Musali Muslims fear Sinhala colonisation

[ Morning Leader ] - [ Sep 24, 2008 04:07 GMT ]

Muslims displaced from the Musali area in the Mannar District expressed fears that the government would systematically settle Sinhalese there.

President of the Musali People’s Parliament (MPP), S.M.A. Niyas told The Morning Leader that the government, which was supposed to resettle around 57 Muslim families in Musali by September 22 had not done so.

He added that the government had not given a reason for not resettling the families.

"That is why we fear that the government would now try to systematically allow Sinhalese to settle in these areas. This is similar to what had happened in the east as well," he said.

He stated that Sinhalese were allowed to settle in Silavathurai, a predominantly Muslim area.

"The government has not given us any reasons for not resettling the Muslims displaced from these areas, even after they had been regained by the government," he added.

Resettlement and Disaster Relief Services Minister Rishard Bathiudeen could not be contacted for his comments on the issue.