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  • Fishermen released by Sri Lanka arrive in Tamil Nadu

  •    [ Aug 04, 2017 14:59:19 GMT ] [ PTI ]

        Seventy-seven Tamil Nadu fishermen, arrested by the Sri Lankan Navy in separate incidents this year on charges of poaching, arrived at the Karaikal port near here early today after their release by the island nation. Fisheries Minister D Jayakumar, Handlooms Minister O S Manian and family members and relatives of the fishermen were among those who received them at the port, official sources said. The fishermen belonged to Pudukottai, Ramanathapuram, Nagapattinam and Karaikal districts. The Sri Lankan Government had on July 28 agreed to release the fishermen. [ Full Report ]

  • Explore the unexpected beauty of Sri Lanka's mangroves

  •    [ Aug 04, 2017 14:57:51 GMT ] [ CNN ]

        Seacology's and Sudeesa's reach within Sri Lanka is extensive. The organizations also run a Northern Regional Center in Mannar, in the country's quiet, war-ravaged north, where many of the women who cycle through the program are conflict widows. As in Chilaw, the Mannar facility is home to a mangrove nursery (there are three nurseries in total throughout the groups' facilities), where seedlings are nurtured and prepped for replanting in wild coastal habitats. And farther north still, near Jaffna, Seacology and Sudeesa are working with Sri Lanka's navy to replant mangroves and to spread the word about conservation throughout the surrounding communities. [ Full Report ]

  • China Opens First Overseas Military Base

  •    [ Aug 03, 2017 16:23:51 GMT ] [ American Interest ]

        Only a few miles down the road from the U.S. base at Camp Lemmonier, China has just announced the opening of its first overseas military base in the tiny nation of Djibouti on the Bab al-Mandeb straits at the southern end of the Red Sea. China secured rights to the base, which can house up to 10,000 troops, through at least 2026 by granting loans to Djiboutian government that amount to 60% of Djibouti’s GDP on top of $20 million per year in rent and billions of dollars on Djiboutis infrastructure. China claims that the base is a “logistics and fast evacuation base.” [ Full Report ]

  • China's Hambantota Deal Is Bad News For Both Pakistan And India

  •    [ Aug 03, 2017 16:20:57 GMT ] [ Forbes ]

        The taking over of Hambantota by Beijing is bad news for both Pakistan and India -- for different reasons.For Pakistan, the deal will serve as a model for the future of CPEC (China–Pakistan Economic Corridor), a huge transportation network connecting China to the Arabian Sea at Pakistan’s Gwadar Port. Like Hambantota, CPEC started with loans that will eventually be converted into equity, as it seems very unlikely Pakistan will ever be in a position to pay them back. For New Delhi, the Hambantota deal is bad news because it’s one more step to encircle and pacify India by Beijing. [ Full Report ]

  • China, India keen on wooing Sri Lanka

  •    [ Aug 03, 2017 16:17:56 GMT ] [ FPJ ]

        As Sri Lanka handed over majority stake in the Hambantota port to a Chinese firm for 99 years in a ‘debt-equity’ swap of $1.1 billion, India hopes that the security assurances inserted in the concession agreement hold fast in the future. However, fears remain about the precedent set by this ‘distress sale’ for other Chinese projects in the neighbourhood. For now, India remains the biggest trading partner for Sri Lanka, with bilateral trade in 2016 amounting to $4.38 billion. In development assistance, India has committed over $2.6 billion in loans and grants. But the way the Chinese are aggressively wooing Sri Lanka, they may try to gain a psychological advantage in this too. [ Full Report ]

  • China Buys Hambantota Port: Should India Be Concerned?

  •    [ Aug 03, 2017 16:13:41 GMT ] [ Diplomat ]

        Meanwhile, tensions have been increasingly on the rise between India and China since the beginning of 2017, with matters coming to a head with the ongoing border standoff at Doklam, a disputed plateau in Sikkim. While all eyes have been turned northwards as a result, there is no doubt that India has been taking steps to protect itself in the Indian Ocean as well – allying itself with the United States and Japan in a clear bid to counter growing Chinese influence. But these are baby steps as yet – not only has New Delhi been lethargic in building strategic partnerships, but it lacks China’s skill in conducting what Brahma Chellaney calls “debt-trap diplomacy.” [ Full Report ]

  • US Senior Defense Official and Defence Attache Visits Jaffna Commander

  •    [ Aug 03, 2017 16:03:54 GMT ] [ CMC Jaffna ]

        Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Hess, the incoming Senior Defense Official and Defense Attache to the US High Commission in Colombo had an official call on with the Commander Security Forces (Jaffna) on 31 July 2017. Commander SF (J) extended a warm welcome to Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Hess and briefed the present situation of Jaffna Peninsula. His visit to the HQ SF (J) was a part of his visit to all regional commanders and regimental training centres of the Sri Lanka Army. During the discussion they exchanged views on matters relevant to both parties. At the end of the discussion, Major General Darshana Hettiarachchi, and Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Hess exchanged mementos to mark his visit to HQ SF (J). [ Full Report ]

  • Misappropriation of Rs.70 million belonging to Krrish Company: FCID seeks AG’s advice on Namal Rajapaksa

  •    [ Aug 01, 2017 16:07:13 GMT ] [ CDN ]

        The FCID conducting investigations against Hambantota District MP Namal Rajapaksa, concerning a misappropriation of Rs.70 million belonging to the Krrish Company yesterday informed Court that they have sought Attorney General’s advice regarding possible future legal action into the matter.MP Namal Rajapaksa was arrested for allegedly misappropriating Rs.70 million granted by Indian Real Estate Company Krrish Lanka Pvt. Ltd, to develop rugby in Sri Lanka. He is currently out on bail. The FCID alleged that Krrish Lanka Pvt. Limited had granted Rs. 70 million to develop rugby in Sri Lanka and the amount was given to Ceylon Premium Sports President Nihal Hemasiri Perera. [ Full Report ]

  • Mangala responds to GL: The ICC doesn’t have jurisdiction over SL

  •    [ Aug 01, 2017 16:05:03 GMT ] [ Daily Mirror ]

        The ICC doesn’t have jurisdiction over any alleged offence committed by a Sri Lankan within the territory of Sri Lanka. It’s important to mention at the outset that regardless of what domestic laws are enacted by any state, an international court or tribunal, including the International Criminal Court (ICC) can investigate or prosecute only crimes over which it has jurisdiction in terms of the law under which the said court/tribunal is established. This is the case in respect of any court or tribunal, be it international or domestic. [ Full Report ]

    - Int’l Convention for Protection from Enforced Disappearance Bill - Daily Mirror
  • The Killing Fields

  •    [ Aug 01, 2017 15:57:12 GMT ] [ MoernFarmer ]

        In the North Central Province of Sri Lanka, a rice farmer sprays his paddies with herbicide. In Sri Lanka's North Central province, a land of crumbling Buddhist temples and gently swaying palms, farmers have cultivated rice for millennia. Until the 1960s, they relied on oxen, not tractors, to plow their fields. But the introduction of mechanized and chemical methods has rendered such time honored techniques extinct. An island nation that once boasted nearly 3,000 ancient rice varieties now produces a handful of modern strains in fields routinely drenched with herbicides and synthetic fertilizers. [ Full Report ]

  • Parts of Highway 401 still closed due to fatal truck fire

  •    [ Jul 31, 2017 14:52:02 GMT ] [ CBC ]

        Commuters using Highway 401 in Toronto can expect delays due to lane closures caused by a fatal truck fire just before rush hour at Avenue Road, but traffic has begun to run a little more smoothly. The eastbound collector lanes of Highway 401 are now open at Allen Road, but the eastbound express lanes at Allen Road remain closed, according to the Ontario Provincial Police. The westbound express lanes just after Yonge Street continue to be closed as well. It's unclear when the rest of the highway will reopen. According to Ontario's transportation ministry, the remaining lanes might reopen before noon ET. One man died at the scene at Avenue Road, according to Toronto paramedics. [ Full Report ]

  • Security to be beefed up in Jaffna after violence: Lanka police

  •    [ Jul 31, 2017 14:49:32 GMT ] [ PTI ]

        Security will be beefed up in SriLanka's Tamil-dominated Jaffna city after the assassination attempt on a high court judge and the death of three security personnel, a senior police official said on Monday. "We have to adopt different strategies now to ensure security of the people and the police, Inspector General of Police Pujith Jayasundera told reporters. He was responding to queries on two incidents, murder of a policeman, who was a protection officer of Tamil judge M Illancheliyan last week and the killing of two policemen over the weekend. [ Full Report ]

    - Kopay attack main suspect an ex-LTTE cadre: IGP - Daily Mirror
  • Sri Lanka to host conference on Tamil culture

  •    [ Jul 31, 2017 14:47:35 GMT ] [ Hindu ]

        The International Movement of Tamil Culture (Sri Lanka chapter) in association with the University of Jaffna will be holding a two-day special conference on ‘Challenges and Initiatives of Tamil Language and Culture’ at the University premises on August 5 and 6. Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, Malathi Rajavelu, IMTC India Chapter and Panch. Ramalingam, Reader in the UGC- Human Resource development Centre, Pondicherry University and chairman of the conference said that as many as 48 delegates from Puducherry and various parts of the country will take part in the deliberations at the conference. Eminent scholars and Parliamentarians from Canada, U.S., France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Japan, Sri Lanka, Kuwait and Singapore will participate in the conference. [ Full Report ]

  • -Sri Lanka’s debt woes with China a warning

  •    [ Jul 31, 2017 14:44:53 GMT ] [ FMT ]

        Sri Lanka has become the first Asian country to fall into what is called “China’s debt trap”, having previously received billions of dollars in investments into huge infrastructure projects, based on China’s guidance and promises, The Independent Singapore reported. Sri Lanka is now facing the consequences of the vast investments, owing China US$8 billion out of the total US$64 billion overall debt that has arisen from the various projects. As a result, most of the South Asian nation’s revenue is being directed towards debt settlement instead of towards much-needed development for the country which came out of a 25-year civil war in 2009. [ Full Report ]

    - Sri Lanka completes controversial US$1 bn port deal with China - AFP
  • Cabin crew prevents mid-air disaster on Sri Lanka-bound plane

  •    [ Jul 31, 2017 14:41:51 GMT ] [ DPA ]

        The cabin crew of a Sri Lankan-bound flight averted a possible mid-air disaster after the ignition of a mobile phone battery pack, airline officials said on Monday. The incident occurred on Sri Lankan Airlines flight UL 166 from Kochi in India to Colombo with 202 passengers onboard midway through the trip on Sunday, an official from the airline said. "The cabin crew had observed smoke from an overhead luggage bin on the flight and on inspection found that the ignition of a lithium battery pack had sparked off the smoke," the official said. [ Full Report ]

  • A little piece of Sri Lanka in Paris

  •    [ Jul 31, 2017 14:40:06 GMT ] [ IOL ]

        For many Paris visitors, the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame cathedral are must visit spots, but if you want to step out to the unconventional, a trip to La Chapelle will do. La Chapelle, situated on the outskirts of Paris, is filled with all aspects of foreign cultures. What makes this spot special is that the mix of cultures is a fascinating way to discover a new Paris and a place where you can learn and explore.The colourful streets are filled with shops and restaurants reflecting the Sri Lankan and South Indian culture. The tamil language is spoken a lot here, so a basic lesson on Google Translate before you visit will put a smile on any local face. [ Full Report ]

  • What is behind China's purchase of a port in Sri Lanka?

  •    [ Jul 30, 2017 16:29:00 GMT ] [ Al Jazeera ]

        The long-delayed $1.1bn sale of a 70 percent stake in Sri Lanka's Hambantota port, which straddles the world's busiest east-west shipping route, has been signed off in Colombo. It will help Sri Lanka get on top of mounting debts and adds another important link in China's "New Silk Road". But many in Sri Lanka see it as a sellout, and India is worried about China moving into its backyard. [ Full Report ]

  • Sri Lanka signs deal on Hambantota port with China

  •    [ Jul 30, 2017 16:27:21 GMT ] [ BBC ]

        Sri Lanka has signed a $1.1bn (£837m) deal with China for the control and development of the southern deep-sea port of Hambantota. The deal had been delayed by several months over concerns that the port could be used by the Chinese military. The government has given assurances that China will run only commercial operations from the port, on the main shipping route between Asia and Europe. Sri Lanka's government says money from the deal will help repay foreign loans. [ Full Report ]

    - Sri Lanka signs Hambantota port deal with China - Al Jazeera
  • 'Demons in Paradise' review: A spine-chilling testimony to rebel violence in Sri Lanka

  •    [ Jul 30, 2017 16:21:30 GMT ] [ Economic Times ]

        In Jude Ratnam’s debut film, the documentary 'Demons in Paradise', a group of former Sri Lankan Tamil militants is sitting around a fire talking about their fight for freedom. Curiously, there is no mention of the enemy, the Sri Lankan military, that brutally crushed their struggle for a separate state for the ethnic minority Tamils. [ Full Report ]

  • ‘Geo-politics’ addressed in strategic China deal says Ports and Shipping Minister

  •    [ Jul 30, 2017 11:52:19 GMT ] [ Island ]

        Sri Lanka on Saturday sealed a billion-dollar deal to let a Chinese state firm take over a loss-making port in a move that worries many, including its giant neighbour India."We have addressed geo-political concerns," the minister said at a signing ceremony in Colombo. "China has accepted that everything in this agreement will operate under Sri Lankan law." Negotiations over the deal were held up for months amid opposition from trade unions and political parties. [ Full Report ]

    - India’s position as China takes Hambantota port - Island
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