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  • Truth mechanism quorum for finding missing persons to be decided by mid-October, says Sri Lankan diplomat at UN

  •    [ Sep 16, 2016 13:46:03 GMT ] [ IE ]

        “In all these processes, the government and government institutions work closely and in consultation with the UN system and the OHCHR as well as other international experts,” the Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ravinatha Aryasinha said on Thursday. “We are also working closely with ICRC, especially in the area of dealing with the missing, including the technicalities of the establishment of the Office on Missing Persons, the training and capacity building requirements as well as obtaining expertise and sharing experiences of other countries that have similar mechanisms,” Aryasinha said. [ Full Report ]

  • Terror that is PTA

  •    [ Sep 16, 2016 13:29:54 GMT ] [ CDN ]

        Still there are about 160 individuals in detention under the PTA. They should be released unconditionally as the Government has already accepted that the PTA is a travesty of justice and is to be repealed.Thus there is every possibility of several of them breaking Nelson Mandela’s record of long-term imprisonment. What more, there are several precedents in which accused under detention under the PTA were released unconditionally on political grounds by the Executive. Since these unfortunate persons were arrested on suspicion of much lesser offences than some of those already released it is nothing but right that they should be given an amnesty. It would certainly cause a dramatic improvement in national reconciliation and strengthen national unity. [ Full Report ]

  • Sri Lanka: Is Transitional Justice in Trouble?

  •    [ Sep 16, 2016 13:25:02 GMT ] [ Huffington Post ]

        The UN Human Rights Council’s (HRC) 33rd session began on Tuesday and Sri Lanka is on the agenda. The UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances (WGEID) is set to officially release a report on the island nation. The report is already in the public domain, although this is the first time the document will be presented to the Geneva-based HRC. Disappearances in Sri Lanka have been a longstanding problem. Appropriately, an Office of Missing Persons (OMP) is one of the four main pillars of the government’s transitional justice process. [ Full Report ]

  • Why did a boys' school tell women what to wear?

  •    [ Sep 16, 2016 13:20:19 GMT ] [ BBC ]

        A member of the administrative staff at St Joseph's confirmed the strict dress code for women entering the school premises. "If they want to come into the school they have to be dressed appropriately," the staff member told the BBC. Another leading private school in Colombo, St Peter's College, confirmed it has a similar notice outside its gates. "This is a boy's school after all and we have a notice so that women know what they should and should not be wearing," an office member said, adding that women who did not adhere to the dress code were turned away. [ Full Report ]

  • Free Education System: The Unexplored Flaws

  •    [ Sep 16, 2016 13:15:47 GMT ] [ UNDP ]

        Ministry of Education in 2013 reports that there are only 0.4% schools that offer school education in all three languages Sinhala, Tamil and English. Further it points out that there are only 3.5% national schools while 96.5% are provincial schools. This sheds light on why the grade 5 scholarship exam is highly competitive, pressurizing children to attend a national school which is considered 'better' due to its prestige. But it must be also noted that national schools are considered to have better resources and better teachers. Does that mean in provincial schools the situation is otherwise? [ Full Report ]

  • BBC journalist who says he was sacked for telling the truth about Sri Lankan civil war wins unfair dismissal appeal

  •    [ Sep 16, 2016 13:09:50 GMT ] [ PressGazette ]

        A BBC World Service journalist who claims he was sacked for favouring coverage about the plight of Sri Lankan Tamils has won an appeal and successfully argued that he was unfairly dismissed. “It seemed very clear that the BBC Sinhala service gave the impression of toeing the government line, particularly when it came to the tragic events at the end of the war. “Bandara’s attempts to tell the truth, a truth that’s now been vindicated by various UN inquiries, was stymied by editorial decisions which – for whatever reason – appeared to be consistent with the interests of the discredited government.” [ Full Report ]

  • Report of the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances on its mission to Sri Lanka

  •    [ Sep 15, 2016 17:06:27 GMT ] [ RefWorld ]

        Overall, the victims of enforced disappearances have very little faith in the justice system, the prosecution services, the police or the armed forces. The chronic pattern of impunity still exists with regard to cases of enforced disappearance and sufficient efforts now need to be made to determine the fate or whereabouts of persons who have disappeared, punish those responsible and guarantee the right to truth and reparation. The Working Group invites the Government of Sri Lanka to submit within 90 days of the date of presentation of the present report to the Human Rights Council a timetable showing the steps that it will take to implement the present recommendations. [ Full Report ]

  • Patrick Brown faces rising internal strife: Hepburn

  •    [ Sep 15, 2016 16:42:30 GMT ] [ Toronto Star ]

        Doug Ford has vowed (threatened?) that he “will be running politically” within the next year. Ford may run for the Tories in Etobicoke, but Brown should be more worried that Ford is ultimately aiming at his job as party leader. Ford has been taking a bigger and bigger role in the party, having co-chaired the successful Scarborough-Rouge River byelection win. He won’t stop there. Brown must act decisively in the coming weeks to clear up the messes he has created or has left to fester. If he fails to do so, the 2018 election may be far more interesting than anyone expects. [ Full Report ]

  • Malaysian duo plead not guilty to assaulting Sri Lankan envoy

  •    [ Sep 15, 2016 16:34:35 GMT ] [ Asian Correspondent ]

        TWO men claimed trial in Malaysia on Friday to charges of rioting and causing injury after they were nabbed over the assault of Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to the country. A report on The Star said the two – businessman A. Kalaimughilan, 26, and taxi driver V. Balamurugan, 32, both from Sungai Siput, a small township in the northern state of Perak – were charged at a Sessions Court this morning. The charge under Section 147 of the country’s criminal penal code carries a maximum two years’ jail or a fine or both. The two men’s lawyers urged the court to set bail at a sum lower than the RM20,000 (US$4,900) requested by the deputy public prosecutor’s office. [ Full Report ]

  • Tamil film industry reacts to violence

  •    [ Sep 14, 2016 14:42:05 GMT ] [ Hindu ]

        Renowned Tamil filmmaker Bharathiraja has criticised the Centre’s silence on the violence faced by Tamils in Karnataka on Tuesday. Terming its silence ‘regrettable’, he said, “The central government should have intervened and must take steps to find a permanent solution for the Cauvery issue. “Attacks on Tamils on various occasions, including the killing of 20 wood cutters in Seshachalam forests, have continued unabated. These kinds of instances makes us wonder if we are living in the same country,” he said. Actor Vijay Sethupathi also uploaded a video where he appealed to both sides expressing concern over attack on ordinary people. [ Full Report ]

    - Protesters ransack Tamil film set in Mysuru - Express News Service
  • After Ban Ki-moon Evicts Critical Press, Team Ban Enlists Sri Lanka War Criminal To Lash Out

  •    [ Sep 14, 2016 14:34:10 GMT ] [ ICP ]

        UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in late August awarded the top UN job in Kenya to his own son in law, Siddharth Chatterjee, and did not even recuse himself. Ban's spokesman Stephane Dujarric has refused to provide basic information about the promotion, and about Chatterjee's military activities in Sri Lanka. Instead, Team Ban arranged for Chatterjee's military commander Dalvir Singh to slam in Huffington Post Inner City Press' “accusations of human rights violations against Chatterjee. Major Chatterjee was a star member of my battalion, the 10th Para Special Forces, and at no time was my battalion or any member of my unit ever involved in any form of human rights violation.” Really? What about the Jaffna Hospital Massacre? And see Amnesty Int'l. [ Full Report ]

    - Ban Ki-moon's Son-In-Law Heads UN in Kenya, Ban Was Not Recused, Censors - ICP
  • China’s strategic Silk Route region in direct opening to Sri Lanka

  •    [ Sep 14, 2016 14:27:16 GMT ] [ LBO ]

        “I believe that with the progress of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Route, Guangxi will be equipped better for greater cooperation and linking with Sri Lanka as a coastal region of South China” said a confident powerful Secretary of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region’s CPC Committee Peng Qinghua on 13 September in Nanning, China.Secretary Qinghua, who once served as the Director of China Central Government’s liaison office in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, was in discussion with Sri Lankan Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen at his Nanning Offices on the morning of 13 September. [ Full Report ]

  • On her final album, M.I.A. takes AIM at cultural norms

  •    [ Sep 14, 2016 14:08:47 GMT ] [ Globe And Mail ]

        If aspiration is to show them that you’re the biggest pop star, I wasn’t. Because I came from a war zone, relating to experiences of injustices that happen to other communities, it was important for me to address that in my work. And I think because of that, my opportunities did get curbed. So it was too difficult to explain to the Tamils because a lot of people would be, like, “God, why don’t you just shut up and do it?” But to me, talking about them was really important. But even the Tamils at some points would be like, “Just don’t, you know? [laughs]” [ Full Report ]

  • UN Chief’s Visit to Sri Lanka Does Little to Address Struggles of Those Awaiting Justice

  •    [ Sep 13, 2016 12:48:57 GMT ] [ The Wire ]

        Ban Ki-Moon acknowledged the “big mistakes” the UN made in relation to Sri Lanka under his leadership, but is yet to lay out a concrete rights-based strategy for the country. Madushka De Silva disappeared on September 2, 2013 in Anuradhapura – Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese-Buddhist heartland in the North Central Province. The third anniversary of his disappearance coincided with Ban Ki-Moon’s visit to the country. On that day, the UN secretary general was so close, and yet so far from De Silva’s wife, Mauri Inoka. [ Full Report ]

  • ‘Big Success Story’: Sri Lanka Is Declared Free of Malaria

  •    [ Sep 13, 2016 12:46:45 GMT ] [ New York Times ]

        After a long struggle, Sri Lanka, the large island nation southeast of India, was declared free of malaria last week by the World Health Organization. It has been more than three years since the last case. “This is a big success story,” said Dr. Pedro L. Alonso, the director of the W.H.O.’s global malaria program. “And it’s an example for other countries.” Sri Lanka almost succeeded in eliminating malaria 50 years ago, but its huge effort fell apart. The country became the example most frequently cited by malariologists to show how defeat could be pried from the jaws of victory. [ Full Report ]

  • Sri Lankan Govt informs apex court It's opting out of sampur India-Sri Lanka coal-fired power project

  •    [ Sep 13, 2016 12:43:45 GMT ] [ Indian Express ]

        The Sri Lankan government on Tuesday told the Supreme Court that it is opting out of the India-Sri Lanka Joint Venture to set up a coal-fired 500 MW power at Sampur in the Eastern Province. The ill-fated JV between the Ceylon Electricity Board and the National Thermal Power Corporation of India (NTPC) has been on the drawing board since 2006 and has faced many challenges in the past ten years. The Sri Lankan government’s decision to abandon coal as the fuel is in line with the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe government’s policy of protecting the country’s environment. The government wants investors to generate power using Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) or diesel. [ Full Report ]

  • Rajiv assassination convict Perarivalan attacked in Vellore jail

  •    [ Sep 13, 2016 12:42:31 GMT ] [ PTI ]

        A G Peralivalan, one of the seven convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, was on Tuesday attacked inside the high security central prison in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, by another inmate, police said. The 44-year-old was attacked by another inmate Rajesh, they said. Officials declined to spell out details of the incident, including the reason for the attack, maintaining that an inquiry by prison authorities was on. Perarivalan is being treated at the prison hospital, police said. Rajiv Gandhi was killed by a suicide bomber at nearby Sriperumbudur on May 21, 1991 and seven persons-- Murugan, Santhan, Perarivalan, Nalini, Robert Payas, Jayakumar and Ravichandran -- were convicted in the case. [ Full Report ]

  • Tamil lawyers forum asks UN to set up scientists' team to examine allegedly poisoned ex-LTTE cadres

  •    [ Sep 13, 2016 9:52:33 GMT ] [ NIE ]

        The Tamil Lawyers’ Forum (TLF) has petitioned the Office of the UN Human Rights Commissioner to set up a committee of scientists and medical professionals “of international repute” to examine former cadres of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) who have been complaining of illnesses and debilities of various kinds which they allege are the result of the injection of some poisonous substances while they were held in captivity by the Sri Lankan army after the end of Eelam War IV. [ Full Report ]

  • We Agree With UN Call To Reduce Troops – Dr. Kavinda Jayawardana

  •    [ Sep 13, 2016 9:50:38 GMT ] [ Sunday Leader ]

        Dr. Kavinda Jayawardana, Member of Parliament (MP) from the Gampaha District, UNP National Youth Front Chairman and UNO Working Committee member said the good governance regime has been completely dedicated to heal the past wounds and to bring about lasting reconciliation. “Any UN official comes here or not, the government will work towards this goal to fulfill their pledge to the people,” he said adding further that the government had already identified the mindset of the Tamil people in the North – their fears, uncertainty and mistrust. He agrees with the UN Secretary General’s suggestion that military presence in the north should be eased to give solace to the northern people who had gone through massive devastation during the three-decade long war in the country. [ Full Report ]

  • September in Geneva: Sri Lanka at UNHRC

  •    [ Sep 12, 2016 14:24:25 GMT ] [ Island ]

        The September session of the United Nations Human Rights Council will start on the 13th of this month. There is a report on Sri Lanka due to be presented there. It is the Report of the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances on its mission to Sri Lanka. While the Sri Lankan Government enthusiastically embraces the recommendations of the UNHRC 2015 resolution on Sri Lanka and readies itself to implement them, would it feel the same way about the recommendations on Trade Agreements? [ Full Report ]

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