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  • Pak Envoy reviews progress on Pakistan Housing Project in North

  •    [ Nov 08, 2016 13:41:30 GMT ] [ Sunday Times ]

        The High Commissioner of Pakistan in Sri Lanka Maj. Gen. (R) Syed Shakeel Hussain visited North to review the progress on Pakistani funded Housing Project consisting of 230 houses for war affected families of District Mannar. Minister for Commerce and Industry Rishad Bathiudeen was also present on the occasion. While addressing the gathering at Puthukudiyiruppu village, the High Commissioner said that he was very grateful to the Government of Sri Lanka and Minister for Commerce and Industry, Rishad Bathiudeen for arranging my visit to the area. The assistance being given by the Government was greatly appreciated by the people of the area. [ Full Report ]

  • TNA not for division, says Sampanthan

  •    [ Nov 08, 2016 13:38:47 GMT ] [ CDN ]

        No one should entertain any fears about the Tamil National Alliance because it is not a party striving to divide the country, said TNA and Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan in Jaffna on Sunday.Sampanthan said even though certain people in the south were somewhat reluctant to visit the north fearing a tense situation, they should visit the North without fear as there is no such problem. He said the TNA had no truck or connection whatsoever to certain unlawful acts taking place in the North today.Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Vigneswaran said he had to seek extra security from the government against threats to his life because he had been misreported by certain sections of the media. [ Full Report ]

  • Tamil asylum seekers use new-found culinary skills to whip-up hearty meals at Brunswick East community kitchen

  •    [ Nov 08, 2016 13:36:19 GMT ] [ Herald Sun ]

        TAMIL asylum seeker Nirma never thought he would become a chef when he first left Sri Lanka bound for Australia. But now, he couldn’t dream of doing anything else. The 32-year-old, along with three other Tamil men he met in detention, runs Tamil Feasts from the CERES community kitchen in Brunswick East. The friends whip-up hearty traditional three-course banquets on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays to share their culture with anyone who cares to visit and try eating with their hands. [ Full Report ]

  • Some LLRC proposals can be implemented: PM

  •    [ Nov 08, 2016 13:32:53 GMT ] [ Daily Mirror ]

        Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday said that some recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) that could be implemented would be put into practice in the coming years.“Late Mr De Silva chaired the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC). Its recommendations were controversial; I agreed with some and disagreed with others. I asked Bulla you could have hit harder but why you didn’t do it. He said he would have put something more but chances of being accepted was far less. I wrote a document but could not persuade. There are some things in the LLRC to be rounded up and finished up in the coming years,” the Prime Minister said. [ Full Report ]

  • IMF Executive Board to review Sri Lanka’s programme on November 17

  •    [ Nov 08, 2016 13:30:26 GMT ] [ Daily Mirror ]

        The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Executive Board in Washington is expected to review the current three-year extended loan facility with Sri Lanka during the third week of November as the fund’s staff team concluded its first programme review in September. “On November 17, the IMF Executive Board will review our programme and we are pretty confident that (it) will come out well,” Dr. Coomaraswamy told a press conference last week. During a staff team review stage, the team discusses the country’s economic and financial policies with the government, Central Bank officials, parliamentarians, business community, labour unions and civil society. [ Full Report ]

  • Teaching gender inequality in Sri Lanka

  •    [ Nov 08, 2016 13:27:43 GMT ] [ Open Democracy ]

        Sri Lanka has in some circles been considered a model of post-colonial gender equality compared to its South Asian counterparts due to high literacy rates for men and women, 97.7 and 98.6 respectively, universal franchise for both sexes as early as 1931, and two female state leaders. Sri Lanka’s long history of free and compulsory education for boys and girls which was achieved shortly after independence, and girls’ equal access to education and gender parity in all three levels (primary, secondary, and tertiary) of education has been an important contributing factor to this idea of gender equality. [ Full Report ]

  • Wigneswaran asks government why killing or disappearance of Tamil journalists is not investigated

  •    [ Nov 07, 2016 14:16:34 GMT ] [ IE ]

        The Chief Minister of the Tamil-majority Northern Province of Sri Lanka, C.V.Wigneswaran, on Sunday charged that the Sri Lankan government is not investigating the killing or disappearance of Tamil journalists when it is investigating cases involving Sinhalese journalists. “When the present leaders assumed power in 2015, they promised to investigate the killing and disappearance of journalists. But we now have little or no hope that these will be investigated,” Wigneswaran said. Wigneswaran appealed to the Tamil media to give voice to the Tamils’ problems “boldly but diplomatically”. [ Full Report ]

  • Call for autonomous unit in North-East renewed

  •    [ Nov 07, 2016 14:07:36 GMT ] [ Island ]

        The Global Tamil Forum (GTF) on behalf of the Sri Lankan Tamils resident overseas has called for the creation of an ‘Autonomous Tamil Region’ (ATR) in a re-merged Northern and Eastern Province to address their grievances. The two provinces comprise eight administrative districts. The GTF has acknowledged that a consensus among Tamil and Muslim leaders is a prerequisite for creating an autonomous unit. The proposal has been included in four separate proposals dealing with contentious issue of power sharing. [ Full Report ]

  • Dubious US$ 1B Chinese Project For H’tota?

  •    [ Nov 07, 2016 14:03:41 GMT ] [ Sunday Leader ]

        Experts have questioned the reason for the present United National Front for Good Governance (UNFGG) to entertain another dubious project by the Chinese Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC). It is the same company that built the China’s main energy-related project in Sri Lanka – the Norochcholai Coal Power Plant, which has already become a shining example for questionable Chinese investments during the Rajapaksa regime. [ Full Report ]

  • HRC Report Finds Fault With AG And IGP

  •    [ Nov 07, 2016 14:01:46 GMT ] [ SO ]

        The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRC) in its fifth periodic review report to the Committee Against Torture issued last month finds fault with the Attorney General and the Inspector General of Police (IGP) for failure to take action against torture and cruel inhuman degrading treatment.“The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has requested information from the Attorney-General’s Department on the number of indictments filed and convictions under the Convention Against Torture Act, but to date is yet to receive the requested information.” the report said. It draws the attention to individual incidents explicitly shows the systemic torture within the detention camps and police. It also illustrates that torture is routinely used in all parts of the country regardless of the nature of the suspected offense. [ Full Report ]

  • More (legal) horrors of the counter-terror draft

  •    [ Nov 07, 2016 13:59:29 GMT ] [ Sunday Times ]

        As a matter of law, there is a clear argument why this draft is incapable of being revised to be acceptable. Each and every paragraph offends the first principle of legality which stipulates that a contemplated offence should be clearly defined, described in precise and unambiguous language. This was why in the past, terms such as “threatening or endangering the sovereignty or territorial integrity” of Sri Lanka or effecting “any other political or governmental change” in national security laws were completely contrary to the Rule of Law. The public uproar to revise these arbitrary laws arose from that exact objection. [ Full Report ]

  • Indo Sri Lanka Joint Military Exercise Mitra Shakti - 2016 Concludes

  •    [ Nov 07, 2016 13:54:38 GMT ] [ BS ]

        The Indo-Sri Lankan military exercise MITRA SHAKTI 2016' culminated on 06 November 2016 after fourteen days of intense military training. The exercise concluded with an impressive closing ceremony held at Sinha Regimental Centre, Ambepussa. A platoon each from an infantry battalion of the Rajputana Rifles Regiment, Indian Army and Sinha Regiment, Sri Lankan Army participated in the fourth edition of this bilateral exercise. The joint exercise was conducted from 24 October to 06 November 2016 and focused on enhancing inter-operability while carrying out Counter Insurgency (CI) and Counter Terrorism (CT) operations under a UN mandate. [ Full Report ]

    - Exercise ‘Mitra Shakti - 2016’ Draws to a Close - SLA
  • Sri Lankan Police Shooting of Two Students More of the Same

  •    [ Nov 07, 2016 13:52:48 GMT ] [ HRW ]

        Human Rights Watch research shows that arbitrary arrests, torture, and extrajudicial killings by the police are all too familiar, and the government almost never holds officers responsible.If the Sri Lankan government really wants to reform its security sector, it will need to take on police abuse, which may only get worse under a proposed new anti-terrorism law that expands police powers. It shouldn’t be just public outrage – as with the deaths of Sulakshan and Gajan – that leads to police accountability. The government has to take the lead. [ Full Report ]

  • The High Commissioner of Pakistan in Sri Lanka Syed Shakeel Hussain visited the Northern part of Sri Lanka

  •    [ Nov 07, 2016 13:50:22 GMT ] [ Radio Pakistan ]

        The High Commissioner of Pakistan in Sri Lanka Syed Shakeel Hussain visited the Northern part of Sri Lanka to review the progress on a Pakistani-funded Housing Project for war affected families of District Mannar. Sri Lankan Minister for Commerce and Industry, Rishad Bathiudeen was also present on the occasion. Addressing the gathering at Puthukudiyiruppu village, the High Commissioner said that the Government of Pakistan has sponsored many projects in health, education and livelihood sectors in Sri Lanka. [ Full Report ]

  • Will Sri Lanka's new constitution retain the mistakes that led to 25 years of civil war?

  •    [ Nov 07, 2016 13:48:55 GMT ] [ Scroll ]

        Article 9 of Sri Lanka's constitution states that Buddhism shall be accorded "foremost place" in the country and it is the duty of government to protect it. However, Sri Lanka is a complex web of overlapping identities, with multiple religious and language groups. The argument to provide importance to Buddhism gained currency in the mid-1950. This went hand-in-hand with the disgruntlement of the Sinhala population against Tamils, who, by virtue of their English-language training in the colonial era, cornered a chunk of government positions. [ Full Report ]

  • Government faces credibility crisis

  •    [ Nov 04, 2016 16:55:52 GMT ] [ Daily Mirror ]

        The political atmosphere in the country has seen some significant change during the last month or so, as one can observe the villain Untitled-3and the hero in the government’s anti-corruption drive gradually swapping their roles, pushing the administration to be on the defensive. In other words, the entire anti-corruption drive of the ‘yahapalanaya’ government has been faced with a crisis situation mainly for two reasons involving both the main coalition partners of the government. [ Full Report ]

  • China betting on regime change in Sri Lanka?

  •    [ Nov 04, 2016 16:52:02 GMT ] [ EN ]

        The highly unusual outburst by China's ambassador criticising Sri Lanka's finance minister and the island's economic policies is seen by many analysts as a sign that Beijing may be expecting a regime change in Colombo. Chinese ambassador Yi Xianliang called a rare press conference Tuesday and criticised Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake by name, not once, but thrice. Colombo-based diplomats were aghast while the government was livid and were scrambling to respond to what many saw as an attempt by the Chinese envoy to openly criticise the host nation. "Chinese diplomats never speak out of turn and if and when they say something it is usually what their government wants them to say," a Colombo-based Asian diplomat said. [ Full Report ]

    - If Chinese loans are expensive, why ask for another? - Daily Mirror
  • Nestlé Lanka empowers Jaffna with new milk chilling centre in Urumpirai

  •    [ Nov 03, 2016 18:49:30 GMT ] [ Daily Mirror ]

        Nestlé Lanka marked a new milestone in its local dairy development initiatives by opening another new milk chilling centre in Jaffna recently. The new milk chilling centre in Urumpirai, will enable the farmers in the area to preserve the quality and freshness of their milk, collecting only the excess amount after meeting the needs of the farming families. The new facility will be equipped with high quality testing equipment and farmers will be paid for the quality of milk they provide the higher the quality, the higher the price they will receive. This will encourage them to produce more milk of better quality. [ Full Report ]

  • Looking at Economic Affairs in Sri Lanka

  •    [ Nov 03, 2016 18:45:18 GMT ] [ Huffington Post ]

        There was suspicion in the market that Perpetual Treasuries had benefitted from some inside information throughout to superperform in the market, making longstanding and large primary dealers just dwarfs. This was confirmed by the financial results which they had published in terms of the Central Bank requirements. Accordingly, from February 2014 to March 2016, they had made a net after tax profit of about Rs [Sri Lankan Rupees] 6.1 billion (USD $ 41 million) — when many others had made losses or those who made profits, insignificant amounts of profits. Now the parliamentary watchdog, the Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) has released its investigation results, agreed by 25 members out of 26, implicating Perpetual Treasuries of improprieties. [ Full Report ]

    - COPE probe will be impartial: President - Daily Mirror
  • EU Delegation Urges Sri Lanka to Improve Human Rights

  •    [ Nov 01, 2016 15:07:20 GMT ] [ NY Times ]

        The leader of a delegation from the European Parliament is urging Sri Lanka to improve human rights conditions, including the replacement of its tough anti-terrorism law, if it wants to regain lucrative EU trade concessions which the island nation lost six years ago. Jean Lambert said Tuesday the success of Sri Lanka's application to get back the trade concessions depends on meeting the human rights requirements set by the EU. She said Sri Lanka needs to replace its Prevention of Terrorism Act and amend its Code of Criminal Procedure to ensure the rights of detainees. [ Full Report ]

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