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  • Indonesia vows not to tow stranded Sri Lankans out to sea

  •    [ Jun 22, 2016 10:04:11 GMT ] [ Straits Times ]

        The Indonesian government said on Tuesday (June 21) a boatload of stranded Sri Lankan migrants would not be towed back out to sea, after local officials had sparked anger by pledging to send them on their way in a rickety craft. Authorities will allow those with genuine refugee claims to stay in Indonesia pending permanent resettlement to another country, and send the others back home, an immigration department spokesman said. Local authorities in the western province of Aceh had previously insisted that the 43 migrants would be sent back to sea to continue their journey to Australia after repairs to their vessel. [ Full Report ]

  • Judge Ilancheliyan struck terror in the hearts of Jaffna's criminals

  •    [ Jun 21, 2016 15:36:46 GMT ] [ NIE ]

        Ilancheliyan’s awesome reputation as a fearless judge stemmed from his handling of the Krishanthi Kumaraswamy rape and murder case in 1999. The incident which took place at Chemmani in Jaffna district, involved Captain-rank military personnel. Ilancheliyan not only had the officers arrested, but ordered exhumation of the bodies. Fifteen bodies were exhumed under the glare of the international media. “Predictably, the Defense Ministry objected to the arrests, and many thought that Lanka’s Sinhalese majority will not allow a Tamil judge to remand Sinhalese army officers. But President Chandrika Kumaratunga bowed to international pressure and allowed the arrests. However, the four arrested officers went to the Court of Appeal in Colombo and got bail,” Ilancheliyan said. [ Full Report ]

  • Jaffna’s Glitzy Exterior Hides A Stagnant Local Economy

  •    [ Jun 21, 2016 15:30:02 GMT ] [ NIE ]

        “The five salterns in Elephant Pass, if used, could supply salt to the entire island. The abandoned cement plant in Kankesanthurai could be restarted with imported limestone, and Paranthan chemicals could be revived. If the 6,000 acres of agricultural land held by the armed forces in Weligamam North is returned to civilians, food could be produced. Cashew, coconut, sugarcane, grapes and mangoes could be grown in plantations and food processing could be given a fillip,” Jayasekaram told Express. [ Full Report ]

  • As TN school children struggle to learn Tamil, a new app to the rescue

  •    [ Jun 21, 2016 15:23:26 GMT ] [ News Minute ]

        With the number of students able to fluently grasp Tamil in primary classes dropping drastically, an app called “Chutti Tamil Arichubadi” is hoping to come to the rescue. Focusing on student needs, the app has options for learning the script, practicing writing and consulting a dictionary. Thus, the app provides flash-card like sequences of 247 letters along with audio of their correct pronunciations, turns the mobile screen into an erasable slate to practice letters, and provides a dictionary that claims to be more comprehensive than any other app-based offering currently available. [ Full Report ]

  • Indonesia vows to help stranded Tamil migrants

  •    [ Jun 21, 2016 15:21:35 GMT ] [ Jakarta Post ]

        Indonesia has vowed to provide humanitarian assistance to 43 Tamil migrants from Sri Lanka stranded in Aceh and connect them with the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR), having permitted them to come ashore after a week of attempting to force them back out to sea. “UNHCR and the International Organization for Migration [IOM] will further assist us in data gathering and provision of humanitarian assistance,” Immigration Directorate General spokesman Heru Santoso Anantan Yudha said in a press conference on Tuesday. [ Full Report ]

    - Malaysia's Penang Deputy Chief Minister P Ramasamy offers to help Tamil refugees in Aceh - Free Malaysia Today
    - Indonesia Lets Aid Groups Assist Tamil Migrants in Aceh - AP
  • Sri Lanka: Broken promises again at the UN?

  •    [ Jun 21, 2016 12:52:55 GMT ] [ Asian Correspondent ]

        THE United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) sessions now underway in Geneva gives another opportunity to Sri Lanka to trumpet the progress it is making on transitional justice. However, there is scant evidence of ‘progress’ on the ground because the government has either gone back, or done very little, to make good its pledges. Unless the international community calls Colombo’s bluff, victims of human rights violations cannot look forward either to justice or closure. [ Full Report ]

  • Can Sri Lanka Leverage Its Location as Indian Ocean Hub?

  •    [ Jun 21, 2016 12:49:22 GMT ] [ The Diplomat ]

        Sri Lanka is in an enviable location. The busy East-West shipping route passes just six to ten nautical miles south of the island. More than 60,000 ships ply this route annually, carrying two-thirds of the world’s oil and half of all container shipments. Sri Lanka is also at the doorstep of a dynamic market – India. Already, 75 percent of Colombo port volumes are transshipments from India; the Indian middle class market alone is set to expand to 10 times the island’s entire population. In addition, Sri Lanka has a free trade agreement with Pakistan, which is going to be expanded to cover services and investment, and will likely have an agreement with China soon. [ Full Report ]

  • Sri Lanka reneges on rights probe resolution

  •    [ Jun 20, 2016 15:16:13 GMT ] [ Asia News Network ]

        The BJP government by a quirk of events finds itself on the side of the Sinhala majority and China. Sirisena, during a recent stopover in New Delhi, obtained Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s support to his government’s defiance of last year’s UNHRC resolution. Yi Xianliang, Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka, while extending his country’s unqualified support to Sri Lanka in Geneva, advised Colombo to keep foreign judges out of the reconciliation process. After so much bloodshed, the Tamil problem in Sri Lanka is back to square one. [ Full Report ]

  • Sri Lanka Tamil issue: Jaya vows to bring back Katchatheevu Island

  •    [ Jun 20, 2016 15:13:36 GMT ] [ India Today ]

        Jayalalithaa declared that she would certainly succeed in her efforts to retrieve the 285 acre island on the Indian side of the maritime boundary and wished the DMK members stay well to see it happen in an oblique reference to arch rival and aging DMK patriarch M. Karunanidhi. An uninhabited island, off the eastern seaboard in the Bay of Bengal, Katchatheevu is a long standing contentious issue for the people of Tamil Nadu who are vocal and want it to be reclaimed from Sri Lanka. "I will certainly retrieve Katchatheevu", the Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalithaa asserted on the floor of the state legislative assembly, on Monday, in keeping with her poll promise. [ Full Report ]

  • Sri Lanka activists press court to sack central bank chief

  •    [ Jun 20, 2016 15:11:50 GMT ] [ Daily Star ]

        An influential group of Sri Lankan academics and professionals took legal action Monday to seek the sacking of the controversial central bank chief over long-running insider trading allegations. "A constitutional provision which applies to all other public servants has not been applied in the case of Governor Arjuna Mahendran," Activist Keerthi Tennakoon, who heads the Anti-Corruption Front told reporters after filing the petition in the Court of Appeal against him.Mahendran, whose tenure is up for renewal at the end of June, was accused last year of leaking inside information to his son-in-law's firm, allgedly allowing it to make millions of dollars in profits from a central bank bond auction. [ Full Report ]

  • NSG: India needs a balanced ‘give-and-take’ relationship with China

  •    [ Jun 20, 2016 15:08:42 GMT ] [ ORF OnLine ]

        Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar’s visit to Beijing last week indicates that New Delhi is undertaking direct diplomacy to obtain China’s support for India’s membership into the Nuclear Suppliers Group. This is as it should be. It was foolish and futile to try and somehow shame China into supporting the Indian cause. Actually, the first round of diplomacy began with President Pranab Mukherjee’s visit to Beijing last month. What is not widely known is that the Foreign Secretary, who was accompanying the President, took the opportunity to engage the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in a one-on-one meeting. What transpired in either meeting will not be known, but the success or failure of the effort will soon become evident in the forthcoming NSG meeting in Seoul. [ Full Report ]

  • Ottawa refuses to reveal decision on shipping military goods to Thailand

  •    [ Jun 20, 2016 14:44:43 GMT ] [ Globe And Mail ]

        Foreign Minister Stéphane Dion made a big decision earlier this year on whether to allow Canadian-made military goods to be shipped to Thailand, a country ruled by an undemocratic junta since a 2014 coup – but the government won’t divulge whether he blocked or approved these exports. It’s only the second time since he took the job in November that Mr. Dion has personally rendered a “ministerial decision” on an export permit. The other was the controversial move in April to green-light export permits for the $15-billion sale of combat vehicles to Saudi Arabia. [ Full Report ]

  • Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on World Refugee Day

  •    [ Jun 20, 2016 14:38:42 GMT ] [ PMO ]

        “Today, let us promise to never forget the dignity and potential in the lives of all those fleeing persecution and conflict, and honour the commitment of those who help them. “This year, World Refugee Day marks a somber milestone. An estimated 60 million people are now refugees, asylum seekers, or internally displaced persons. Over half of these people are children. “In a time of economic uncertainty and tightening security, it is easy for countries to shy away from the plight of those seeking shelter from conflict and persecution. We must do better than that, and lead with open minds and warm hearts, not closed borders and cold indifference. [ Full Report ]

    - Greetings on World Refugee Day - KW-fb
  • I am not a Sri Lankan - Theepachelvan Pradeepan

  •    [ Jun 20, 2016 14:09:32 GMT ] [ JDS Lanka ]

        In our soil
    a national anthem is aired
    just as the Indian National anthem
    sung in Manipur.
    In my land
    a flag is hoisted
    as the flag of China
    flying in Tibet. In my finger
    the impression of landless refugee is seen
    as that branded by fire
    in Myanmar’s hand.
    [ Full Report ]

  • Cluster bombs used in Sri Lanka's civil war, leaked photos suggest

  •    [ Jun 20, 2016 8:24:01 GMT ] [ The Guardian ]

        Images that appear to confirm the use of cluster bombs in the end stages of Sri Lanka’s 26-year civil war have been uncovered as new testimony emerged suggesting the country’s armed forces may have deployed the munition against civilians. The revelations are likely to prompt serious questions for the current Sri Lankan government, which includes several senior members of the cabinet who oversaw army activity during the last days of the conflict. [ Full Report ]

  • Impunity and Justice: Why the UN Human Rights Council Must Stay Engaged in Sri Lanka

  •    [ Jun 20, 2016 8:20:28 GMT ] [ ICG ]

        As the United Nations Human Rights Council meets in Geneva this month, it’s time to assess how far Sri Lanka has come since last year’s passage of a landmark resolution to promote reconciliation, accountability and human rights. Resolution 30/1, adopted in October, was a major achievement for the Council – and an important milestone in Sri Lanka’s journey toward lasting peace and a just settlement of its decades-old ethnic conflict. [ Full Report ]

  • Stranded Sri Lankans vow to continue to Australia if boat escorted to international waters

  •    [ Jun 20, 2016 8:18:14 GMT ] [ The Age ]

        Sri Lankans on board a boat marooned in Indonesia for more than a week insist they will continue their journey to Australia if their boat is escorted back into international waters as planned by Indonesian authorities. The 44 Sri Lankans, who were stranded in Aceh Besar on June 11 when their boat developed engine trouble, will be taken by bus to a nearby port in Lhoknga, and then escorted out of Indonesian territory as early as Monday afternoon. [ Full Report ]

  • Duraiappah stadium a symbol of optimism, economic development: PM Modi

  •    [ Jun 20, 2016 8:04:21 GMT ] [ ANI ]

        Asserting the Duraiappah stadium a symbol of optimism and economic development, Prime Minster Narendra Modi on Saturday said India will walk side by side with Sri Lanka as it charts its own path to progress and prosperity for all citizens. “The Duraiappah stadium is not just bricks and motors it is a symbol of optimism and economic development. An arena of phosphorous and healthy future for Jaffna’s youth. [ Full Report ]

  • Modi, Sirisena inaugurate renovated Duraiappah stadium in Jaffna

  •    [ Jun 20, 2016 8:02:13 GMT ] [ IANS ]

        Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena inaugurated newly-renovated Duraiappah Stadium in Jaffna on Saturday. While Sirisena was present at the stadium in Jaffna, Modi joined the event through video-conferencing from New Delhi. Modi said that Indian government with Sirisena jointly dedicate to the people of Sri Lanka the newly-renovated Duraiappah Stadium. [ Full Report ]

  • When Foreign Affairs impact on domestic politics

  •    [ Jun 19, 2016 11:31:51 GMT ] [ CDN ]

        The fight against corruption gets more intense with new action against Keheliya Rambukwella and Udaya Gammanpila, as well as further probes on Yoshitha Rajapaksa, and action on other areas of corruption by the Rajapaksa Regime, are yet to emerge. The Government eased public fears by stating the FCID would not be shut down, but a more comprehensive and powerful bureau for Special Crimes Investigation would be set up by Parliament, as found in the UK and other democracies. [ Full Report ]

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