, Jamaican and Canadian communities that make up his family background. The service featured a moving rendition of “Rise Up” by Andra Day, sung a cappella by friend Nekeya Clarke, hymns and Bible readings from the Open Heaven Ministry, which was the church Howard-Muthulingam attended. [ full story | comments ]

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