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  • ISI effect: Police start enumeration of Lankans

  •    [ Sep 19, 2014 0:56:58 GMT ] [ Times of India ]

        Following the arrest of Arun Selvarajan, who is suspected to be an ISI agent, Tamil Nadu 'Q' branch sleuths have started enumerating Sri Lankans staying in Tamil Nadu. Police sources said there are about 65,000 Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in the 114 camps in the state. There are more than 12,000 Sri Lankan Tamils with passports settled outside the camps. Selvarajan had got an Indian passport influencing some government officials, police said. After trailing him for more than a month, NIA officials nabbed him at a hideout in Saligramam near Vadapalani on September 10. Police seized several incriminating documents, photographs of installations of NSG Academy, Officers' Training Academy, Naval bases and Army installations in Chennai, Vishakapatinam and 20 other places in south India. [ Full Report ]

  • As Sri Lanka Bans Investigators, Ban's UN As "Reconciliation" Ground Cover?

  •    [ Sep 18, 2014 13:26:31 GMT ] [ ICP ]

        While the UN Human Rights Council panel says it will be investigating Sri Lanka war crimes, the government of Mahinda Rajapaksa has said it will no allow those investigators in. Now Inner City Press hears that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's own Department of Political Affairs may be providing ground-cover to Rajapaksa, by assigning a DPA staffer to help Rajapaksa's own "reconciliation bureau" which is presented as an alternative to the voted-on outside investigation. [ Full Report ]

    - With Sri Lanka Banning UN Probers, ICP Asks If UN to Help Gov't “Reconciliation Bureau,” No Answer - ICP
  • Is this the world’s most radical president?

  •    [ Sep 18, 2014 13:17:35 GMT ] [ Guardian ]

        Uruguay’s José Mujica lives in a tiny house rather than the presidential palace, and gives away 90% of his salary. He’s legalised marijuana and gay marriage. But his greatest legacy is governing without giving up his revolutionary ideals...His post-presidency dream is to set up an agricultural school for young people in an empty barn beside the chacra. “Since I devoted myself to fixing the world when I was young, I didn’t have children,” he explained. As we left, I asked a chard-picker about the president. “He’s an ordinary man,” he said. It sounded like an accolade. [ Full Report ]

  • Heritage minister denies political interference with rights museum

  •    [ Sep 18, 2014 10:31:36 GMT ] [ Toronto Star ]

        The office of Heritage Minister Shelly Glover says there was nothing untoward in a request to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights to provide a complete list of exhibits that refer to the Government of Canada. With only days left until the museum’s official opening, Glover visited the museum and made the request that entailed staff collecting information on dozens of exhibits. [ Full Report ]

  • “Why It’s So Hard to Talk About Peace in Sri Lanka”

  •    [ Sep 18, 2014 10:28:44 GMT ] [ SPF ]

        In reflecting on the United Nations International Day of Peace, Sydney Peace Foundation and the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies invite you to a Sydney Ideas forum: “Why It’s So Hard to Talk About Peace in Sri Lanka”...Monday 22 September, 6.00 to 7.30 pm Sydney Law School Lecture Theatre 101,Level 1, Sydney Law School Annex, Eastern Avenue, University of SydneyBuilding on first-hand recent experience of the post-2009 context, this lecture will open a discussion about the spaces for peace and conflict in Sri Lanka today. [ Full Report ]

  • Sri Lanka gets first Saint; Canada gets a new Blessed

  •    [ Sep 18, 2014 10:26:07 GMT ] [ Radio Vaticana ]

        Pope Francis on Wednesday waived the requirement for a second miracle in the canonization cause of Blessed Joseph Vaz, CO, clearing the way for the naming of the first Sri Lankan saint. Blessed Joseph Vaz was born in India in 1651, but is known for his missionary work in Sri Lanka, and is considered the “apostle” of the country. The announcement came after Pope Francis met with Cardinal Angelo Amato S.D.B., Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. [ Full Report ]

  • China and India-Japan relations

  •    [ Sep 17, 2014 13:45:35 GMT ] [ SAAG ]

        China has greater strategic relevance than Japan as it can impact India's strategic interests more strongly in real time. India has already embarked on the process of building win-win relations with China started under Manmohan Singh's leadership. But it had been making slow progress. Modi probably wants to ginger up this process and Xi's visit provides an ideal opportunity for him to do so. India faces other compulsions in the competitive relationship building process with China and Japan. [ Full Report ]

    - China and Modi’s relationship building with Japan - SAAG
  • Committee on Enforced Disappearances examines report of Belgium

  •    [ Sep 17, 2014 13:40:48 GMT ] [ OHCHR ]

        The Committee on Enforced Disappearances today concluded its consideration of the initial report of Belgium on how it implements the provisions of the International Convention on the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance. The delegation of Belgium included representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Defence, the Federal Police, the Flemish Community, the Flemish Region and the French Community of Belgium and the Wallon Region, as well as from the French Community from the Wallon Region in Geneva and the Permanent Mission of Belgium to the United Nations Office in Geneva. [ Full Report ]

  • Al Qaida's new South Asian arm claims major attack

  •    [ Sep 17, 2014 12:58:55 GMT ] [ Haaretz ]

        Al Qaida's South Asia wing has claimed responsibility for hijacking a Pakistani naval ship and trying to use it to fire rockets at U.S. vessels in the Arabian Sea, in the first major assault by the newly created group. The SITE monitoring service quoted its spokesman, Usama Mahmoud, as saying a group of militants had succeeded in seizing control of the Pakistani frigate PNS Zulfiqar and tried to use it to attack nearby U.S. vessels.The naval yard on Pakistan's Arabian Sea coast is a strategically important facility at the centre of U.S.-Pakistani security, anti-terrorism and anti-trafficking cooperation. [ Full Report ]

  • Japanese PM pressures Sri Lanka to weaken ties with China

  •    [ Sep 17, 2014 12:54:32 GMT ] [ WSWS ]

        Japan, however, is manoeuvring for closer ties with Colombo to pursue its own strategic interests, not out of any sympathy for the Rajapakse government. For public relations purposes, Abe said he “appreciated” Sri Lanka’s “reconciliation” process—which has consisted of whitewashing the killing of tens of thousands of Tamils—and the government’s supposed engagement with “the Human Rights Council and its mechanisms.” Abe’s visit to Sri Lanka took place in the broader context of the strategic and military preparations being made by Japan and the US against China. [ Full Report ]

  • Chinese loans will bleed country dry: Harsha

  •    [ Sep 17, 2014 12:39:49 GMT ] [ Daily Mirror ]

        Well, if you look at the past few years, we have been taking massive loans, particularly from China, which are going into construction projects. These include the US$1.3 billion for the hardly-used sea port, then the more than US$300 million for a little used airport, unused cricket stadiums and perhaps the world’s most expensive railway tracks and roads, extension of the expressway, the unbelievable Roads, overpasses and flyovers in the Hambantota area or the Hambantota Integrated Development Zone. I am not saying that all the money is being wasted. But very little is being invested in useful ways while a mind-boggling amount of money is wasted on ego-boosting, massively corrupt projects in Hambantota. [ Full Report ]

  • Modi to meet MR in NY on Sept. 27

  •    [ Sep 17, 2014 12:36:09 GMT ] [ Island ]

        Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa in New York on September 27 in the sidelines of the UN General Assembly (UNGA) session, according to informed sources here. "The meeting with the Sri Lankan President is still somewhat tentative, but we expect it will happen," a senior diplomat said. (In a related development, External Affairs Ministry spokesman Syed Akbaruddin said on Monday that India expects Sri Lanka to implement the 13th Amendment to its Constitution. [ Full Report ]

  • Northern Governor should emulate Colombo Mayor – Defence Secy

  •    [ Sep 17, 2014 12:31:56 GMT ] [ CDN ]

        Defence and Urban Development Ministry Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said that if the maximum benefits of the government’s endeavour to create an environment that encourages a high quality of life are to be enjoyed, local government institutions irrespective of whatever party is in power, must cooperate with the Central Government. He also said that fortunately in Colombo though the opposition is in power in the local governing body, the Mayor and others corporate with the government but in the Northern Province the lack of corporation on the part of the Chief Minister has denied the people the maximum benefits. - See more at: [ Full Report ]

  • Xi says China regards Sri Lanka as all-weather friend

  •    [ Sep 17, 2014 12:29:32 GMT ] [ Xinhua ]

        China regards Sri Lanka as an all-weather friend and partner, Chinese President Xi Jinping said here Wednesday when meeting with Sri Lankan Parliament Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa. China appreciates Sri Lanka's stance to support China on the issues of Taiwan and Tibet, said Xi, adding that China supports Sri Lanka's efforts in safeguarding independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity and will contribute to Sri Lanka's economic and social development as always. Under the new situation, China is willing to work with Sri Lanka to seize the opportunity of jointly building the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, strengthen mutual benefit and cooperation, expand people-to-people exchanges and constantly inject new vigor and positive energy to the bilateral ties, said the Chinese president. [ Full Report ]

  • China's Xi pledges closer defence ties with Sri Lanka

  •    [ Sep 17, 2014 12:23:07 GMT ] [ AFP ]

        "The two sides agreed to strengthen defence cooperation... and to cooperate in the areas of defence-related science and technology, exchange of military academics, and provide logistic support," the joint statement said. China is increasingly asserting its influence in Sri Lanka, a midway point on one of the world's busiest international shipping lanes. On Tuesday, he along with President Rajapakse launched Sri Lanka's biggest electricity generator, a Chinese-funded 900-megawatt coal power plant located less than 200 kilometres (125 miles) from India. Soon after connecting the Chinese power pant to the national grid, Rajapakse, who called China "a sincere and a trusted friend who has assisted Sri Lanka at all times" announced slashing domestic electricity tariffs by 25 percent. [ Full Report ]

    - Chinese firm to help S.Lanka build aircraft maintenance unit - Reuters
  • Sri Lanka cuts energy price after start of Chinese-funded coal power plant

  •    [ Sep 17, 2014 12:20:42 GMT ] [ Reuters ]

        Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa cut energy prices across the board on Tuesday after officially opening a completed $1.35 billion Chinese-financed 900 MW coal power plant project. He announced the cut after a meeting in Colombo with Chinese President Xi Jinping, now on an official visit to Sri Lanka. "Electricity bills of the people will be reduced by 25 percent with effect from today," the president said. "The price of kerosene will be reduced by 20 rupees per litre, price of petrol by 5 rupees per litre and price of diesel by 3 rupees per litre from today. This will benefit all households in Sri Lanka." [ Full Report ]

  • Chinese Leader Visits Sri Lanka, Challenging India’s Sway

  •    [ Sep 17, 2014 12:18:53 GMT ] [ New York Times ]

        China’s efforts to secure naval and maritime access throughout South Asia — a strategy called the “string of pearls” — has unnerved India. But with India distracted by its own problems, China’s outreach has been welcomed by both the Maldives and Sri Lanka. Mr. Rajapaksa has visited China seven times during his nine years in office. Last year, China surpassed the United States as Sri Lanka’s second-largest trading partner behind India. China also recently replaced India as the largest investor in Sri Lanka. [ Full Report ]

    - China Courts Sri Lanka - Diplomat
  • Engaging Modi: US-India Policy in Transition

  •    [ Sep 16, 2014 14:36:54 GMT ] [ Asia Society ]

        Narendra Modi, India’s newly elected Prime Minister, arrives in September for his first visit to the United States as India's leader. His agenda is long - charting a new economic growth path for India, Prime Minister Modi seeks greater engagement with the world’s top economies. To launch the 2014-15 season of the Asia Society Policy Institute’s (ASPI) AsiaConnect teleconference series, Assistant Secretary Nisha Biswal will discuss her views on Prime Minister Modi’s upcoming visit to the United States in September. She will discuss the Obama Administration’s high-level engagement with India’s new government, the future of the U.S.-India partnership, and India’s role in Asia and the world. [ Full Report ]

  • Engaging with Civil Society

  •    [ Sep 16, 2014 14:34:16 GMT ] [ GV ]

        Recognizing the crucial importance of active involvement of civil society, at all levels, in processes of governance and in promoting good governance, including through transparency and accountability, at all levels, which is indispensable for building peaceful, prosperous and democratic societies, Mindful that domestic legal and administrative provisions and their application should facilitate, promote and protect an independent, diverse and pluralistic civil society and, in this regard, strongly rejecting any acts of intimidation or reprisals against civil society. [ Full Report ]

  • Sri Lanka to sign FTA with China

  •    [ Sep 16, 2014 13:41:05 GMT ] [ Hindu ]

        Chinese President Xi Jinping will arrive here on Tuesday, on a significant visit to the island nation, during which Beijing and Colombo are expected to firm up a Free Trade Agreement (FTA). While the Chinese President is likely to sign nearly as many agreements in India, where he will arrive on Wednesday, foreign policy analysts are closely watching the emerging dynamics among India, Sri Lanka and China, particularly after Mr. Modi assumed charge in May. Analysts often refer to Sri Lanka playing the ‘China card’ against India. [ Full Report ]

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