Fast Unto Death: One time shotgun terrorist is now terrorising the UN

[ SLG ] - [ Jul 08, 2010 09:55 GMT ]

    "Let the UN panel do their job and if it matters let it progress to the War Crimes Tribunal. What we need is real justice and perpetrators of war crimes apprehended and punished to ensure the curse of Sri Lanka progressing from democratic dictatorship into a well planned family tyranny of the Rajapakse’s is brought to an end."

July 08, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian: The self elongating ultra Sinhala patriot/nationalist, and one time shot-gun carrying terrorist has become the crusader of Rajapaksha’s destiny to prop up his dynasty.

The well known maverick in the Sri Lankan political circle, Minister Wimal Weerawansa, is progressively loosing his senses. He is the President’s most trusted trouble making politician who will undertake any tasks entrusted to him by the President.

The hate mindset of Wimal is such that he will discharge his verbal taunts knowing that the state will protect him unlike General Sarath Fonseka.

He assembled a group of fanatical monks and his hate mongering disciples to protest against the General Secretary of the United Nation. The super patriot Weerawanse speaks high about protecting the sovereignty of Sri Lanka without knowing that our independence has been progressively mortgaged to the IMF, China, India, Russia, Iran, Myanmar and even recently to the Ukraine.

What he fails to understand is that the UN’s effort at this critical time of inclusive world is to bring about good governance and accountability in Sri Lanka. If this process was in place in 1971 and in the early 1990’s during JVP uprisings Weerawanse’s fellow comrades would have got justice over their brutal deaths by the state and the present government would not have committed further war crimes against our Tamilian brethrens. These forgotten dead citizens of JVP would have created a better precedent for Sri Lanka, if accountability on their deaths were properly considered. Unfortunately, the eccentric minister is acting like a pompous centric of Mahinda & Co., to earn his monertary kickbacks.

On the second day of the protest, Wimal- the President’s patriot, the maverick, the ill disciplined minister, the pompous, the uncharacteristic patriot etc., declared his fast unto death campaign to harass the UN. Let him lead the fast, let him not drink a drop of water and let him attain Nibbane through his self destructive ignoramus crusade. The right thinking citizens of Sri Lanka can give their homage to his idiocy and thank the God for letting Sri Lanka to progress thereafter with the loss of an unwanted patron saint of the President.

The maverick Weerawanse is so far successful in closing down the UN office in Colombo, burning the effigy of the UN General Secretary and bashing the powerless police officers to prevent them maintaining security. At what cost? Sri Lanka’s insidious reputation is now a joke in the world village.

In order to justify his attack on the police officers, the self promoting Minister Wimal claimed, that the police officers have taken bribes from the UN. Such public comment should have invited the police to arrest him. Unfortunately he is not Sarath Fonseka to be arrested and to be investigated by a Trial at Bar or military tribunals.

When selfish goons dictate their terms in politics in Sri Lanka, one could imagine what is stored for the country in the coming days, weeks, months and years ahead. Their conduct is laughable and these ego centric activists will progressively rotten the country. This decay, we all are experiencing in the post independence Sri Lanka will continue until a visionary leader emerges to change the course for our country.

It is everyone’s knowledge that Sri Lanka has violated the international covenants it has subscribed to and have behaved like a irresponsible nation. It escaped international scrutiny or justice for many years and finally got caught with its whole scale war crimes over its war with the LTTE last year, requiring international investigations and sanctions.

Sri Lanka’s guilt on war crimes is overtly visible on many fronts. The crusade of rabid Wimal is another nonsense that will further sully the country.

Sinhala extremism of Rajapaksha’s government has now reached the corridors of the international community. UN bashing, EU basing, US basing, UK bashing etc., are symptomatic character of this insidious government. These are absolutely nothing but coning exercises of the government that is bent on bringing Sri Lankans to poverty levels by loosing the international concessions on trade. Situation in Sri Lanka is turning into bad to worse because of these ultra extremist’s political motivations to confront the international community arrogantly.

The government now says the demonstration is peaceful and orders the police to leave the UN compound. Having scored some pathetic mileage about the state backed demo in the international media, the power intoxicated President and his family rulers are happy that they had the much wanted headlines in the world media with the effort of their maniac minister Weerawanse.

It is also reported that the government had high level talks with the United Nations in New York to give an assurance over the security of the UN staff in Colombo after its office was forced to temporarily close down. UN Associate Spokesperson had said that External Affairs Minister Professor G.L Peiris and Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the UN in New York Dr. Palitha Kohona are helping the UN to bring peace in the UN compound. It must be remembered, it is the very same Dr Palitha Kohana who gave the white flag signal to the LTTE men to surrender to the Sri Lankan army and for them to be shot and killed, thus violating the international laws. Dr Kohana is enjoying the privileges of diplomatic immunity by being appointed as the ambassador to the UN since his white flag drama.

In his Victory Day speech at Galle Face the President said “it is not to idly waste our time that we liberated this land” and that “It was not to hand over the country to thieves, crooks, the corrupt and those of the underworld and also not to waste our time in lethargy.” Isn’t it clear the very same president is enjoying the fun of the thieves, crooks, the corrupt and the underworld associated in his government to play his dirty political football match in public using the victory of the LTTE to his advantage?

The progressively failing president is further failing in his dealings with the international community. He feels that all must pray for him for what he has done to finish off the Tamil Tigers – the most ruthless terrorist outfit in the world even claimed by the FBI.

One time shotgun and red flag carrying crusader Weerawansa cried in the parliament that he was sacked by the JVP for violating the constitution of the party. Suddenly he changed his colours and has become the guardian angel of Sinhala Buddhist extremism and have joined the bandwagon of the extremist supremacists like Champika Ranawaka and Udaya Gammanpila with the blessings of our Chinthanaya President Mahendra Percy Rajapakse.

The trio portray themselves as the fathers of great victory which marked the end of the LTTE in May 2009 and that lead to the killing of over 30,000 Tamil civilian population. The contempt of Government of Sri Lankan is such that it is only interested in the victory celebrations and has failed to issue death certificate for the leader of the LTTE, V. Prabhakaran, ever after carrying out secret post-mortem of his body. Is the government still doubtful that Prabakaran will suddenly emerge from somewhere as the Prabakaran it killed did not wear his traditional boxer shorts and only the amuday (rural suspender) as depicted in the dead Pirabakaran’s pictures?

The cold murders of innocent Tamils are the stories that the government vigorously attempting to sideline. The Chinthanaya President has repeatedly said that soldiers did not kill a single Tamil civilian when they conducted the war against the LTTE. If so, why worry Mr President? Allow the UN to investigate any charges give you the certificate of discharge to uphold your claim. Are you scared if allowed the skeletons and surviving humans will prove you are a liar and a deceptive leader living on lies and columnies that mark the progress of your Chinthanaya Presidency.

Let the UN panel do their job and if it matters let it progress to the War Crimes Tribunal. What we need is real justice and perpetrators of war crimes apprehended and punished to ensure the curse of Sri Lanka progressing from democratic dictatorship into a well planned family tyranny of the Rajapakse’s is brought to an end.