Head of 'Non Violent Peace Force' ordered out of Sri Lanka

[ CT ] - [ Oct 27, 2009 11:17 GMT ]

The government has ordered the head of a foreign NGO 'Non Violent Peace Force' to immediately leave the country, after it had been found out that he had sent out false reports against Sri Lanka, ?Divaina? reports.

The extension of his visa has also been stopped forthwith.

The government has come to know that head of the NGO's Japanese branch, identified as Sudaka Dhanata, and another person Nirupa Ando had written to the Japanese foreign minister against Sri Lanka.

The website of the NGO said this 'letter was signed by two members of NP-aJapan, who did so without authorization or consultation with the administration or governing council of Nonviolent Peace Force International, NP-Sri Lanka or the NP-Japan.'

The Sri Lankan head of 'Non Violent Peace Force' is the fourth foreigner to be extradited from the island for sending out false reports.