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  • Sri Lankan rupee holds steady near record low

  •    [ Jun 18, 2018 14:45:04 GMT ] [ Reuters ]

        The Sri Lankan rupee ended steady on Monday, near the record low hit in the previous session, as dollar demand from importers offset the U.S. currency sales by exporters, dealers said. The spot rupee ended at 159.75/90 per dollar, lower than Thursday’s close of 159.70/90. The rupee hit an all-time low of 160.00 per dollar on Thursday. The markets were closed for a holiday on Friday. [ Full Report ]

    - Sri Lanka rupee hits new record low of 161.00; Stocks down - LBO
  • National reconciliation is our condition To any presidential candidate who seeks our support

  •    [ Jun 15, 2018 19:03:47 GMT ] [ Daily Mirror ]

        Our condition is to achieve national reconciliation practically on the ground. We will support a candidate capable of delivering it in the real sense. There should be equality among the ethnic groups. They should be able to live with dignity. Our people continue to suffer. They need a political solution that guarantees equal rights for them. Tamil politicians always claim that Sinhala leaders did nothing for Tamil people. We believe Tamil political leaders also did not act in a manner that would encourage the Sinhala leaders to work for Tamil people. That is our feeling. If the Tamil leaders acted in that manner, most problems could have been resolved. [ Full Report ]

  • Complaints against war crimes probe: Civil society seeks explanation from UN Colombo

  •    [ Jun 15, 2018 18:55:24 GMT ] [ Island ]

        A delegation led by retired Navy Chief of Staff Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera yesterday sought an explanation from the UN mission in Colombo as to the status of a petition filed by three organizations on behalf of Sri Lanka in March this year as well as ‘rebuttal’ handed over in the run-up to March 2017 Geneva sessions. Having had handed over copies of those reports to Colombo based Juan Fernandez, senior human rights advisor, Weerasekera, a former UPFA member of parliament told The Island that they inquired about the developments in the absence UN response to their objections to what he called unfair treatment of a member state. [ Full Report ]

  • A Tribute to Mom: Don’t cry because it’s over…

  •    [ Jun 15, 2018 13:53:36 GMT ] [ TamilCanadian ]

        Just as tragically, most people who are mentally ill are far more likely to be ignored by their own family and friends. I encourage you donate to or volunteer with Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) or similar venerable organizations across the world. At the very least show some empathy for their struggle — and take the time to say few kind words to them. Such gestures can be a symbol of a welcome cultural shift in how we as Tamils approach this debilitating health issue that we have for far too long ignored as a community. [ Full Report ]

  • Sri Lanka jails extremist Buddhist monk for six months over threats to woman

  •    [ Jun 14, 2018 17:56:27 GMT ] [ Reuters ]

        A Sri Lankan court on Thursday jailed for six months a Buddhist monk accused of inciting violence against Muslims after finding him guilty of intimidating the wife of a missing journalist, in a case seen as a test of the independence of the judiciary. Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara, the secretary general of the hardline Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) or “Buddhist Power Force”, was found guilty of having threatened the woman, Sandhya Eknaligoda. [ Full Report ]

  • Sri Lanka moves to compensate war victims after years of delay

  •    [ Jun 14, 2018 17:54:14 GMT ] [ AFP ]

        Sri Lanka on Wednesday announced the first steps in a long-delayed process to compensate victims of the civil war, nearly a decade after the end of the conflict which claimed 100,000 lives. The government said it had approved draft legislation to set up an office of reparations, a key demand from international observers urging reconciliation in the ethnically divided nation. The office would decide on potentially tens of thousands of compensation claims from those afflicted by fighting that ended in 2009 with the defeat of the Tamil Tiger rebels. [ Full Report ]

  • No jail for Swiss Tamil Tiger financiers

  •    [ Jun 14, 2018 17:53:12 GMT ] [ Swissinfo ]

        The Swiss Federal Criminal Court has given no prison terms to alleged financiers of the Sri Lankan Tamil separatist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE). The 13 accused were either given suspended custodial sentences or acquitted. The court on Thursday said accusations of participation in and support of a criminal organisation did not stand and released all of the accused. It noted that the hierarchical link between the LTTE and WTCC was not sufficiently established. The judges also felt there was not enough concrete proof to consider the LTTE as a criminal organisation. [ Full Report ]

  • Mega Chinese Cultural Exhibition enters Sri Lanka

  •    [ Jun 14, 2018 17:44:56 GMT ] [ Xinhuanet ]

        A mega Chinese cultural exhibition titled "Silk Road Memory - NICE Choice Exhibition of Chinese Creative Cultural Products" kicked off in Sri Lankan capital Colombo on Tuesday, displaying China's popular culture such as Kung Fu. The exhibition was jointly organized by China Cultural Center in Sri Lanka and the Network of International Culturalink Entities of China. China's Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Cheng Xueyuan, said at the launch of the event that such exhibitions would provide an opportunity for the Sri Lankan people to learn about the development of China's cultural industry development and also provide a platform for professionals from both countries to learn from each other. [ Full Report ]

  • Crews search for man who fell off boat in Lake Ontario

  •    [ Jun 11, 2018 17:09:47 GMT ] [ CBC ]

        A search is underway in Lake Ontario for a missing man who fell off a boat on Sunday night in the waters off Scarborough Bluffs. The man has been identified as Partheepan Subramaniam, 27, according to his uncle, Kandepan Suppih. The Canadian Coast Guard has taken over the search, Toronto Fire Services said. A helicopter from the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Trenton is involved in the search on Monday. Crews from Toronto Fire and the Toronto ​Police Marine Unit were called to Bluffers Park, at the foot of Scarborough Bluffs, near Brimley Road South and Kingston Road, for a report of a person overboard at about 9:45 p.m. on Sunday. [ Full Report ]

  • Markham-Thornhill goes PC, electing Logan Kanapathi

  •    [ Jun 11, 2018 17:06:49 GMT ] [ Toronto Star ]

        It was a PC victory in Markham-Thornhill, with Logan Kanapathi claiming a clear and early win in the hotly contested and relatively new riding. Kanapathi has served as a city councillor in Markham and was first elected to that office in 2006, then won the 2010 and 2014 elections and was the first Tamil Canadian elected to political office in North America, according to his campaign website. [ Full Report ]

    - Liberal Mitzie Hunter holds Scarborough-Guildwood in tight race with Toronto police officer - Toronto Star
    - Battle between first-timers in Scarborough-Rouge Park ends with PC victory - Toronto Star
  • Sri Lanka to complete mine action and reaching mine-free status by 2020

  •    [ Jun 11, 2018 15:37:15 GMT ] [ Relief Web ]

        Sri Lanka is making steady progress towards the goal of mine free status and remains hopeful of completing mine action by 2020, Sri Lanka Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva Ambassador A.L.A. Azeez said. Addressing the forum on 'individualized approach' on the sidelines of the Intersessional Meeting of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention on Friday in Geneva, Ambassador Azeez recounted how Sri Lanka achieved success in what was considered a perilous task in 2009. [ Full Report ]

  • A Culture of Dependency

  •    [ Jun 06, 2018 17:27:03 GMT ] [ Groundviews ]

        The following article is a translation of a story by our sister site Maatram examining the exploitative practises of microfinance companies based in the North and East, which are causing fresh trauma for families already impacted by war. Those who have traveled along the A9 highway would not have missed the large signboards on either side of the road. The institutions who are putting up these signboards claim that their focus is to assist the people who suffered for the past 30 years, to regain their livelihood and improve their economic status. [ Full Report ]

  • Police investigating PC candidate following alleged threats against community member

  •    [ Jun 04, 2018 17:55:28 GMT ] [ CTV ]

        Toronto police have launched a professional standards investigation into a police officer who is running as a PC candidate in the riding of Scarborough-Guildwood following allegations that he made threats against a community member. Toronto police spokesman Mark Pugash confirmed to CP24 that an investigation was launched on Monday morning into the conduct of Roshan Nallaratnam. The investigation comes after the NDP released a partially redacted email from May 30, allegedly written by Nallaratnam, in which he uses an expletive to refer to a community member and threatens that he will “teach the lesson” after the election. An earlier email in the thread links to a YouTube video in which it appears that Nallaratnam is avoiding questions about attending a debate. [ Full Report ]

    - Toronto officer and PC candidate denies allegation he threatened a voter via email - CBC
  • US to indict Lanka’s former ambassador

  •    [ Jun 01, 2018 16:40:12 GMT ] [ Sunday Times ]

        The US Department of Justice is moving to indict former Sri Lankan Ambassador Jaliya Wickremesuriya on money laundering charges, an authoritative source said. “There is a move based on a probe by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and approved by a grand jury to indict Jaliya Wickramasuriya,” he said. Diplomatic immunity granted to Mr Wickramasuriya during his tenure as Sri Lanka’s Ambassador in Washington was waived by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, clearing the path for the indictment. The lifting of immunity was done at the request of the US authorities on the basis of a prima facie case against him. “The immunity of any diplomat can be lifted by a Government at any time,” said a diplomatic source. [ Full Report ]

  • Rohitha Bogollagama's wife , daughter ordered to be arrested

  •    [ Jun 01, 2018 16:27:41 GMT ] [ CDN ]

        Eastern Province Governor Rohitha Bogollagama's wife and daughter who evaded courts were ordered to be arrested by the Colombo Chief Magistrate a short while ago. The duo were alleged to have been involved in a case pertaining assaulting a woman in Cinnamon Gardens. [ Full Report ]

  • 37 years on - remembering the burning of the Jaffna Public Library

  •    [ Jun 01, 2018 16:22:35 GMT ] [ TamilGuardian ]

        On midnight 31st May 1981, the Jaffna Public Library, famous for being the crucible of Tamil literature and heritage, was set ablaze by Sri Lankan security forces and state-sponsored mobs. The destruction took place under the rule of the UNP at a time when District Development Council elections were underway, and two notorious Sinhala chauvinist cabinet ministers - Cyril Mathew and Gamini Dissanayake - were in Jaffna. Earlier on in the day, three Sinhalese police officers were killed during a rally by the TULF (Tamil United Liberation Front). [ Full Report ]

    - Jaffna Library burning commemorated as an act of genocide - TamilGuardian
  • Future NAFTA talks face uphill battle as Mexico, Canada carry on after tariffs

  •    [ Jun 01, 2018 16:20:11 GMT ] [ CBC ]

        Now they put their noses to the grindstone and get back to the North American Free Trade Agreement. But it is shaping up to be a complicated, uphill slog. Mexico and Canada have renewed their commitment to the bare-knuckled NAFTA renegotiation after absorbing the blow of the Trump administration's decision to impose potentially debilitating new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. The dragging on of the NAFTA talks was a key reason behind the U.S. move to target Canada and Mexico, but given the importance of that trade agreement to the continent's economy, neither U.S. neighbour was deterred. [ Full Report ]

    - Canada’s Justin Trudeau says NAFTA talks broke down after Pence made ultimatum - Denver Post
  • NDP government slams 'absurd' American tariffs as Canada-U.S. steel trade war worries Alberta industry

  •    [ Jun 01, 2018 16:16:29 GMT ] [ Calgary Herald ]

        As a trade battle erupts between Canada and the United States over steel and aluminum, Alberta’s NDP government is lashing the Trump administration’s “absurd” and “insulting” tariffs and offering its support to Ottawa as it faces down the U.S president. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland announced in turn that Canada would retaliate “dollar-for-dollar” as of July 1 with $16.6 billion in tariffs on U.S. steel, aluminum and a host of other products ranging from yogurt to felt-tipped pens. [ Full Report ]

  • China trade pact talks with Sri Lanka hit major hurdles

  •    [ Jun 01, 2018 16:12:09 GMT ] [ SCMP ]

        China has invested billions of dollars building ports and roads and power stations in the Indian Ocean island nation just off the southern toe of India as part of its Belt and Road Initiative to increase its trade and other connections across Asia and beyond. But concerns have grown in recent months that such investments can drive the country of 21 million people deeper into debt and undermine its sovereignty, prompting greater scrutiny of deals with China. China’s exports to Sri Lanka dwarf the trade that goes in the other direction, leaving Colombo with a big deficit with Beijing. [ Full Report ]

    - _Free trade talks between China and Sri Lanka hit big hurdles - Reuters
  • York U student found shot dead outside Malvern high school

  •    [ May 28, 2018 19:02:49 GMT ] [ Toronto Sun ]

        A 21-year-old Toronto man was found fatally shot outside a high school in Malvern early Monday. Toronto Police were called to Lester B. Pearson Collegiate on Tapscott Rd., in the Sheppard Ave. E. and Neilson Rd. area, for reports of multiple gunshots at 11:55 p.m. Sunday. They found Venojan (“Veno”) Suthesan with obvious signs of trauma. Reports say he had been shot in the head. He died at the scene. [ Full Report ]

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