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  • DA case: Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa found guilty of corruption; blow to AIADMK

  •    [ Sep 27, 2014 10:32:24 GMT ] [ Hindustan Times ]

        Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa was convicted of corruption in an 18-year-old disproportionate assets case by a court in Bangalore on Saturday, leaving her AIADMK party stunned and casting a massive shadow on her political future. The sentencing, under the Prevention of Corruption Act, is expected shortly. Jayalalithaa, 66, now stands to lose the chief minister’s post, a blow to her party and a boost for rival DMK in the run-up to the 2016 Tamil Nadu assembly elections. [ Full Report ]

  • Sri Lanka: Moving Away From Bottom-Trawling Still Way Out For Tn Fishers? – Analysis

  •    [ Sep 27, 2014 10:24:27 GMT ] [ Eurasia Review ]

        There may be still light at the end of the tunnel, some new signals, on the fishing issue. Terrorism-threats of every kind underscores the need for monitored fishing in nearby waters, if it could be helped – or encouraging fishers to go deep sea. Requirements of fishing-ban laws in Sri Lanka, and the proven destruction of marine resources and the anxieties of the Tamil fishers of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province all are indicative of the ’livelihood issue’ taking a tail-spin. [ Full Report ]

  • Sri Lanka Wins Backing of 22 Nations Against UN Rights Probe

  •    [ Sep 27, 2014 10:19:11 GMT ] [ PTI ]

        A government statement said the countries in a joint statement had termed the UN Human Rights Council resolution passed last March as an intrusive mandate and unwarranted in the context of Sri Lanka's own local investigation. The like-minded group chaired by Egypt included Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, China, Cuba, Ecuador, Indonesia, Iran, North Korea, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan,Russia, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda, Venezuela and Zimbabwe. This support was in addition to the concerns raised after India had questioned the methodology of the investigation. [ Full Report ]

  • USTPAC Launches a #getthepicture Campaign

  •    [ Sep 26, 2014 18:31:47 GMT ] [ PRNewswire ]

        The US Tamil Political Action Council (USTPAC) today launched a #getthepicture campaign to highlight the frequency and severity of massacres and other serious violence against the Tamil civilian population in Sri Lanka. The campaign follows on the heels of a joint letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in August by Sri Lanka's Northern and Eastern Provincial Council members asking the UN investigation team to look into the deliberate killing of Tamils over the decades. [ Full Report ]

  • ‘Buttterfly: Stories of Sri Lankan child soldiers

  •    [ Sep 26, 2014 18:28:52 GMT ] [ SAAG ]

        But truth is neither single nor simple; rather it is multiple and complex. And this is particularly so when it comes to the Tamil Tigers. As I have written elsewhere, it's not easy to strike a balance where the Tigers are concerned, and many of us are given either to total admiration or wholesale condemnation. There is too much emotion; too much of disappointment and disillusionment; of anger and bitterness. I feel one should concede that if there was cynicism in the Tigers, there was also idealism; if there was ruthless ambition, there was also total self-sacrifice; if there was cruelty, there was also discipline and courage; if there was strategic error, there was also tactical brilliance; if there was extreme folly, there was also exceptional intelligence. [ Full Report ]

  • Norwegian Mediation In Sri Lanka: Hard Lessons – Analysis

  •    [ Sep 26, 2014 14:19:25 GMT ] [ Eurasia Review ]

        It is agonising to reflect that the Norwegian ‘facilitative’ mediation effort that began most promising in the Sri Lankan theatre eventually failed to bear fruits. Norway was a ‘pivot’ of peace process in Sri Lanka. For the first time in history both parties replete with hatred to each other were able to sign a Ceasefire Agreement and to sit together and seek a peaceful resolution of conflict. The country enjoyed the longest period of ceasefire since the start of the civil war. [ Full Report ]

  • ADB loans 800 mln USD for infrastructure projects in Sri Lanka

  •    [ Sep 26, 2014 14:11:44 GMT ] [ Xinhua ]

        The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved an 800 million U.S. dollar loan facility to the Sri Lanka government for infrastructure projects to boost post war growth, the organization said in a statement on Friday. "Providing all-weather road access to towns and villages in rural areas will bring greater development and prosperity that will underpin stronger economic growth in Sri Lanka in coming years and decades, " said Chen Chen, Senior Transport Specialist in ADB's South Asia Department. Over twenty-seven additional agreements, mostly for new infrastructure projects, were also signed during Chinese President Xi Jingping's visit to Sri Lanka earlier this month. [ Full Report ]

  • Online hate speech stokes fear of religious violence in Sri Lanka

  •    [ Sep 26, 2014 14:08:38 GMT ] [ GV ]

        Hate speech is growing more effective and pervasive among media platforms in Sri Lanka, prompting concern from Muslim and Christian minorities amid mounting attacks.“The growth of content creation and consumption online, wider and deeper than any other media in the country and at an accelerated pace, has also resulted in low risk, low cost and high impact online spaces to spread hate, harm and hurt against specific communities, individuals or ideas,” notes the report. [ Full Report ]

  • Lanka prepares for snap Presidential poll early next year

  •    [ Sep 26, 2014 14:06:44 GMT ] [ PTI ]

        Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa-led ruling coalition has begun preparations for a snap presidential poll notwithstanding the drubbing it received in a key provincial election last week. Minister of Economic Development, Basil Rajapaksa yesterday opened a special operations center of the ruling United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) here for the upcoming Presidential Election expected to be held in January, the Colombo Page reported. [ Full Report ]

    - Sri Lanka ruling party prepares for snap poll - AFP
  • Doctors acquitted of gang sex assault charges

  •    [ Sep 25, 2014 15:47:37 GMT ] [ Toronto Star ]

        Two doctors Dr. Amitabh Chauhan and Dr. Suganthan Kayilasanathan have been found not guilty of sexually assaulting and drugging a 23-year-old medical student three years ago in a downtown Toronto hotel room. There is no evidence to support Crown assertion that the doctors planned to drug and sexually assault the woman, Thorburn said. The woman appeared to be in full command of her faculties according to hotel security video taken shortly before the alleged assault, she said. Judge rules there was reasonable doubt that the woman did not consent to sexual encounters in hotel room, no evidence that she was drugged. [ Full Report ]

  • PLA sub's Sri Lanka visit shows China power projection in Indian Ocean

  •    [ Sep 25, 2014 13:14:57 GMT ] [ Xi Jinping ]

        Duowei said that this is the first time that a Chinese submarine has openly visited a nation in the Indian Ocean. Furthermore, Xi Jinping is the first Chinese leader to visit Sri Lanka in 28 years, though he was only there for one day. Taken together with the joint naval exercises with Iran launched Wednesday, this seems to suggest China's ambitions to project its military power into the Indian Ocean, according to Duowei. [ Full Report ]

  • Indian assistance to Sri Lanka is under-appreciated: Y K Sinha

  •    [ Sep 25, 2014 13:08:01 GMT ] [ News First ]

        what India has done in the last few years, for Sri Lanka. Because I think the emphasis is on a “Look East” policy, and to try and glorify what countries have done, for Sri Lanka in the recent past, forgetting what a country like India has done for millennial. India has committed in Indian Rupees, 9000 crores. In US Dollar terms, 1.6 billion Dollars as development assistance to Sri Lanka, in the years following the end of the war, in fact even before the war ended in 2009. Out of this, 30% are grants – they are free, they are unattached, they do not have an interest rate and the interests rate does not compound.” [ Full Report ]

  • Sri Lanka president uses U.N. speech to assail war crimes probe

  •    [ Sep 25, 2014 13:04:54 GMT ] [ Reuters ]

        "Post-conflict Sri Lanka has also become an unfortunate victim of ill-conceived agendas of some in the Human Rights Council," Rajapaksa said in his address to the 193-member U.N. General Assembly, adding that the body was overlooking Sri Lanka's "substantial progress" since the war ended in 2009. "External intervention without adequate consideration of the structures in a society and cultural traditions of the countries where such intervention takes place, inevitably results in detribalization," he said. [ Full Report ]

  • British Airways to end flights to Sri Lanka

  •    [ Sep 25, 2014 12:52:45 GMT ] [ Telegraph ]

        “The decision to suspend flights between Colombo and London has been a difficult one to make. We constantly assess all our global routes and take appropriate steps, as needed. The Colombo route is not making a profitable contribution to our business and we are unable to sustain it,” he said. The Sri Lankan government was accused of bulldozing occupied, independent guesthouses to make room for new holiday resorts in 2012, while holiday accommodation built on the site of Sri Lanka's "killing fields" was last years described as "tasteless war tourism". [ Full Report ]

  • Red Cross probe finds cramped conditions for immigration detainees

  •    [ Sep 25, 2014 12:50:03 GMT ] [ Globe And Mail ]

        A confidential Red Cross investigation found numerous shortcomings at Canadian facilities for immigrant detainees including triple-bunked cells, lack of support for detained children and inadequate mental-health care. In addition, because there are no dedicated immigration cells in many parts of the country, newcomers are often held in provincial jails or police facilities alongside suspected gang members and violent offenders, says the Canadian Red Cross Society’s inspection report. [ Full Report ]

  • Liking violence: A study of hate speech on Facebook in Sri Lanka

  •    [ Sep 24, 2014 17:59:14 GMT ] [ GV ]

        The report looks at 20 Facebook groups in Sri Lanka over a couple of months, focussing on content generated just before, during and immediately after violence against the Muslim community. Detailed translations into English of the original material posted to these groups (including photographic and visual content) and the responses they generated are provided. It is the first time a study has translated into English the qualitative nature of commentary and content published on these Facebook groups, indicative of a larger and growing malaise in post-war Sri Lanka. [ Full Report ]

  • Sri Lanka: Forty New Cases Of Post-War Torture Documented In Past 8 Months

  •    [ Sep 24, 2014 17:28:02 GMT ] [ FFT ]

        In light of its latest evidence, published today, Freedom from Torture is calling on Sri Lanka to allow free and unfettered access to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights as a matter of urgency and for the new Commissioner Prince Zeid Ra'ad Zeid al-Hussein to include ongoing torture in his investigations. Freedom from Torture is one of the world's largest torture rehabilitation centres, providing psychological treatment and other services to over 1000 torture survivors each year. [ Full Report ]


  •    [ Sep 22, 2014 18:49:07 GMT ] [ Daily Mirror ]

        The real crisis of the UNP is not disunity but its electorally and socially weak leadership/candidacy and a Presidential election is all about the candidate. The UNP has therefore to decide whether the risk of sticking with Ranil is worth it. The decisive question facing the UNP is, does it bet on Ranil and get only 35%-40%, if that, or does it go for Sajith or Karu and get 45%?What is really at stake in the Presidential election is not the outcome of that election (which Mahinda will very probably win), but the outcome of the Parliamentary elections, the dominance that comes with a two-thirds majority and the democratising effect of an equilibrium restored which holds out the prospect of co-habitation and national consensus. [ Full Report ]

  • ITAK affirms self-rule within a united Sri Lanka

  •    [ Sep 22, 2014 13:26:13 GMT ] [ Daily Mirror ]

        Filing an affidavit in the Supreme Court, the Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (ITAK) today affirmed that neither the ITAK nor the TNA had as its objective the setting up of a separate state within the territory of Sri Lanka.In its Northern Provincial Council election manifesto, the TNA stated that, “We as a people would thus be concerned about our historic habitats, our option to determine what is best for us to ensure self-government in the Tamil-speaking North-East of the country within a united Sri Lanka.” [ Full Report ]

  • Sri Lanka accused of trying to gag NGOs

  •    [ Sep 22, 2014 13:23:46 GMT ] [ Al Jazeera ]

        Since the end of the country's civil war the Sri Lankan government has maintained a frosty relationship with civil society groups and NGOs that have sided with the UN in its calls for credible war crime investigations. The government has continued to oppose any interference by the UN, while accusing civil society groups of unpatriotic acts, and members of the ruling coalition have openly attacked activists for "campaigning against the government". [ Full Report ]

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